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I had a restful winter break and I hope you (yes, you!) did as well :) It’s always nice to recharge your batteries at the end of the year, and it allowed me some time to really think about the direction I want to take this business and make some big decisions. More to come on that as I flesh things out a bit more ^_^

In the mean time, I’ve been diving head-first into some of the new projects & products I want to introduce this year. I thought I’d start with this little baby penguin necklace while it’s still cold here in Toronto. I’ve had the idea for about 2 months now, but the holiday rush meant that I couldn’t really focus on any new ideas, so here it is all brand spanking new for 2017. 

I made a little troupe, and they are available in my etsy shop here

Also I post a lot more frequently over on instagram and the content tends to vary (no cross-posting I promise!) so if you’re inclined to see updates more often, please join me there :) 

Bad Mood Alert

This week started with one of my kitties dying and will end with Trump’s inauguration.  

On Friday, my TV will be tuned to a channel w/o Inauguration coverage.  I pre-set my mom’s pill minder so I don’t have to go the my parents’ house that day, where Fox News plays 24/7.  I’m going to donate money to good causes and will go to a community prayer service.  (A conflict w/my son’s schedule prevents me from going to the local March for Women on Saturday.) I’m going to eat comfort food and play Pokemon Go (listening to CDs in the car so I won’t happen upon Inaug coverage).

I’ve set the Queue for @shieldshockfanfic​ through the weekend and will only be blogging fluffy stuff on Friday.   You will probably see many posts of Chris Evans, Pride & Prejudice, Capt. Picard, the “stealth suit of sex”, kittens, beautiful things, rainbows, baby animals, flowers, stuffed animals, jewelry, tea pots, hopeful quotes, etc. (really, what’s different about that?) ;)  My availability on private messaging will be iffy.

Yes.  I’m sulking now.  

Fighting comes later.