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what's rwby?


RWBY is a computer-animated action/adventure show done by the company Rooster Teeth (looks like a video game, plays out like an anime, kind of). It takes place in the world of Remnant, where humans across the world’s four kingdoms and beyond have to fight for survival against dark creatures called Grimm. To do this, they use a substance called Dust (which powers up weapons, among other things) and personalized superpowers that a select few people can unlock called Semblance. Young warriors, called Huntsman/Huntresses, are trained in teams of four at each kingdom’s special academies to battle the Grimm and protect humanity. The main story is centered around Ruby Rose, this little darling here -

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- who wants to become a Huntress like her mother, as she attends Beacon Academy and learns to lead her new team (the titular Team RWBY) as well as fight. While at times the pacing and some of the writing decisions can leave a lot to be desired, there are plenty of reasons to check it out, including but not limited to:

- The characters are colorful (no pun intended) and really fun to watch, and the voice acting is way better than I initially expected a webshow to have. 


- The fight choreography is wonderful (most of the time), and the weapons they come up with for this show are insane. Just look at Ruby’s weapon, for instance:

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- It contains a corgi. This corgi, to be exact:

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He is a very good boy.

- The computer animation just gets better and better with each volume, and it’s great to watch how the crew has improved.

- Cinder Fall’s legs fuel my will to live.

- The best drunk uncle of all time:

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Yes, you, you lovely feathery bastard.

-  I’ve typed for a fairly long time and can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, but all in all, it’s just a really fun show to watch. :)

the new samurai jack might not be what i wanted, but it may be what i needed. a killer adult animated action show that doesn’t seem to be held back much.

The title of the animated action figure show “Robot Chicken” came from the name of a dish on a Chinese food menu in LA.

There’s some comedy gold in these translations as well.

I would order “I can’t find on google but its delicious” in a heartbeat just to see what it is!

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