Preview for the Yumeiro Cast Fanbook.

The fanbook will be out on 9 Dec 2016 and has 200 pages!! It comes with an Iori UR!! There are 2 limited editions.

The Animate edition comes with 3 can badges (Iori, Kaito and Subaru) + 3 random bromides (from the 7 in the last image). The Ebten DX version comes with 4 can badges (Kyoya, Sousei, Hinata and Jin) + 3 random bromides.

Info and images from here and here. Cover image taken from here.

Awkward Sibling Hug Tackle

So tired….Hand hurts….must return to cave…

Sorry about the watermark. On my computer it looked more transparent but looking at it on my phone, I see it’s more opaque than I wanted it…

HEY GUYS! Its been a while but omfg I got awesome news! DreamWorks is having a petition to make Percy Jackson into a TV show!! And they’re gonna use Virias art!! But the one problem is, is that they need around 770 more petitions signed. So guys common this neeeeds to happen! http://www.change.org/p/dreamworks-disney-to-make-a-percy-jackson-and-the-olympians-heroes-of-olympus-cartoon-tv-series-tvpercy

The Tokyo Ghoul animate cafe experience!!!

*WARNING VERY LARGE PHOTO POST AHEAD* This was our trip to the limited edition tokyo ghoul x animate cafe event! The cafe was about a 2 minute walk away from the animate store in Nagoya. Someone in the store even kindly took us all the way there (that’s japanese hospitality for you ><)
Outside the cafe:

and here is what’s available inside:

As soon as you walk in you’re greeted with a member of staff who shows you to your table. Just like Anteiku!

We decided on just drinks because food was quite expensive and didn’t look as exciting as the colourful beverages. When you order you get one free coaster per drink/food item. These are given out at random so many people order multiple items to get the coaster they want or even a full set. I got tsukiyama’s and yomo’s but swapped with my friend to get kaneki’s!
Here is the full set of coasters available (no hide though ;u;):

We ordered two of tsukiyama (because it was that good) and one of ayato, uta and kaneki.

Kaneki’s cappucino was very light and frothy. Loved the cute little chocolate mouth on the top!

Ayato’s drink was some kind of soda with the most intense grape ice cream I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Uta’s drink was cola flavoured with pomegranate and had little cranberries in it to look like eyeballs.

Tsukiyama’s drink was easily the most delicious (and the prettiest to look at). It had rose syrup and even a small rose on the top. Très bien!

In the background they had the blurays playing as well as the soundtrack/op ed to both season one and √a. They also had all the manga available to read. So you can have your coffee and food, watch tokyo ghoul, listen to tokyo ghoul and read tokyo ghoul all at the same time! (ノ・∀・)ノ

rize about to gently scramble your insides

There’s tv’s on both sides. Also it has to be said the blurays are SO MUCH NICER ;A;. Plus what’s animate without life size cutouts of all your favourite characters? Fyi: touka’s was tiny!

Here’s the merch I got in the cafe. A clear file, two coasters (given out with the drinks) two keyrings, a badge and adorable sugar cubes! The keyrings and bades are in silver package so you don’t know who you’ll get. Was very pleased to get Shuu and the very cute waiter Ayato! All of this stuff is limited edition and can only be found in the cafe.

They also had a guestbook which you could sign and this being an animate cafe, most people had drawn something. The level of talent was unbelievable! We also left a thank you saying how we came all the way from England, how much we enjoy tokyo ghoul, love kaneki and miss hide!

And that was our one day trip to the tokyo ghoul cafe. I wish I could have tried everything. If you are visiting Japan both Kobe and Nagoya’s animate cafes are holding the event until the end of this month. So don’t miss out!



Sans’s HD Portrait

Today I played around with Sans’s face. It’s rather easier because he doesn’t change expressions that much :D Anyway, I hope you guys like it.

There will be more portraits to come and I’ll definetly stream them. Stick around to know when! :D If you enjoy this one be sure to check out Undyne’s if you haven’t already. (And while you’re at it, check out the rest of my stuff!)

Thanks for the peeps who stuck around for the stream! :D There’s more to come soon!