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The idea is based on this post. Since, Muke wanted someone to draw it. 

Here ya go! DONE IT! hehe! i like the idea too~ 

Here some bonus (◕‿◕✿)

Broppy One-shot: NO!

OK so I saw this prompt and I HAD to write this. But I put my own twist on it. Hope it’s good ^-^


OK SO absolutely DO NOT imagine something mildly catastrophic happening to the Troll tree, like a limb getting weak and falling off, something like that. And of course no one gets hurt. But as the dust is clearing and everyone is regrouping suddenly someone calls out, “Hey, where’s Queen Poppy?”
AND CONTINUING, DO NOT imagine Branch freaking out, running to the downed limb and frantically calling for her and asking where she was seen last, and trying as hard as he can to not to imagine the worst (but who is he kidding he was always the best and imagining the worst) all while desperately hoping that she’s ok.
AND DON’T THINK about him finding her, limping out of the dust with the little troll she had run back for when the limb first started collapsing (no troll left behind, right?) and running up and holding her as tight as he can, trembling and trying to not cry. And even when she laughs and tells him that she’s fine he still won’t let go because he honestly was so scared that he would lose her.
ALSO DON’T imagine Branch checking her over for injuries and not letting her out of his sight for the rest of the day, making sure that she rests and has water and doesn’t hurt her leg more (But she’s the Queen and she has things to do so he just ends up carrying her around all day while she checks on everyone.) And at that night he just holds her super close and she just sighs and leans in because honestly she was pretty scared and she’s just so thankful to have Branch there.

Ok here we go -knuckle crack-


The whole tree shook as the limb of the Troll Tree came crashing to the ground.

After the first crack, Branch and Poppy had worked to move every troll onto a safer part of the tree. Branch was helping move everyone when a large snap sounded and the limb fell to the ground below. Thinking the worst was over, Branch ran with the other trolls out of harms way before looking around at all the trolls around him.


Poppy wasn’t in his feild of vision. He didn’t worry at first. He worked his way though the crowd helping those who needed it as he went. Still no sign of Poppy.


As he went along, he asked those he saw if they had seen her. They all said no.


He became more frantic and finally shouted out, “Has anyone seen queen Poppy?!” No one answered.


Realization hit him as he ran forward to the edge of where the limb broke off. He remembered her running in there to save a small troll but that was long before the limb actually fell. She had already made it out… hadn’t she?


“POPPY!” he shouted out as he used his hair to whip his way down to the rubble left at the bottom of the tree. He despritally scrapped at the debry under him calling her name over and over again. Tears threatened to fall as he screamed out her name one more time before diving into the rubble even more furiously than before. The color started to drain from his hair tips and worked it’s way down as he screwed his palms into his eyes and wept. He fell onto his knees as he curled around him. His sunshine was gone. The color was almost completely gone when he heard a groan from a few feet away. His head snapped up and the color drain stopped.


Another groan of pain was heard and he bolted over to the spot. Dropping on his knees he dug, throwing rubble and splintered wood left and right. Finally a small tuff of pink shown through the rubble.


He clawed at the remaining rubble covering her and finally saw her face. He laughed a sigh of relief and let the tears fall as he carefully pulled her out of the rubble and into his arms and onto his lap burrying his head in her neck and nuzzling close. Only then did she finally open her eyes.

“B-branch?” hearing her say his name just made him cry more. She brought one hand up to cup his cheek. His head snapped up and he just looked at her still crying happy tears. He stood up with her in his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist so he could carry her properly. He just held her close, slightly shaking from how scared he was.

He almost lost her.

His light.
His color. His love. His queen. His happiness.

She just held him close, still not fully understanding what had happened and why most of his color was gone-wait a minute!

“Branch!” he looked into her eyes, a small bit of his color coming back. “Where’s your color? Why are you grey again?” He smiled and nuzzled her as the rest of his color came back.

“You’re okay… you’re okay…” She just smiled nuzzling close to him again. He grabbed on of the higher limbs of the tree and slowly climbed the tree with her still securly in his arms. After they reached the rest of the trolls they all cheer as they emerge from the dust below. They touched the ground but Branch refuses to let Poppy down. He insists on carrying her as she folds down her hair to reveal the small troll she saved sitting there protectivly wrapped in her hair.

She gives the troll to her parents and snuggles back into Branch’s arms, secretly loving being so close to him. But she needed to check on her people. “Branch you have to let me down. I have to-”

“No” he said plain and simple.

She looked at him. “Branch I have to.”

“No you don’t.” After waving to the other trolls he walked Poppy and him to a secluded area of the Troll Tree.

“Branch yes I do. You can’t carry my forever.” She tried to get down but his arms just tightned around her holding her to him”

“Fine you could. But right now I can’t let you go. Not after that.” he swallowed avoided her gaze. “Not after almost losing you…”

Poppy’s gaze softened and held his cheek again. He sat down on a flat part of the tree and nuzzled into her hand closing his eyes.

“I love you Poppy… so much…”

She smiled and kissed his nose. He opened his eyes and looked into her’s, once again with tears in them. She started to tear up as well. She laughed as she pressed her forehead to his crying now as well.

“I love you too Branch.”

Oikawa Tooru appears in preview wearing glasses: HAIKYUU!! TRENDS ON TUMBLR

Ladies and gentlemen and other non-binary friends, this is the power of a gay volleyball anime