animals with pouches

Stealthy Witch Tips

Are you still in the broom closet? These tips are for you!

1. Witchcraft in your cooking.
This means choosing herbs and spices corresponding to your intentions.
Also, you can always draw the pentagram or sigils with condiments, then stir it away. No one but you will know!
*Stove tops work for fire magic! Drinks work for potions and water magic.
Salads for earth magic, and blending drinks, whipping eggs, etc, for air magic.

2. Stuffed animals with pouches. (You can cut them open too.)
They can be used as guardians or spell pouches and look completely innocent.
This also works well with clothing with lots of pockets.
Or make cute little cloth purses for dolls that are actually spell pouches.

3. Hide dream pouches in your pillow case.

4. Enchant pennies with luck and hide them in your shoes, or enchant them with protection and leave them around your house. Everyone has loose change, so it’s not suspicious. Unless you leave piles…then keep them in a jar.
Jars of loose change are also not suspicious. You can enchant them however you want.

5. Liquid sigils using a clear fluid will evaporate and never be seen.
But be careful of staining or damages from caustic fluids, vinegar may do this.

6. Energy work!! Energy is rarely seen by those not looking for it, so it’s perfect for witches in the broom closet. Mundanes will think you’re meditating or relaxing.

7. Your whole body. Fingers or arms are wands, your skin your alter - dress it with pretty clothes or jewelry, your breath the air, your blood or spit the water (be careful and safe when using body fluids), your flesh the earth,  your body heat the fire. You always have everything you need just by living.
*Speaking, singing, dancing, sleeping, eating, exercising, writing, drawing–
all can be used for spells! Be creative and imaginative.


First of all, sorry for the delay in uploading the kenka cd 2. I got busy with the last ozinefest april 2016 event and with life activities as well. This post will commemorate Izaya’s bday! and Ono Daisuke’s also. This is just some part of my collection, I uploaded this because there were people whom I’ve promise to show my current items. Believe it or not, some of the it are just gifts, or was bought and another shizaya stuffs were freebies.Again I will continue the uploads that got delayed.

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Spirit Keeping Tip

The above picture is taken from scentsy’s kid section where they have small stuffed animals that have pouches sewn inside. Typically this is for the scent packs a slow shown but you can also place your spirits vessel inside so you both can cuddle through the night.

Don’t like the options they have but are crafty? Take a stuffed animal you already have or buy one and make a pouch with a thin material like tule. Make room in the tummy of your buddy and sew the pouch in. You’ll have to sew a zipper in as well which takes a little patience honestly.

In no time you’ll have a nice soft plush sleeping place for your spirit! If you do try this make sure to tag me so I can see your creation!