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What's your hot take on Animaniacs? I feel that it tries to do just way too many different styles of humor at once. However, I do believe that all the Slappy Squirrel stuff is solid, and that Slappy Squirrel is the best meta cartoon character.

it, like a lot of stuff of its era, is so heavy on referential comedy - often to references that are entirely too fucking ancient or obscure to connect with its intended audience at any consistent rate - that it just falls flat, and they don’t have actual jokes being serviced by those references, it’s just “hey here’s an impersonation of tammy faye baker” or “hey here’s uhhhh famous actor tommy lee jones”, or fucking “hey, the goodfellas, but… as pigeons? kids fuckin love goodfellas, right”

a pal once said it and tiny toons feel a lot like film school nerds just cramming kids shows with all the shit they watched, and god do i ever feel that.

the slapstick isn’t strong enough, a lot of the comedy in general just isn’t strong enough to make the “hey y’all kids ever watched Duck Soup” shit tolerable, and what’s worse, they don’t drop those refs in to make an actual joke, it’s just… fucking impressions and shit a lot of the time.

to be fair, a lot of kids shows from that era, and before is just… fucking bad. can you believe the unfunny shit we were all watching before cartoon network started making new stuff or before spongebob came around? you ever tried to watch goof troop? 22 minutes of incredibly weak slapstick, episode to episode, broken up largely by family sitcom plots and animator horniness for peg pete.

people tell you kid’s media was better before, and if they’re specifically talking about that 80s-mid-90s era goooooo and actually rewatch that shit. oof.

oddly enough, the most oblique, obscure reference animaniacs joke they ever did, the orson welles “frozen peas” tapes done in the pinky and the brain “yes, always” bit, i say is the one that was the best executed, because even without knowing the source of all the material, the whole damn thing is just so absurd to be - largely - funny on its own.

i find the history of the animaniacs fandom, which was a fucking terrifying powerhouse on usenet, more interesting than the show itself.

Peacock: Hellooooo Nurse!!~

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