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Sorry but can you clarify me this: Is Sakura and Syaoran relatives or no? I'm kinda confused

Which ones? SS from TRC or CCS?? :o but no, they are not relatives.

In TRC, R!Syaoran is the son of C!Sakura and C!Syaoran, but he is genetically identical to only his father, which shouldn’t have happened, but since it’s a paradox nothing makes sense, so you can’t find a logical explanation to that. Also, R!Sakura and R!Syaoran belong to different dimensions and families.

In CCS, Syaoran is descendant of the family of Clow Reed’s mother, so he is not a direct descendant of Clow Reed. Now, Even if Fujitaka has one half of the soul of Clow Reed, that doesn’t mean he is Clow (Eriol said this to Yue in the last episode). Also, Fujitaka is a different person who doesn’t belong to the Reed family. He is a Kinomoto and his appearance is differen’t from Clow’s. Which means, Sakura and Syaoran belong to different families.