animals: bovine


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Och aye the noo, who here likes heilan coos? I do! 

These wee highland cow balls have been made in my garden studio on the coast of Scotland as a nod to our much loved unofficial country mascot. I feel an affinity to highland cows because most of them have the same hair colour as me. The iconic highland cow has been the unwilling face of Scotland for a long time so it seemed only fitting to make those wonderful hairy beasts into cute furry balls! 

Heilan coos would make a fantastic gift for the Scotland-lover, aspiring farmer or cow fanatic in your circle of family and friends. Real cows need masses of space and make a huge mess, heilan coos fit in the palm of your hand and are quite happy sitting on a desk.

They have hard resin noses and horns that have been painted with acrylics and then varnished. Their bodies are fake fur and stuffed with yellow split peas for a nice squashy weight!

As each has been hand made they are all unique. Each nose cast had different amounts of dye added, so no two noses are the same shade of pink. Some have spots on their noses, some have wonky horns, some are a bit squashier than others… Much like real cows! 

They measure 6-8cm in diameter.