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Hi Tumblr! Long time no see!

I’m excited to share the product of my absence!  For the past year, my thesis partner and good friend Esteban Bravo and I have been developing a computer animated short film, “In a Heartbeat,” for our senior thesis project at Ringling College of Art + Design. We are launching this Kickstarter to help cover the costs of hiring a professional composer and sound designer for our film!

“In a Heartbeat” follows an insecure middle school boy who has yet to come to terms with his sexuality. When he crosses paths with the most popular boy in school, his heart pops out of his chest to go after the boy of his dreams. Please visit the Kickstarter page for more development, information, and production artwork on the project!

We are currently mid-production, about to wrap on animation and begin lighting, rendering, and compositing the film, but we need YOUR help to make this film the best that it can be!  Any contribution helps, be it a donation or simply sharing the video and spreading the word!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This film has been a true labor of love for us both and I am so excited to share the finished film with you this Spring!



‘Mask’ - Personal Showcase Film - 2017

A story about a little, masked, purple person.

This is my final year personal university film, made to showcase my skillz in narrative, character design/animation – and a bunch of pre-production stuff like storyboarding. It took about a month or so to properly animate but many more months prior to plan and work on. I also created the sound in a day, and I ain’t skilled/experienced in sound design/composing so I apologise for the poor quality…

also, just pls be kind with criticism as i’ve already submitted this and I’m v delicate right now ahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahelp

if you wanna see the process behind this, check out my sleep-deprived-produced uni blog pls don’t stalk me lol

Thank you for your patience with me for the last several months!
More art will be coming soon!

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Zodiac signs as my favorite animated movies

Aries: Madagascar
Taurus: Ice Age  
Gemini: Zootopia
Cancer: Balto or The Land Before Time   
Leo: The Fox and the Hound     
Virgo: The Aristocats  
Libra: Shrek
Scorpio:Finding Nemo  
Saggitarius: Shark Tale or Oliver & Company
Capricorn: The Lion King
Aquarius: Rio
Pisces: Lady and the Tramp  


If you didn’t watch this at elementary school watch it right now and get educated.

Had me crying mid third Act…

And it’s on Youtube


So, remember when I said I was working on a short animated film? Well, it’s finally here and ready for more people to see! I’m super excited to share this so please give it a like, a reblog, a share, a comment, anything if you like it or even if you don’t. It’s my first ever animation and I’d love any feedback :)


Hey, our Annecy short film is finally online, it has been released during the festival last week! The festival was so great!! 

I worked on that short film with @pierre-marieadnet , @coraliesketch , @tristanpoulain , @100drov and Shen Yi and it was a great pleasure !!! Love you guys !!

I’ll put my own researches and my step by step animations soon :) Stay tuned!