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Something quick and ridiculous I did for @a-dinosaur-a-day‘s Kulinday event. 

The sign reads: “A Spoiled Rotten Kulindadromeus lives here.” Little do they know there are two more hiding in a trenchcoat. The handwriting at the bottom reads: DINOSAURS ARE FEATHERED. DEAL WITH IT.  Hey, if all my relatives and I were misrepresented constantly, I’d be grumpy too.

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D-3 ♡ Countdown to Roa’s Birthday

Kim Minkyung in Han Dong Geun’s Falling Slowly MV (2014)

body so frail;

[ dull knives twist between rib-gaps
lost heads to the nightskybirds
goin’ back to a face, no more masks
stuck in a boned cage –ready ]

your business isn’t under my skin
or inside my sadomasochistic brain
–torment my tongue with candlewax fire
& choke the flowers in my hair

wicker limbs support no longer
as our feet freefall through gravity
hands up to the sky –moons turn
their backs on us & darkness sets in

[ exodus of stars marching toward
our bellies & sutures our eyes shut
–leading the blind to a bed of nails
piercing the souls of the dead –set ]

leather ropes bind my teeth while
you electrify the taxidermied lambs
–smoke signal to the gods (here we
are, here we are, save our sanity)

wooden hours never stood a chance
against the sands of time –bloodpools
polish the outer rim of my lips, taste
the divinity of cored applehearts

[ pine trees sway to the rhythm blues
sleeping baby clouds hover over weeping
lilies –air escapes my lungs & you vacuumed
the storms away with one inhale –go ]


my guinea pigs’ vet just posted this and it is extremely Important