animated clouds

The Great Sky of Totalitarianism (REDUX)

REDUX of the brand new skybox mesh for your ‘hood and lots!

18\07\2017 - ULTIMATE UPDATE

Textures are from “You Are Empty” + “Assassin’s Creed II”.


No seams. No outdoor shadows. stdMatLayer and Bounding mesh are fixed.  Target-mesh is invisible in Live Mode. Compressonized!
There are 2 sky-layers:
- 6 recolors of outer sky (”The Tower”, “Rise of Communism”, ”Pray the Gray” + blend-mode versions), - 3 recolors of animated inner sky (clouds)
- invisible recolors for both layers.

You can find it in Misc. -> Misc. Costs 1 simolean.


You can find it in Effects section. Just look for preview pictures with clouds. 

Place them somewhere in the corner of your n'hood map.
There are 4 versions: ”The Tower”, “Rise of Communism”, ”Pray the Gray” and “Clouds”

+ Mesh was enlarged for compatibility with Criquette’ Horizons
+ Target-mesh (manhole) is offset from the center, so you can place it on a controller cube of horizon. 
+ Bounding mesh fix

I worked a lot on TXMT params, so now you can use a lot of situational combinations, that let you see EAxis stars at night, horizon mods, rise/dawn from the custom light mods like radiance etc. You are free to experiment with the Great Sky of Totalitarianism.

Keep in mind that..: 

- Blend-mode means that any other semi-transparent object (like, say, windows) will get ‘eaten’. But it can be fixed with TXMT param stdMatLayer. The outer blend sky use 0-layer, and inner cloud sky has 1 layer, so sky doesn’t overlap clouds. I’ll post more info later.
- The game likes to put your lot in a little box with additional textures to set boundaries. You have to download SimNopke’s Sky Fix.
- If you’re using my ‘hood skybox with any semi-transparent lot skybox - ‘hood sky will be visible. So, you will see the transparent clouds from 'hood view through the lot-sky in blend mode, because clouds’ stdMatLayer = 1.

Feel free to contact me if you want to.