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okay so i saw the new/last episode of hq season 3 today & i know everybody’s gonna be talking about everything that went down but i’m gonna talk about one of my favorite moments for a second

this scene right here (pls excuse my shitty screenshots):

i know this fandom very rarely puts their primary focus on tanaka (something,, all my friends know im quite bitter about) but like can we PLEASE appreciate him for a second?

tanaka has been acknowledged in canon to be one of the strongest players on the team & in every game he’s in we ALWAYS see him trying his best, saving the team’s ass, doing whatever it takes to keep the ball connected & keep them in the game & this match was no different (yes, i know all the players do their best but unlike tanaka, they usually get ample praise for this, which is why im only talking about him rn)

so in this scene we see the ball collide with hinata’s face (i think it was his face at least) quite violently & of course, tanaka looks extremely worried, but he knows hinata would want him to focus on the game & keep that ball in play no matter what, so tanaka DIVES for it & manages to connect it to his teammates, shouting for kageyama to receive it. but then you know what he does? as soon as he knows they’re safe for a moment, he turns & makes sure his teammate is okay. he stops thinking about the game for a second &, like the great caring upperclassman he’s always been, checks to see if hinata’s alright after that, what looked to be, painful hit to the face.

i know this moment probably didn’t stick out for a lot of ppl which i guess i can understand given the fast pace of the episode, but it’s small moments like these that just cement my love for tanaka & my place as a tanaka fan in this fandom. he’s so kind, protective, thoughtful, & just an all-around great person & i really wish the haikyuu fandom would pay more attention to him.

this is why he’s my favorite character. he’s in it to win it, but above all, he’s there for his teammates to rely on, he provides physical support during the games but also emotional/moral support as well (not just when they’re playing in matches, either. he’s always an encouraging voice in their lives).

anyway please appreciate our wonderful future ace of karasuno tanaka ryuunosuke because that boy deserves more love

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People have always detested evil and sought out a righteous way of living. The Law is the accumulation of those people’s feelings. They’re neither the provision nor the system. They’re the fragile and irreplaceable feelings that everyone carries in their hearts. Compared to the power of anger and hatred, they’re something that can quite easily breakdown.