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Masamune x Kyoichiro Twitter interview (3/3)

Shigezane: We’ve finally reached the last day! Kyoichiro reached out for Masamune’s eyepatch. Kojuro stopped him. What a disturbing development… Are interviews really supposed to be like this? Work hard, Masamune! Don’t lose!
Masamune: Shigezane, shut up.

Kojuro: Who are you, really?
Kyoichiro: I’m just a simple trader. …I have nothing to do with Ishikawa Goemon…
Masamune: ……you’re very fluffy.
Kojuro & Kyoichiro: !?

Kojuro: Lord Masamune, what on earth- A fox?
Kyoichiro: Raita! Did you follow me again?
Raita: Kon!
Masamune: I see, so you’re Raita. You have nice fur.
Raita: Kon kon!

Kyoichiro: Oh, it seems like you’re getting along well. Then it’s okay if you don’t come back to me, you know, Raita?
Raita: Kon……
Masamune: Ah……
Kyoichiro: What? I’m not going to be happy even if you cuddle up to me now.

Masamune: I guess I can’t win against his owner…
Kojuro: Lord Masamune, please pay it no mind…
Masamune & Kojuro & Kyoichiro: …!

Shigezane: Hey, hey, what’s this atmosphere? This is totally wrong! It shouldn’t be like this! Masamune, how can you throw the interview aside and play with Raita!?
Masamune: Ah, yeah…
Shigezane: Kyoichiro is finally showing his tsundere side, so you have to comment on that!!

Kyoichiro: Hang on a minute, I’m not a tsundere…
Shigezane: There we have it! That response in itself is tsundere!
Masamune: I’m glad. It seems that your hidden side has been exposed.
Kojuro: As expected of you, Lord Masamune.

Shigezane: No, no, no, it was all thanks to me, right!?
Masamune & Kojuro & Kyoichiro: How so?
Shigezane: Fine, already… But can you at least wrap up properly? Masamune, Kyoichiro!

Masamune: It’s been decided that my sequel route will have voice lines added to it. I want you to hear my thoughts and feelings… I’ll be waiting.
Kyoichiro: It seems that my route is finally going to be released. My secrets can’t be unraveled by someone as terrible at it as Masamune, but if you want to know, come to me.

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Could you draw Alistair? I really love how you draw him in those cheese wheel comics! It is very cute! Though for a bit more of a prompt, maybe him playing with some puppies? Or maybe Shale at a tea party that it's too big for?

This is super late but Alistair with puppies! Thank you so much for the prompts, anon! <3

I went into the Kyungsoo tag to look for some reference cause I wanted to draw Soo cuddling with a cat and then this happened..    

So here’s some very sketchy chansoo. I’m tired..

Baby Too Soon

One-Shot request: Riley looking at Lucas with a child. I don’t know exactly what you had in mind, but this is what came to me. I hope it’s okay. 

update on chapter 2 of The Road Trip: I have one more scene to write. I’m struggling to find the words. It will be up to night, but really really late. 

It’s Monday evening and Maya and I are pacing my bedroom, my heart ready to explode. How did I get here? I’m a senior in high school, a few months away from graduation. I shouldn’t be in this situation. We were always safe, at least that’s what I thought. The two minutes seem to never end, but soon the buzzer goes off on my phone. Maya and I look at each other.

I slowly walk over my desk and pick up the little stick. I can feel my heart rate increase by the second. My eyes slowly look down, and that’s when I see two little pink lines staring back at me. I slowly walk over to the bay window not once looking up. I can hear Maya voice, but not her words.

“Riles,” she shakes my shoulders, and I’m shake my head softly.

“I’m, I’m pregnant,” I whisper. “What am I going to do? I’m still in high school with college right around the corner.”

“There are other options,” she says in a hush tone.

I shake my head, “No. I can’t. This is my baby. Mine and Lucas’,” my eyes widen. “Lucas. What about him? What if he doesn’t want this baby? What if he leaves?” Maya laughs, “This isn’t finny!”

“Sorry I thought you were joking,” she looks at me, and I roll my eyes. “Oh, you’re serious. You don’t realize how much he loves you, do you? Huckleberry is nuts about you. Don’t even get me started on the way he stares at you like you’re this goddess sent from above.”

I giggle softly as tears form in my eyes, “I’m scared, Maya.” She drapes her arm around my shoulder and pulls me closer.

“It’ll be okay. But you do need to tell Lucas. Your parents too,” my eyes widen, “but I would start with Lucas.”

“Riley?” I hear my dad yell from the hallway, and I shove the pregnancy test behind my back just as he walks in.

“Yes, dad?”

He looks at me, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I blink back a few tears before they can fall.

“Mrs. Benson from down the hall is on the phone, she wants know if you can babysit Caroline this Saturday.”

I nod, “Yeah, that’s fine.”

“Okay, well I’ll go ahead and tell her.” My dad leaves the room, and I reach to grab the stick.

My eyes stay glued to it, “I’m really pregnant.”

“You are,” Maya says, “But you aren’t alone. You’ll have me, Lucas, your parents. It’ll be okay.”I let it all soak in. This is real. I’m going to have a baby.

The rest of the week I do whatever I can to avoid everyone, but mostly Lucas. I’m scared to see him because I know I’ll let it spill, and despite what Maya said I don’t know how he is going to react. I’m scared that I’ll lose him, so for now I’ll pretend like nothing is going on.

Saturday comes, and I walk over to the Benson’s apartment. I’m actually excited to watch Caroline, she is just the cutest two-year-old. I lift my hand to knock on the door and a few second later a tall blonde brown eyed man opens the door.

“Riley, come in,” he steps back making room for me to walk inside.

“Hi, Mr. Benson,” I look around, “Where’s Caroline?”

“She’s right here,” I turn to see Mrs. Benson wearing a black knee length dress holding Caroline on her hip.

“Ri-ey!” Caroline shouts and Mrs. Benson sets her down and she runs to me.

I lift her up and spin, “Hi sweet Caroline.”

Mrs. Benson laughs walking over, “She loves you. We’ll be-“ she looks at the open door, and Mr. Benson and I follow her gaze.

“Luke!” Caroline wiggles out of my grasp, and runs towards Lucas and he picks her up.

“Hi Caroline,” he laughs and looks up, “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Benson.”

“I didn’t know you’d be helping Riley tonight,” Mr. Benson says.

“I just needed to tell her something, but I can leave,” he pulls Caroline off him and sets her on the ground.

Mr. Benson and Mrs. Benson laugh, “No it’s fine. Come in. Caroline seems to have taken a liking to you to,” Mrs. Benson says.

Mr. Benson picks Caroline up and gives her a kiss as does Mrs. Benson, “We love you. Be good for Riley and Lucas,” Mrs. Benson says and Mr. Benson sets her down.

“You two be good too,” Mr. Benson teases Lucas and me.

“Of course,” I say as Lucas laughs.

Mr. Benson walks out with Mrs. Benson right behind. “Oh,” she turns around, “she already ate, but might want a snack. We’ll be back around ten. If you need to get a hold of us, we have both of our phones. She might stay up a little later than normal, since someone here put her down for her nap late and let her sleep longer than usual,” she looks at Mr. Benson and he laughs.

After they leave, Caroline runs to her room and I try to follow her, but Lucas pulls me back.

“Why have you been ignoring me?” he asks.

I tilt my head slightly, “I haven’t. I’ve been busy with my senior portfolio, and studying for my physics final. You know how much I struggle with science.”

His eyes drop, “And that’s how I know your avoiding me. That’s the one subject I always help you in. Ar-are you going to break up with me?” he stutters.

My eyes widen, and I cup his face, “Lucas Friar, I am not breaking up with you!” I say forcefully. “You’re one of the best things to ever happen to me,” I drop my hands and wrap my arms around his neck, “I love you.”

He blushes slightly, he always does when I say those three little words, “Will you talk to me about what’s bothering you?”

I sigh, “I will just not right now. Right now, we are supposed to be babysitting.” I move to pull away, but he pulls me closer.

“I love you, too,” he presses his lips against mine, and I melt into his arms. We pull away slowly when we here a thump coming from Caroline’s room, Lucas sprints to her with me right behind him.

When I finally reach her room, I see Lucas on his knees with her little arms wrapped around him. I hear Caroline’s soft cries as Lucas sooths her.

“She hit her head on her table.”

I walk over and get down to their level, “Are you okay, Caroline?” I ask rubbing her back.

“Sweet Caroline,” she sniffles and I laugh lightly.

“Of course, are you okay sweet Caroline?” she nods. She slowly unlatches herself from Lucas.

“We play?” Lucas and I nod, and she smiles. She runs around her room grabbing her favorite stuffed animals; a giraffe, an elephant, and frog that is the biggest of the three.

She hands Lucas the elephant, me the giraffe, and she keeps the frog for herself. Lucas started helping me babysit her a few months ago, and she gives us the same animals each time. We sit around her tea table and I chuckle to myself every time I see Lucas sitting in the little chair.

He doesn’t know that I was listening to the talk Auggie gave him about not hurting me. I was leaning on the wall besides the door and I peaked in so I can get one look at Lucas.

We pretend we’re the animals having a tea party. I don’t know how we started doing this, but it’s the first thing we do whether it’s the three of us, or just me and Caroline. When she gets too excited, it’s hard to understand her; however, it’s extremely adorable. We play this for an hour when I hear my phone ring from the living room, and I excuse myself to go and answer it.


Riles, have you told him?

Shh! He’s in the other room.

Maya laughs. We’re on the phone and in a different room from Huckleberry; he isn’t going to hear anything.

He thought I was going to break up with him. Can you believe that? I hear a sigh come from her.

I can. You’ve been going out of your way and ignoring him. You can’t pretend anymore, you need to tell him. He deserves to know.

“AAAAH! Ri-ey help!” Caroline laughs as she runs into the living room with Lucas chasing after her and I laugh.

Maya, I have to go. I chuckle.

Tell him.

I will. Bye peaches. I hang up the phone and place it down on the table.

I watch as Lucas chases her around the sofa pretending to be a monster, and her laughter fills the apartment. I can’t help but think of how great of a day he’s going to be. I always pictures Lucas and I having a future together and him being the father to my children; the children part is just going to happen a lot sooner than I had hoped for.

Caroline runs up to me, wraps her arms around my leg, and sticks her tongue out at Lucas, “You can’t get me. Ri-ey safe!”

Lucas laughs, “She is. Riley won’t let anything happen to you,” he looks at me and smiles.

I run my hand over her head, “Do you want a snack?” she nods. “Okay, c’mon.” She grabs my hand, and we walk to the kitchen.

I move to the refrigerator and grab an applesauce pouch. She loves these. Lucas picks her up and set her down on one of the stools, and I hand her the pouch. I cut up two apples for Lucas and I and grab the caramel dip. The two of them talk amongst each other, and I’m so in awe by the two of them that I can’t focus on what is being said.

“Are you okay?” Lucas laughs as he asks me.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I smile. I look at the time that displays on the oven, “Caroline,” I look at her just as she yawns, “I think it’s time for bed,” she nods tiredly, and I turn to Lucas, “Do you mind putting her down, she’s already in her pajamas, I just need to clean up here?”

He shakes his head, “Not at all.” He stands up and grabs her, “Say goodnight to Riley.”

“Night Ri-ey,” she waves at me with a smile on her face over Lucas shoulders. I wash the few dishes that I dirtied and wipe down the counters so it isn’t sticky.

After fifteen minutes, I’m moving down the hall to her room. I can hear Lucas’ voice and butterflies awake in my stomach. His reading brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? Her favorite. It’s a short book, but reading it with her makes it longer. Every animal she has to tell whoever is readying it to her how the animal is her favorite and why.

When I get to her door, I stand in doorway and watch them. Caroline is trying her best to stay away, but I don’t think she’ll make it to the end of the book.

“Back sheep, black sheep, what do you see?” Lucas reads, and just like I predicted Caroline has fallen asleep. He laughs and slowly gets lifts himself off her bed making sure not to wake him. He sets the book down on the dresser. “Goodnight Caroline, have sweet dreams just like you,” he whispers stroking her hair and my heart warms with happiness.

It’s not just the two of us sitting on the couch. I don’t know why I’m so nervous right now, but I am. My heart is beating a mile per minute. He clears his throat, and I look at him, “You’ve been in Rileytown all evening,” he says with a slight smirk.


“You’ve been staring at me and Caroline. Are you thinking of the future we’re going to have someday?” A blush washes over me, and he laughs. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, I think about it all the time,” he grabs my hand interlocking our fingers.

“How did I get so lucky?” I say staring into his eyes.

He laughs, “I think I’m the lucky one, but we can agree to disagree,” we both laugh.

“Lucas, I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?” curiosity fills his voice.

I take a deep breath and exhale. I open my mouth, but the front door opens. Mr. and Mrs. Benson are home early from their night out. I tell them about Caroline’s little accident, but Lucas assures the two that she is okay. We talk for a few minutes and they thank us for watching Caroline, before Lucas and I leave.

Once we are out in the hallway, I look at Lucas, “Do you want to go to the roof and talk?”

“I’ll never say no to talking to you,” he smiles coyly at me, and my heart flutters.

Once we’re up there, he moves to sit on the bench but I walk over to the edge and look out into the city. I need to tell him, but I’m scared of what’s going to happen between us.

“Riles,” I feel his arms wrap around me from behind, and I lean into his body, “What’s on your mind?”

“Lucas, I’m,” I turn around to face him. I open my mouth to finish, but the word doesn’t come out. I try three times, but nothing comes out. My face drops, but he lifts my head up and gazes into my eyes.

“Whatever it is, you can tell me. I’m not going anywhere. No matter what.”

I take a deep breath, “I’m pregnant,” I whisper as my eyes move to the ground. His breath hitches, and I wait for him to say something, but he doesn’t. “I don’t know how this happened, I thought we were safe. I understand if you don’t-“

“Stop right there,” he cuts me off. “I’m not going anywhere. Yeah, I’m shocked right now, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to run away from this,” his grip around me tightens, “I love you, and I’m going to be there.” Tears starts to form in my eyes. “Is that why you were watching me with Caroline?”

I nod, “You’re going to make an amazing dad,” he smiles. I take a deep breath, “Lucas, I’m scared.”

“So am I. The timing isn’t ideal, but it’ll be okay. We’ll be okay. There are a lot of things that we are going to have to figure out, but we will.” I bury my face into the crock of his neck. Silence surrounds us and for the time being everything feel like it’s going to be okay.

I pull away slowly, “I just don’t know how this happened.”

He smirks, “I have an idea,” he pauses and I search my mind. He waits for it to click for me, but it doesn’t. “Remember last month, when I borrowed my dad’s truck? You wanted to go star gazing, so we drove out of the city for night and laid in the back-“

Everything clicks, “And things got carried away,” I cut him off, and he smirks with a wink.

We stay on the roof a little bit longer talking about everything. We move over to the bench. He wraps his arm around me, and I lean into him. We’re trying to figure out what we are going to do about college, how we’re going to raise the baby. Then it comes the topic I’ve been dreading most; how are we going to tell our parents.

“When do you want to tell them?” he asks hesitantly.

I take a deep breath, “Tomorrow. Keeping this a secret for a week was hard enough. I don’t think I can do it much longer.” I look up at him, “Who are you most scared to tell?”

“Your dad. I’m going to lose a lot more than a shoe,” we both laugh, but that quickly fades. I know he’s scared, I’m scared. We’re both young.

“Lucas, are we being unrealistic about this? I mean this is a baby. It’s going to be hard. Our parents are going to disappointed in us, college is going to be difficult. Life was hard, but this is just going to make it even more difficult.”

Lucas takes a deep breath, “Maybe we are, but we’ll get through everything. This child is going to test a lot of things for us, like our relationship. But we just have to stick together.”

“I love you, Lucas.”

“And I love you,” he kisses the top of my head, “Everything is going to be okay. I promise.”     

God bless the queen and the president and the capitalist hierarchy and the promoters of all the shitty stuff that goes wrong in everybody’s life because of me, satan
and the gipsy blue blood by birth anarchy
god bless

God bless the poor for not having enough time to ponder on whats wrong with the world nowadays and not only, please don’t let me start roll the dice
betting on inquisition
or the medieval era
god bless

God bless the church and the brutal mankind for keeping busy in the kitchen the woman for enough time to let her
never forget and for the increased raping
of the subdued aka the same woman
while being old or young at age
it doesn’t matter
god bless

God bless the hundreds of kids falling asleep like kettle together in crowded bedrooms in boarding schools
but still alone with no one to love them
to take care of them to show them
how to wash properly or how
to manage the dark
when they are scared
like shit screaming
with no one to hear
as they are raped
till all bones are
cracked by
the older kids
even teachers
god bless them all

God bless the totalitarian ideologies for the wars and the killings and the suicides and the heroes
and the widowed tears ruining the face
of the same beaten by faith
you faithful woman
god bless you

God bless the chickens and the cows and the torture and the rabbit shit holes and all the innocent animals
having a gothic party inside our bellies
god bless the green fairies
and the poisoned mushrooms too

God bless my mother for dying while I was sweet 14 and for leaving me in the foster hands of my borrowed parents
who looked great fucking it up
the first half of my goddamn life
god bless them too.

God bless the weather in Paraguay or Uruguay for being hot like hell in winter and cold like a myth
in the soft summer days
god bless the rain
like always.

God bless my friends who borrowed money from me and never returned any penny because they thought fuck her
shes anyway wealthier than the king Cresus crown.
Well, my dear ones, I’m reach but not in the way
you think im and
god bless us all.

In the end I guess Only God Forgives truly


This is a long read but it is worth every single letter. Please read and be educated on how the current outdated U.S immigration system disenfranchises immigrants (particular immigrants of south Asian or middle eastern descent who try to gain documented status in the U.S through legal channels).

1. How old were you when you came to the United States? Tell us a little about when you first realized that you were undocumented and what that meant for you.

My story is complicated. We arrived in the U.S. from Pakistan when I was two years old, after I was diagnosed with leukemia. At the time, Pakistani hospitals didn’t provide quality care for children with cancer. As a result, my aunt, an American citizen, arranged for me and my mom to come to the U.S. on a medical visa. I received medical treatment and recovered in the U.S., but relapsed when I was four. My mom and I decided to stay in the U.S. in order for me to receive another round of treatment.

During my treatment, my father was offered sponsorship for an employment visa in the U.S. My father and sister joined us in the U.S., and the company filed the application on behalf of my entire family. The application was underway when 9/11 happened, which resulted in a major delay in many immigration cases; we waited years and years to hear back. When we did, my father’s employment visa was “arbitrarily” denied.

We then applied for asylum based on religious persecution, specifically because of the widespread oppression of Ahmadi Muslims such as my family members in Pakistan. Based upon this history, Ahmadis are often recipients of asylum. Unfortunately, our case was denied by a Houston judge with a high rejection rate. At this point, I was attending the University of Texas-Austin (UT-Austin), so my family decided to stay and appeal our asylum case since we believed we had a good chance of winning.

In November 2010, my sophomore year at UT-Austin, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers raided our home in Houston and placed my parents in detention. Having my parents suddenly ripped from me was traumatizing. I was terrified for our family and the uncertainty of what lay ahead. That’s when I learned that our attorney never filed our appeal after my parents’ asylum case was denied; we were out of status. He lied and told us that he had filed the appeal, but when we confronted him and requested proof of the filing, he stopped communicating with us. Because our appeal wasn’t filed, an order of deportation was entered against us. I didn’t realize until that moment that we were undocumented.  We did everything we were supposed to do, but it wasn’t enough.

My parents were released from the detention center one month later, but were forced to wear ankle bracelets to monitor their movements for six months after their release. During this period my sister and I were monitored through ICE’s Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP). Through ISAP, we received random automated calls which, when not answered after three rings, alerted immigration officers who would then call demanding to know our whereabouts. Though we continued to attend school, it was very hard for me to engage in classes and feel like a normal student. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and campus life knowing that my family could be torn apart at any moment.

After six months, my family was allowed to remain in the U.S. together until my sister and I finished school. I filed for DACA in April 2013, one month before graduation, and was granted DACA status in December 2013. Unfortunately, because I waited so much longer than the anticipated time to receive DACA, I had to turn down several job offers.

2. What have been the biggest barriers for you in achieving your dreams because of your undocumented status? How has DACA changed that?

The biggest barriers for me have been pursuing academic and career opportunities. In high school, I wanted to attend college outside of Texas in order to have access to courses of study unavailable in the University of Texas system. Unfortunately, I didn’t qualify for financial aid because I didn’t have a green card or citizenship. I continued to face limitations at UT-Austin due to my status, including that I was excluded from a prestigious White House internship because it was only available to those with a green card or citizenship. Even during the process of applying for DACA, I was not given any information about the status of my application. During the eight months I waited for my DACA application to be approved, I had to give up countless job opportunities and internships because I was unsure of if or when my status would be granted. I was in perpetual limbo.

Having DACA status has definitely improved my situation. I have more independence: I can work, get a driver’s license, and I am able to live my life without fear. However, most government internships and jobs beyond entry-level require at least a green card, so my DACA status doesn’t make me eligible for those positions. DACA status also creates complications for mixed-status families like mine; my parents still face uncertainty. I am incredibly grateful for my DACA status, but often feel guilty about being able to stay in the U.S. I constantly worry that my parents will be deported and taken from me.

3. What is your happiest or most vivid childhood memory?

I was a very imaginative little kid, but also very thorough and detail-oriented. I remember planning out and orchestrating these very grand tea parties with a huge, fancy table spread. I lined up all of my dolls and stuffed animals as guests. Having tea parties was a big part of my childhood and provided a much-needed distraction from reality. As a child living with cancer and constantly in-between treatments, it offered me a space to escape to a magical world where everything was perfect and I was in control.

4. Where do you see yourself in ten years? How would that change if you had status or citizenship?

I don’t know where I will be in ten years. My DACA status may not be renewed, or my parents could be deported. All of these unknown factors make it hard for me to plan long-term.

If I am still in the U.S. in ten years, I would love to be a lobbyist on technology policy at a big firm. If I was granted citizenship, I could rise above an entry-level position, get the required security clearance, travel, and advance my career to be able to support my family. Being granted a green card or citizenship would also give me access to health care under the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA), which is currently not accessible to DACA recipients, but is critical for people with a history of life-threatening illness.

5. What is one thing that no one knows about you or your most marked characteristic?

My most marked characteristic is that I am very articulate and am known for using sharp language to support my arguments. I am often chosen to be the spokesperson for my group. Whenever my friends have ideas in their heads and are unsure of how to frame an issue, they come to me and I help them work through it.

6. If you could ask one question of President Obama, what would it be?

How can you support immigration reform but not place a moratorium on deportation or provide relief for people who are not DACAmented? What about their parents and families? What about the millions of people living in the U.S. who are not eligible for DACA? Why are you tearing families apart?

7. What is your favorite quote?

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

8. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your experience in the United States?

I would like people to reflect on the concept of “belonging” and remember that many undocumented people have lived in the U.S. for most of their lives. They consider America their home. They have no other place to go—many can’t speak the language in their country of birth or no longer have family or other connections there. They continue to build community ties, contribute to the economy, and participate in American society. To tell people that they don’t belong in the U.S. is just not fair. There is no pathway to legalization for most undocumented immigrants; they are victims of an outdated system.

things that make you happy

watching live cams of baby animals

having a dance party with my mum

Living Light Blog




my dog

getting good grades

learning new languages

seeing other people happy

taking walks in nature




hearing kittens purr

plants and gardens

meeting new people

helping others


looking at the stars


hugging my dog

seeing people embrace themselves


when strangers are kind

when my best friend shows me I am important to her



inspiring quotes

chirping of birds

the way birds fly

my grandparents garden

when someone likes the present you gave them




letting go of your problems




when children smile at you

my bed

seeing people I love laughing

eating fruit



seeing animals playing

sitting outside and listening to nature


donating money to charity

watching the sky at night

drinking coffee in the morning

being awake before everyone else

making myself a healthy dinner

when my cat sleeps next to me



warm days after the long Winter

being alone but knowing that you’re not lonely


a cup of tea

peanut butter

the smell of freshly cut grass


Tim Burton movies

the Franco brothers

new clothes

feeling at peace with myself


the smell of vanilla


a good book


seeing friends after a long time

long train journeys on empty trains

reaching goals

reading mangas

a sweet message from my boyfriend



being alone

going outside in the middle of a very stormy night and listening to the wind


LUSH products



snuggling up with a hot water bottle

looking through positive blogs

warm chocolate on a cold day

getting letters from friends

looking at the sky

my lover

good vibes

cooking with my family

when the sun shines

good hair days

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Knock knock

3. My character walking in on yours having a tea party with stuffed animals.

Pursha walked into one of the private rooms at the Shadow Isles Library to find Kirtasen at a table with stuffed animals having a tea party. |So, you look to be slightly to old to be doing this.“ She jokingly says as she walks to sit beside him.