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(1999-2003) TV-14 - 4 Seasons

This riotous animated series follows the outlandish misadventures of third grader Brendon Small, a filmmaking wunderkind who takes his camera everywhere to record the trials and occasional triumph of his prepubescent life. When he’s not chronicling the dangers of stuffing marbles up one’s nose, he’s tooling around with boozy soccer coach McGuirk, trying (and failing) to rock out with pals Jason and Melissa, and more.

8.4/10 - IMDB

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This is the kind of communication that is palatable and digestible to young people.

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anonymous asked:


❤ - single/taken
aldry answered !!! im single

ツ - any pets?
noP !!

✐ - fave types of movies?
i llike animatd ones ,not necesarily kkids movies Tho. i llike most movies tht arnt 1. supr eembarrasin and thts the comedy 2. ssuper tragic btu it gets bette in th end caus i getsad no mattr wat

☂ - favorite season?
SUMME !!!! we dnt get aa lot of warmth in swedn sso i jstu …. yes I tthrive

✿ - fave kind of clothing?
alrready answered !

✬ - photo of me?
also already answerd :}

° - ever were close to death?
Yse but i dnt wwana talk about It 💖💖