animated jam!

Some cleared roads in Yellowstone National Park opened for bicyclists this week. Work continues to open major routes to cars by April 21. Soon, millions of people will visit the park to enjoy its amazing natural wonders. Just remember, bison always have the right of way. Photo by National Park Service.


luigi has a lightning motif but its almost never developed why is that

give me a tinkering luigi @nintendo you cowards

lennat2  asked:

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Supergirl ran into a glass window like a bird? Like, would she lie there stunned on the sidewalk or what

Personally, I have not, because I think the window would lose that fight. 

…But now that I’m thinking about it, maybe she’s stopped to check on birds that have gone through that ordeal. :D

“Share the road” takes on a whole new meaning at Yellowstone National Park. It’s not uncommon to have to wait for bison to pass on the roads, like this large, frost-covered bison slowly walking down the road near the Yellowstone River. Video by Jacob W. Frank, National Park Service.


Warm up doodles from the stream tonight, more Bendy.

I like the implication that Bendy can melt into ink, and even use ink to hop around. i want to play with the latter idea more but I have other things to do first. :>

Pearl Jam - Koval Gin and Jam

Mmmmmm… settling into this Boozeday Tuesday with one of my hoodad’s favorite cocktails (namely, because it’s named after his favorite band). It’s the perfect Chicago marriage of the hometown distillery and that dude from Evanston - Eddie Vedder… you might have heard of him. 

2 oz Koval Gin

1 oz lemon juice

0.75 oz agave nectar

Float a spoon of jam on top and ROCK ON!!