Mike Luciano and I wrote a book that’s available for free in the iTunes bookstore. It’s viewable on any iPad or Apple laptop (with the newest OS). 

It’s called Animals. The Complete and Annotated Collection. 

It’s an encyclopedic novella that covers all the animals in our series to date [pigeons, rats, roaches, horses]. There are quizzes, galleries, and tons of other interactive things. It is fucking cool. Seriously.


Animals. will be screening at SXSW this Saturday. Here’s the official announcement.


Animals. screens TONIGHT at 6:30 at Tribecca Cinemas for the New York Television Festival kickoff alongside Matt Weir’s Cool Cars and Science & a pilot by Keith Powell aka Toofer from 30 Rock. It’s either that or the creative keynote by Mitch Hurwitz in a different theater so - yeah, no its totally fine it’s Mitch Hurwitz I get it, we’re screening again on Friday so it’s not a huge deal, seriously, have a fun time at that, thank you though.

Info & Free Tix: