animated jam!


Growing up I was OBSESSED with the Looney Tunes.
This year I finally gained enough courage to try to animate Daffy Duck.

Space Jam 2 - HIRE ME. 

Vaderwanidala AU Fic Idea

So, in a world where there us established ObiAniDala during the clone wars, and Yoda dies during Order 66, after going to the temple and seeing the bodies and watching the security tapes, Obi-Wan heads to Padme’s apartment to warn her about Anakin - only to see her agreeing to overthrow Palpatine and rule the galaxy with him.

Heartbroken, he flees - and because he’s Obi-Wan, he soon ends up stumbling across some plucky youngsters who need help, and ends up travelling around collecting orphans and large creatures, until finally the bounty hunters trying to capture him alive by order of Empress Amidala and Emperor Vader get to be too much (Obi-Wan has the highest bounty ever recorded, and the only reason he hasn’t been caught yet is because of his kids, and also the bounty hunters being forbidden from harming a hair on his head under threat of painful death), he and his kids - there’s, like, 50 of them now - end up settling in a small, out of the way outer rim planet. And because it’s obi-Wan, he also ends up taming some large, dangerous animals, like gundarks and dragons, who basically act as guard dogs for his little orphanage - and when Vaderkin shows up to get his husband back, Obi-Wan is treated to the pleasing sight of Anakin Skywalker running from an angry gundark.