animals. animal


Thank you very much ….. but I only have two hands … <:o

Also, because it’s important : 

This gif really inspired me but saddly Loris Lemurs suffers from wildlife trades to be sold and all, I used this gif because it was the only one that could inspire me, I do love those animals a lot and I’m aware,I hope all of those stupid people would let animals live their lives

I could see many in my life, they often look like this, they are extremely afraid sometimes but after you show them affection and no harm  they ease.

Wanted to use other gifs with less terrified one  but didn’t find saddly :o

So yes, I’m totally aware of their situation, the gif just inspired me  with the hands full :) 

Glad I could see many happy in my life because they deserve to be happy.

Drew a happy ending also :) needed one !

Today is the start of Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week! The goal for this week is to raise awareness of the importance of human-animal relationships, and to highlight the benefits associated with these relationships! For OBC, the bond we have with our batty friends an integral part of what we do! 

Blue Tongue Skink Commission I did recently. The base is made to look like the pattern of his hide! Very handsome skink and I’m thrilled I got to make a mini version of him!!

Do you have a skink? I’d love to see a picture!

OPEN for commissions, message me on my etsy :

I do ship worldwide.