Posting this here to help drum up more attention for IG account Fields of Freedom in Denmark who is in need of help. Financially, physically, and emotionally. The sanctuary is one solely by Chris who has poured his heart and soul into creating a safe and peaceful environment where there is little empathy for animals. This past week they experienced a heartbreaking and trying situation of one of the animals being poisoned. He is currently campaigning to get more hands to help make the sanctuary a safer environment for these animals and also potentially grow to help even more furry friends!
Go check out his Instagram @fieldsoffreedom and if you’d like, donate, volunteer, or just offer words of encouragement.


I went to a farm a few months back called Snaggy Mountain and got to meet a magical pig named D-o-g. Pronounced Di-o-gi. She was the happiest pig free to roam, eat and wallow as she pleased. The space honors her and she will leave here peacefully for the rest of her days.


Ok everyone 1 2 3…MELT! 😍 Every being deserves to be loved. Ismael is one of the lambs rescued from a farm by @minovalleyfarmsanctuary 30 baby lambs & goats were separated from their moms and put in a cramped prison to be slaughtered as dog food, when the sanctuaries stepped in they had already killed 15 of them

When they arrived at the Sanctuary they had open wounds, bloody diarrhea and some of them didn’t make it 😢… but the ones that did like little Ismael, will never have to be afraid and they will always be loved and respected as fellow earthlings

Please support @minovalleyfarmsanctuary so that they can keep on saving lives!
Share their stories and donate
You can help can change someone’s life!

During March🌱, 10% of profits will go to @minovalleyfarmsanctuary 🐷🐥 in Galicia, Spain

#animalsanctuary #rescue

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