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The first of my bookmarks done! Took that one first because I liked the dynamic in the sketch a lot and wanted to give the series a good start!
Was looking for a style, which is quite easy and fast to make, but still looks kinda cool… so this is what I got.
I’m nobody who prefers some kind of lineart in drawings and therefore I’m no pro in creating them. But it is alright, I would say.

Sketches for all bookmarks here: bunch 1, bunch 2

I hope I will get the others done, too! I’m sure I will take the time, but actually I should be doing other things x)
I will post them all again in one poste once they’re all done.

Countdown to Yusaku Fujiki

Pharaoh’s Incarnate

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The Supreme King

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The Hero of Legend

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Shard of The Emissary

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Satan’s incarnate, Supreme King Dragon

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You know how some people like to write fanfiction and draw fanart shipping actors and musicians and such? Well, I’ve been wondering if people do that in the YGO-verse too. Duelists are basically celebrities and I can’t get the image out of my head of people shipping their favourite duelists together.

Are their teenage girls in the YGO-verse writing coffee shop AUs about Kaiba/Yugi?