animated face

pros to being my fucking girlfriend
  • tall (6′2″)
  • funny
  • own my own car
  • flosses (who you know that does that? nobody. fresh breath)
  • thick (i know you like em big)
  • crippling social anxiety (means i spend more time with you since i can’t go places alone)
  • snores (breathing on hard mode, always up for a challenge)
  • wears glasses (attractive disability, everyone has a fetish for broken eyes)
  • collects toys (unashamed about what makes me happy)
  • depression (humble)
  • insatiable appetite for just the junkiest, worst food imaginable (makes you look better by association, unless you eat shit food too, in which case we have something in common)
  • thick facial hair (makes me look intimidating to ward off threatening animals)
  • when face is shaved, i look like a large pink baby (makes me approachable to friendly animals and humans)
  • clingy (caring)
  • paranoid (cares about safety)
  • buys video games and never plays them (has disposable income)
  • unemployed (lots of time to spend with you)
  • physically strong
  • high aversion to violence
  • likes animals more than people (except you, probably)
  • you no longer have to attend anime conventions alone because i will also be there

Cons to being my Fucking Girlfriend

  • spends too much money on taco bell 

so I tried my hand at my first hand drawn animation instead of puppet animation, as you can see I am horrible at line art. I like the sketch way better. oh gog I’m looking at it again missing lines and consistency is do off. this is why I don’t hand animate QwQ except for faces…..

anonymous asked:

I'm a taxidermist. That's my job, I make my living from that AND LET ME TELL YOU, YOU LITTLE PUNK ASS BITCH YOU DON'T GO AROUND WAVING DEAD ANIMALS IN PEOPLE'S FACES. UNDERSTOOD? My dearest Noodle, I love you and I will defend you no matter what. Best regards, QTA.

Let me love you anon, LET ME FUCKING LOVE YOU *sending waves of love*