animated gif maker

That moment when I get to stun Mad Goat and Saboteur at the same time while recording a random gif~

Seriously, my luck in this game is negative!

AAAND LOOK, LOOK, new battleback! I’m working on some stuff I said I would do “for the final version” now because I was really bored with that default battleback I was using everywhere.

Tomorrow I’ll post another one of those long posts about the changes I’m making for the demo! :3

currently testing a new and animated talking sprite for CN. Work & real life don’t give you much time for creativity, ya know, so I deeply apologize for the lack of new artwork

(bad quality gifs again, sorry, but I like this suitcase so much~)

Hey piporu~

This is how Virgo looks like when she’s wearing a cardinal ribbon! I’ll be posting another of those Virgo’s masterpost tomorrow with some more information on the game and about the upcoming indiegogo campaign!

Also I need to say that RPG Maker MV animator is pretty cool, you should all use it! I could do a lot of variations for my animations (mostly the ones where Virgo uses items) by only doing 1 to 3 frames of them and adding effects! Specially the sound stuff you can do mixing different sfx to create a single one :3

Just something I felt like doing as I animated my version of a meme of “Dissing your Flygirl” but using Characters from RPG Maker.. As for the inside joke I think only I and my friends will only understand.

Characters from Left to Right: Nico, Ari, and Billee. 

This took about four days of work…luckily I don’t have anything better to do kinda. Well except talk to friends and eat and sleep. This is my first full-fledged animation with SHADING AND BACKGROUNDS…two things not exactly in my comfort zone. I usually spend too much time drawing characters but this was a fun project and I am glad I finished. I don’t even know when I hope to make a full-on project eventually..but anything can happen. I might just post the gif on Youtube with music but I do wanna get on Tumblr’s List of Animators <3 Goals huh?

Disclaimer: Characters belong to RPG Maker..I do not own them. I was just drawing them for fun.

Enjoy!!! Questions? Comments? Requests?Commissions? Let me know. : D

oh wow looks like i did manage to get something done for glitch day

aoooo is best glitch wolf striped hyena puppy girl