animated gif maker

(bad quality gifs again, sorry, but I like this suitcase so much~)

Hey piporu~

This is how Virgo looks like when she’s wearing a cardinal ribbon! I’ll be posting another of those Virgo’s masterpost tomorrow with some more information on the game and about the upcoming indiegogo campaign!

Also I need to say that RPG Maker MV animator is pretty cool, you should all use it! I could do a lot of variations for my animations (mostly the ones where Virgo uses items) by only doing 1 to 3 frames of them and adding effects! Specially the sound stuff you can do mixing different sfx to create a single one :3

karkat doesnt enjoy sharing his bf w this gross feathery thing and proceeds to lay on dave until his legs are numb as soon as the crow leaves to remind him that karkats the only one who gets to pointlessly lounge on him like that.

currently testing a new and animated talking sprite for CN. Work & real life don’t give you much time for creativity, ya know, so I deeply apologize for the lack of new artwork

oh wow looks like i did manage to get something done for glitch day

aoooo is best glitch wolf striped hyena puppy girl