Just some thoughts

There is no reason why the next Disney movie can’t have a Deaf person in it. They could animate it better now then they could’ve when animation first came out. 

When watching Big Hero Six I watched Hiro’s hands. They were just like human hands. It wasn’t that I expected them to look different it was just that they were so similar it shocked me. 

Then it hit me…why hasn’t Disney done a Deaf character yet? Yes, they did Ariel’s friend but that was the only time. Why? I would love to see a full-length movie with a Deaf character in it using ASL. 

Awkward Sibling Hug Tackle

So tired….Hand hurts….must return to cave…

Sorry about the watermark. On my computer it looked more transparent but looking at it on my phone, I see it’s more opaque than I wanted it…

So, a new ereri official art is appearing on charaby tv magazine and I just can’t stop looking at it, and thinking…

…are they getting undressed? Or perhaps getting dressed? What were they doing before this scene???