Ok everyone 1 2 3…MELT! 😍 Every being deserves to be loved. Ismael is one of the lambs rescued from a farm by @minovalleyfarmsanctuary 30 baby lambs & goats were separated from their moms and put in a cramped prison to be slaughtered as dog food, when the sanctuaries stepped in they had already killed 15 of them

When they arrived at the Sanctuary they had open wounds, bloody diarrhea and some of them didn’t make it 😢… but the ones that did like little Ismael, will never have to be afraid and they will always be loved and respected as fellow earthlings

Please support @minovalleyfarmsanctuary so that they can keep on saving lives!
Share their stories and donate
You can help can change someone’s life!

During March🌱, 10% of profits will go to @minovalleyfarmsanctuary 🐷🐥 in Galicia, Spain

#animalsanctuary #rescue

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Before consuming two salads at @champsdiner tonight (wifey had vegan Philly cheesesteak), we got some sweet new tattoos at @gristletattoo that benefited @skylands_sanctuary!
••• “The sanctuary’s most recent and publicized #rescue was #Freddie - a very lucky #cow who made a break from a #Queens #slaughterhouse who is now a resident at the #sanctuary. 50% of the funds raised will go to help #Skylands continue their important and very difficult work.” •••
@astorm14 got the cutest little piggy by @jackpoohvis.
Here’s mine by the incredibly talented @lillesnegl!
Isn’t it beautiful?
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Shelby came to Animal Place 40-pounds underweight. She had a feces coated rear and needed medical attention and love. She likely escaped a transport truck or dairy farm. 

Today, Shelby is healthy, happy, and playful. She shares a pasture with her BFF, Magnolia, and loves to run! 

Thanks to donations from people like you, we can ensure that Shelby lives out a natural life full of love, and we can continue to help others like her.

Hi everyone! I know I have a handful of vegan followers and possibly non-vegans that may be interested in joining Louisville Vegan Jerky of the Month Club. This month with code NOVEMBER your first box is HALF OFF! Yes HALF! You can’t beat that. And it’s freaking delicious. The reason I ask is because they donate a portion of the funds to animal sanctuaries, and next month they’re donating to @anewhopesanctuary ; A sanctuary close to my heart that belonged to my dear friend Max that recently passed away. This is a great opportunity to try something new and help support a great cause. link will be in my (Instagram) bio until mid-December #petfox #vegan #veganfood #animalsanctuary #rescuedwildlife #wildlife #exoticpet #louisvillejerky #delicious #furhasaface #antifur #animalrights

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Taking a quick break from my crazy hectic revision day today to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉❤️🎉❤️🎉 May your 2016 be filled with an abundance of love, adventure, laughter, kindness, good food and all around happiness!! This year is full of so many plans for me already - although I’m still yet to sort out a trip to an animal sanctuary because who doesn’t want to meet animals as gorgeous as these calves 🙊 I’m off to the gym in a bit and it’s going to be so busy 😒 all those fitness resolution makers better not steal all the equipment haha! Nah I’m joking its great seeing so many people looking after their health ☺️

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Have you seen @peacefulprairiesanctuary’s Billboards that went up in Denver this month? Help them continue their campaign and keep them up longer by donating through YouCaring (link at If you’re not familiar with Peaceful Prairie or the incredible work that they do for rescued farmed animals, please visit their page to learn more!! #vegan #animalsanctuary #peacefulprairie #animalrights #govegannow (at Denver, Colorado)

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Pet a turkey this thanksgiving 🙏 don’t eat one. Try a Tofurkey. This turkey will sure be grateful to you ❤️️ #govegan #vegan #turkey #turkeyburger #animalsanctuary (at Sugarloaf Mountain (Florida))

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Una gallina libre puede llegar a vivir hasta 10 años e incluso más. 

La producción de huevos somete a las gallinas ponedoras a sufrir una “vida” miserable. Privadas de espacio y descanso, del 10 al 15% mueren exhaustas o pisoteadas por sus compañeras.

A los 15 meses de vida y tras una larga agonía, cuando su débil y enfermo cuerpo ya no puede producir más huevos, son enviadas al matadero.

En la imagen, arriba, gallinas ponedoras en una granja industrial; abajo, gallinas rescatadas por Feeling Free disfrutando la vida. A pesar de las diferencias, comparten algo que marcó sus vidas para siempre…El consumo de huevos las hizo esclavas.

A free chicken can live up to 10 years and even more.

Egg production subject to laying hens suffer a miserable “life”. Without space and rest, of 10 to 15% die exhausted or trampled by her companions.

At 15 months of life and after a long agony, when his weak and sick body already cannot produce more eggs, they are sent to the slaughterhouse.

In the image above, laying hens in a factory farm; down, hens rescued by Feeling Free enjoying life. Despite the differences, they share something that marked their lives forever…The consumption of eggs made them slaves.

I could’ve stayed and watched this big beautiful girl all day. She was perfect. Today we went to an animal sanctuary where they rescued big cats, bears, wolves and other wildlife from circuses, zoos and people trying to keep them as pets. It was incredible. It made me so happy to see these large creatures living happily and free. #animalsanctuary #colorado #tigers #bigcats #beautiful

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