animals were harmed


I am now connected to the Ocean!🌊🐚🐠

I don’t live near the Ocean but I am starting to practice Sea Magick.

(Since I can remember. The ocean has always been my happy place)

The Sinking helps you connect to the ocean even if you are far away.
It was such a strong and beautiful experience ❤

I mixed my bathtub water with sea water, Sand, fish scales, dry crab arms and sea weed.
(The Fish scales and the crab arms were found by my bestie Luna. No animals were harmed)

I am just so happy today. It feels like I have been baptised into the Sea craft ❤

Lmfao my mom just sent me this video, apparently Yoshi ran straight out the door without thinking about the snow, so here he is struggling in what seems 1 feet of snow. Please ignore my moms comments. He did get out eventually do not worry, then my mom shoveled some snow out of the way and Yoshi got to pee.

Sharing sandwiches is the best!
Left is “The Wiggum” (bbq grilled tofu, maple bbq sauce, slaw, pickles and chipotle aioli) and right is the “Nobody Calls Me Chicken Salad” (chicken salad with shredded iceberg lettuce)

Smith & Deli
Fitzroy - Melbourne - Australia


Pizza nights are so much easier when there’s a delivery pizza place with vegan cheeses and meats!
Standard vegetarian pizza with vegan cheese, and a “meatlovers” with vegan cheese, vegan salami and vegan ham. 🍕🙌

Eat Pizza
Maribrynong - Melbourne - Australia

Bts in the Jungle
  • Jin: Eats all the fruits
  • Namjoon: Accidently starts a forest fire (No Animals were harmed)
  • Jhope: Trys to body slam all the snakeu
  • Suga: Makes camp fire with his mixtape
  • Jimin: Is impressed by yoongi's talent
  • Kim Taehyung: gets adopted by a family of apes
  • Jungkook: becomes George of the jungle

Heres a very pretty brown rat I got.I plan on doing him as a full mount and keeping his skull the rest will be fed to my snake.

 Disclaimer: These images are posted for educational and/or art purposes.Everything has been legally collected and no animals were intentionally harmed by me.I do hunt/trap/fish/and farm and any animal killed is done so as humanely as possible.

It’s not that I like him, it’s just that I think he’s cute. It’s just that I think he’s cute. I think he’s cute. I think he’s cute.

Taehyung placed his hands over his ears and collapsed on his bed, trying to drown out the words that were playing on replay in his mind. He knew he was being stupid and childish, but he couldn’t help it. The low curl of jealousy that had settled in his gut during their interview had just grown as the time passed and now, hours later, it was an ache that he couldn’t ignore.

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P.S. All the skulls and insects were obtained in a cruelty free manner. No animals were harmed in the making.