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Well if you look things are allready going wrong… If criminals are bringing in guns to do bad why can’t teachers bring…

Because fighting guns with guns means that NO ONE gets killed? Right. The next time there’s a fire, I’ll add more fire to it. That should take care of everything.  A “bad guy” with a gun was a “good guy” until they lost their fucking mind and snapped. So yeah, let’s give everyone a gun and when someone loses their mind, I’m sure they’ll just use their gun for good…

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Quit trying to take credit for other people’s pictures.

Never once do I claim any photos with the my edit tag to be mine, they are all in a separate section. As are my own photos, in a separate section saying I took it with the caption. If you don’t like it, or know who took the photo, feel free to tell me. I merely get photos, put them in one spot for others to enjoy. I have been contacted for credit before and have never once said no or declined them of their rights.