Character Map Summary: Anakin Skywalker


Anakin probably falls somewhere on the Chaotic Good side of the spectrum. He’s very selfless, and cares about people more than anything, but he’s still capable of morally ambiguous to corrupt actions if he thinks them necessary.

Entirely motivated by a desire to help people and to do what is expected of him. The safety of those closest (personally close) to him comes first, followed by people physically close, followed by everyone else. Doing what he’s supposed to do comes last. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about obligations, he really does.

Way of thinking,
He tends to think himself more capable than he actually is. This leads him to rush into things and act on his own rather than stopping to wait for others or think up solutions. He’s a very action oriented person. “Act now, think later, suffer consequences accordingly.”

Behavior pattern,
He’s over-confident in his abilities, but he can be shy with people (particularly in unfamiliar situations.) He knows when to be polite, and is only “rude” to close friends in the form of playful banter. His thoughts and actions always match up. 

He’s quick to apologize when he upsets people or disappoints them, but this doesn’t seem to have an effect on future actions. Strangely passive in social settings. 

Emotional triggers, 
Afraid of failing others, not so much missions. Wants acceptance and recognition. Tends to deflate when criticized, becomes depressed when he feels he’s failed someone (in a big way, not for petty things), bottles everything up until it explodes later.

Element of chaos, 
It’s rare for him to make up his mind and stick to it no matter what. He’s easily discouraged by people close to him (people whose opinions he values.) This means his actions are always spur-of-the-moment, and can change on a whim (or with the situation.)

Speech pattern,
Not overly proper, but not overly rough. Decent use of slang and contractions, good vocabulary. Tries harder to sound eloquent and proper in formal settings. Usually very casual, but always polite (exceptions being close friends. Noted above.)