animals in human clothes

Humans are not the only animals to wear clothing. Some gorillas have been known to cover themselves in the skins of the animals they hunt, most anteaters will carry palm leaves during the rain, and weasels are said to be fond of Brioni suits.

celestialscorpio  asked:

What do the signs find adorable/cute. What makes their hearts melt and go "awwww" (puppies ftw).

Aries- Something or someone small being fierce and spunky. 

Taurus- Food shaped like something cute or tiny, cute plants. 

Gemini- Cute sounds like a little kid saying something funny, a cat’s meow, a mouse squeaking. 

Cancer- Baby anything! Puppies, kittens, baby animals, baby humans. 

Leo- Possibly Kawaii themed makeup, jewelry, or clothing, due to their ties to fashion. 

Virgo- Animals and maybe even insects. 

Libra- Cute food, clothes, and jewelry. 

Scorpio- Likely thinks certain people and the way they look are cute like a baby faced boy or petite girl. 

Sagittarius- When someone’s charm and silliness makes them cute. 

Capricorn- Tiny version of anything. 

Aquarius- Certain cartoons or anime characters. 

Pisces- Things that are so ugly they are cute. 

Why is it that we think that anything human made = unnatural? We consider beehives to be natural and those were made by bees. Anthills are natural, those were made by ants. Beaver dams are considered part of the natural landscape, bird nests, spiderwebs… We consider all of these things “natural” but they’re made by animals just as houses and cars and clothing are made by the human animal.

Why have we distanced ourselves so far from nature that we as humans cease to be considered natural at all?


Hello! I have updated my commissions to now offer more options! Along with colored commissions, we now have icon commissions and background commissions to pick from.

When picking an option, you’ll see simple and complex being used to describe the characters! This is something that I will judge on a per character basis, but here are some examples to give you an idea of which one your character(s) fall under:

  • Simple: Simply designed characters, like pikachu, moogles, and jibanyan; animals and basic designed fursonas 
  • Complex: Humans/humanoids, especially with ornate clothes (such as in FFXIV), complex monsters with small details (the golisopod in the bg commission is a good ex of this), fursonas with a lot of patterns/clothing/etc, machines

When pricing for commissions with both complex and simple characters, the commission is 18 USD + additional characters.

Contact and Additional Info:

  • I use email for contact [] !
  • When contacting, please send references: they can be words, drawings, or pictures of what you think the character(s) would be like!
  • I use paypal, and my currency is USD! I will send you an invoice when I’m finished with the sketch~!
  • I will draw blood and NSFW, but I can turn down your request if it’s not something I’m kosher with drawing (for example, I will not draw anything non-consensual or with minors)
  • Delays may happen due to hands/bulk draws, but I’ll keep you updated!

Thank you so much for reading! Reblogs are appreciated!

Tonight is the second night of the MCAD Art Sale! Thanks to Emmet Byrne, director of design for Walker Art Center, for choosing my pieces as an Art Sale “Hot Pick” this year. Emmet also wrote my all-time-fave description of my work: “​Teagan’s ​illustrations of animals are immaculately detailed and filled with subtle dread. The birds are suffocating in their elaborate arrangement, the squirrel is smothered in decorative foliage, the rabbit is delightfully strangled by a snake. It makes me suspicious of Teagan’s lighter work featuring adorable animals in cute little human clothes.”


Rating: M

It was intense. The way you both burst through the door, your hands delving and dragging at each other’s clothes, were like the actions of animals rather than humans but you’d wanted Spencer for so long. You hadn’t felt this strongly attracted to someone for a long time but you weren’t a stranger to lust.

The moment he’d admitted that he was attracted to you, you knew exactly what you wanted, pulling him into you with force as your lips met. The sound of heavy nasal breathing told you that he was yours.

Pulling away, you grinned to him, walking away slowly and pulling your top off over your head. When you reached his sofa, you turned, still smiling as you beckoned him toward you. When his broad, toothy smile breached his lips, it sent chills down your spine, knowing you were about to get everything you wanted.

Don’t be scared
I’ve done this before
Show me your teeth

The moment he met you again, you wrapped your hand around the back of his neck, lowering to the seat and sliding your legs apart just enough to tell him what you wanted from him. Watching him, you saw his tongue slip from between his lips and travel along from one side to the other, slowly and teasingly, as he lowered to his knees.

With a hand still on his neck, you pulled him closer, feeling his hands slide up your skirt and take hold of your underwear. A whimper of anticipation escaped you, making him grin and flash his pearly whites one more time before his hands took hold of your hips and pulled you further forward on the seat. As his face disappeared between your thighs, you felt a sharp nip on your skin as his teeth sank lightly into the flesh just below the heat of your centre.

Don’t want no money
That shit’s ugly
Just want your sex
Take a bite of my bad girl meat
Take a bite of me
Show me your teeth

The anticipation was almost painfully frustrating, made worse by just how slowly he moved up your inner thigh. Finally, he reached the bare mound, pressing his lips against the very top of your slit. Your hands moved through his dark and untidy hair, wanting so badly to grip and press his face into you.

A new twinge of mild pain hit as his canines pressed into your pubic area, forcing a gasp out of you before his tongue slipped into the gap. Touching your hot, sensitive bud quickly, he teased till the last moment when his tongue flattened against you, causing your back to arch and your eyes to close as you tried hard to keep breathing.

It didn’t take long for his rolling jaw and stretching tongue to have you gripping the sofa with one hand and almost digging your nails into his shoulder with the other. Moaning loudly, your head swam with the ecstasy of it with your chest rising and falling as your breathing laboured and deepened.

“Oh… Spencer…” you gasped between breaths. “Don’t stop.”

Got no direction
I need direction
Just got my vamp
Take a bite of my bad girl meat
Take a bite of me boy
Show me your teeth

In an almost sadistic way, Spencer raised from between your legs, grinning broadly in defiance as he changed his mind. Letting his hand linger behind so that his thumb circled your clit and his finger delved into you. There was a pang of disappointment but his hand quickly started to make up for the lack of his mouth.

Your hands moved to pull him closer, your lips wishing to meet his but his free hand grabbed your wrist, binding them together and forcing them above your head. He hovered his lips inches from yours, his hot breath passing across your face.

“I’ll decide when I stop,” he whispered. “And I’ll decide who tugs at who.”

Tell me something that’ll save me
I need a man who makes me alright
Tell me something that’ll change me
I’m gonna love you with my hands tied

After what felt like an eternity, his lips met yours, his tongue sliding beyond the threshold to dance with yours. The taste of your own pleasure was strong on his mouth, adding to the building feeling of bliss. Eventually, his lips slipped to your cheek then further to your neck, sending shivers through your skin. The feel of his body upon you felt amazing. His body. Spencer’s body. Now all you needed was the release that only he could provide, like a junkie relying on a dealer.

Curling his fingers, he tapped at the perfect spot with each push of his wrist, making it frustrating that he wouldn’t allow your hands freedom. You wanted to grab at him, to touch him, to feel him, give back what he was giving to you but his grip would not allow it. Kissing down to your chest, he glanced up briefly to grin before sliding back down to taste you again.

Got my addictions
And I love to fix ‘em
Take a bite of my bad girl meat
(Take a bite of me boy) show me your teeth

His tongue moved into your slit once again, sliding down to your warm and open hole before slipping up to your throbbing clit. He’d barely began when you felt your body tensing and your muscles tighten, unable to control your cries.

“Fuck… Spencer!…”

Within seconds, your hands felt freedom and you gripped his hair to pull him into you and sustain the gratification and he gladly kept the orgasm going as long as he could. When he finally arose, the grin had spread almost all the way to his well-defined cheekbones.

Help, need a man
Now show me your fangs
Help, need a man
Now show me your fangs

As he reached his feet, his hands moved to his pants to unbutton them, letting them fall to his ankles and revealing himself to you for the first time. This time, it was you that grinned, seeing the generous proportion. Pursing your lips, you sat forward so that you could look straight up into his eyes as your face drew closer to his rising excitement.

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As someone with Zimbabwean ancestry, thank you for calling out the Mugabe post. Not only did he wreck the economy, steal massive profits from the country's diamond mines (which his wife spends on mansions and designer clothes while people starve and cholera, AIDs and childbirth deaths are rampant) but even the redistribution of farms (certainly something that needed addressing) just led to experienced white farmers fleeing, while little training was given to their replacements...

…meaning that we were just worse off than before (like yeah, does tumblr seriously think blacks benefited from something that was just an excuse for Mugabe’s cronies to grab as much land as they could?). And yeah, as for how much Mugabe promotes antiblackness, my uncle’s friends were black, and last we heard of them, they were in the Marange camp, whilst my cousins were sexually assaulted numerous times by the police. But woo, at least someone’s standing up against our white oppressors!

Thanks for sharing- I’m sorry to hear the terrible things your friends and family members continue to experience under Mugabe’s regime. It is incredibly hurtful and offensive when we Western POC proceed to make into a hero someone responsible for immense suffering people you love go through. By doing this, we not only show a total ignorance of non-Western affairs, but imply that the choice Zimbabweans have must be restricted to being between the British colonialism and a terrible dictator like Mugabe who poses as an anti-colonial hero. 

As this anon showed so well- in many non-Western countries, all these leaders do is to effectively don the mantle of the European imperialist after first riding a wave of anti-colonialism to install themselves in power. They claim to be icons who have heroically fought European colonialism, and accuse their political enemies of being Western puppets or colonial sympathisers, when all the while, they are becoming the oppressor. With his parasitical exploitation of Zimbabwe,  self-enrichment at the expense of millions of Zimbabweans and political repression, Mugabe has more or less replicated, reinforced and continued the extremely poor conditions people were subject to under colonial rule. How many European countries, for example, had oppressive leaders belonging to their ethnic group, who people felt they were entirely justified to overthrow? Why do we not extend this logic to people in non-Western countries? Do we think the highest aspirations of people outside the West is to be ruled by somebody who looks like them, no matter how cruel and oppressive?

We should recognise the superficiality of the posturing people like Mugabe do. Sure, he deprives white farmers who disproportionately own land in Zimbabwe due to colonial rule- but he does it in a manner that results in even more food shortages where the hardest hit are poor black Zimbabweans. Does this not make it abundantly clear he does not care about black Zimbabweans at all, save his small circle of cronies? Many of our leaders who gained credibility as being leaders against European colonialism have only proven themselves to be traitors and hypocrites.

The world is not as simple as “four legs good, two legs bad”. The ending of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, I think, is particularly instructive. The pigs who initially championed the liberation of the farm animals from human tyranny walk on two legs, wear human clothing and finally- invite a group of human farmers over to play cards and divide the spoils of exploiting the animals. And so the anticolonial rebel finally becomes no different from the imperialist oppressor. The new boss is the same as the old boss, the king is dead, long live the king.

Curiosity~ A Harry Potter Fanfic

Request: Harry Potter request with young marauders, mostly Remus x Reader where they are dating and she has noticed him looking weary or has up and till the full moon and be fine after but they all play it off as nothing so one night on the full moon she follows them all and you can pick the rest.

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1253

“Remus, are you feeling alright?” You asked. His face was long and weary, and he had dark circles under his eyes.

“What? Oh, yes, love. I’ve just had trouble sleeping lately, but that’s all.” He said, trying to smile as he draped one of his long arms around you. It was near noon, and classes had let out for lunch. As you were walking to the Great Hall, you suddenly felt an arm encircle both you and Remus.

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  • Loras Tyrell: You’re doing it again.
  • Margaery Tyrell: What?
  • Loras Tyrell: That noise girls make when they see two gay guys together.
  • Renly Baratheon: Yeah, it’s the same annoying sound people make when they see cute animals dressed in human clothes.
  • Margaery Tyrell: “Ew.” “Gross.” “Barf.” Is that better?
  • Renly Baratheon: Much.
  • Disney in the 70s: we got a great idea for a movie: animals in medieval England wearing medieval clothes and acting like a human society. our main character can be a rogueish red fox who wears a green shirt.
  • Disney executives: beautiful.
  • Disney in the 2010s: we need to make a new movie that isn't frozen or a live action remake.
  • Disney in the 2010s:
  • Disney in the 2010s:
  • Disney in the 2010s:
  • Disney in the 2010s:
  • Disney in the 2010s: we got a great idea for a movie: animals in modern times wearing modern clothes and acting like a human society. our main character can be a rogueish red fox who wears a green shirt.
  • Disney executives: beautiful.
More than just a refusal to take part in violence against non-human animals for food, clothing, etc, veganism is a refusal to take part in the violence that affects society as a whole. Veganism works to expose and end the subtle indoctrination of industry in a capitalist society that wishes to desensitize humanity to the violence against the many for the gain of the few.
—  Joseph M. Smith
So About the Zootopia Trailer

A problem I have with this trailer is that not only does it hammer the point into your head (NO HUMANS JUST ANIMALS GOT IT), it treats seeing different kinds of animals wearing clothes living in a human society like it’s a new thing that we’ve never seen… “Be-fur.”

I mean, are we just going to pretend Robin Hood, The Great Mouse Detective, Chicken Little, Kung Fu Panda, and heck, every Mickey Mouse and Ducktales cartoon don’t exist? Not to mention that most of those were made by DISNEY, Kung Fu Panda excluded.
So YES, actually, we have seen this be-fur. 

More than just a refusal to take part in violence against non-human animals for food, clothing, etc, veganism is a refusal to take part in the violence that affects society as a whole. Veganism works to expose and end the subtle indoctrination of industry in capitalist society that wishes to desensitize humanity to the violence against the many for the gain of the few.
—  Joseph M. Smith

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Hello. Do you have any art advice? :) you have really awesome art btw.

Oh gosh thanks! 

hmmmm idk really, the best advice I could give is to draw as much as you can, you can study art all you want but if you don’t put what you learn to use you won’t get any better, so just keep drawing, use references as much as possible,

oh and don’t be afraid to draw something you don’t usually draw, try mixing it up every now and again, try different art styles, mediums, programs, poses, faces, bodies, clothes, colors, animals, human, machines , buildings, scenery, you may find some other things you like better

…well that’s all I have to say. Here are some helpful websites that I use

This one gives you a random poses to draw over 

Random Color Scheme Generator

Random Outfit Generator

Random Character Generator 

Another Character Generator 

Practice Drawing animals,human figures,faces,hands/feet

Gesture Drawings

Perspective Help(Plus other art tutorials)

I Can't Lose You // Hayes Grier

Warning: attempted suicide, depression

Just a little longer and it will all be over. Everything. I let one more tear slip down my face as I finished the note.
“I’m sorry,” I whispered out loud as I filled the palm of my hand with pills and swallowed them.

I saw a bright light, making me squint. Is this what heaven looks like? I opened my eyes more and after they properly focused, I realized I was, once again, in a hospital bed.
“Oh my god thank god,” I heard someone say from beside me, I turned and saw my boyfriend, Hayes.
“Hayes,” I said weakly.
“I love you so much,” he said as he leaned on me, holding my hand tightly in his.
“Why didn’t it work?” I asked, a tear sliding don my face.
“I’m happy it didn’t, why did you try?” he asked.
“Because everyone just says its a bad day but all my days are bad, I’m constantly sad and can’t get away from anything,” I said, still crying.
“Baby I’m so sorry,” he said.
“Are my parents here?” I asked, kind of wanting to change the subject, even though I knew it would go right back soon after.
“They went out to grab a few things, I think,” he shrugged.
“Y/N,” he said.
“Yeah?” I asked.
“I’m just so happy you’re here,” he said.
“I know you feel like everything’s terrible, but you’re strong. You can do this, I know you can. I don’t know what I would do without you, you’re my heart and soul. I, I don’t really know what to say but just think, I love you, your parents, friends, everyone. There must be something worth sticking around for, please just, stay with us, I can’t lose you,” he said as he began to sob. I had never seen Hayes cry before, and it shattered my heart. I wrapped my arm around him and began rubbing circles on his back as he cried. He pulled away and wiped his teary eyes.
“Sorry, I just,” he started before stopping himself and taking a deep breath and stopping his tears.
“Don’t cry over me, Hayes,” I whispered.
“How could I not? You mean everything to me? Even thinking about you not wanting to be here, how I almost lost you. It kills me knowing you’re in so much pain,” he said.
“It’s just, pretty much every day is a bad day and everything’s going wrong and I don’t see the point most days,” I said.
“The point is that there’s so many good things. You have people that love you, and won’t stop loving you. Little things I know you love like sunsets, or when people use your name at the end of a sentence, or when animals wear cute human clothes,” he said.
“You’re right, there is something worth sticking around for,” I smiled.
“You,” I finished.
“Baby, I’m not the only thing,” he denied, shaking his head.
“Hayes, you’re the most important person in my life,” I smiled.
“That means more to me than you’ll ever know, Y/N,” he said.
“I promise you that you’ll make it through, things will eventually turn up. You’re okay, I love you,” he whispered as he took my hands, another tear sliding down his face.
“I love you so much, Hayes, thank you,” I said as I leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips.
“Forever and always,” he smiled as he kissed my forehead.


Hey guys! I hope this imagine didn’t suck too bad, it’s pretty late here❤️ anywho, love you guys😘