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I would just like to say that watching bnha 2.1 after finding your blog was almost like paranoia "is that a ship moment?? What about that!? Oh and them! They said words to each other!is this the start of love???" (I've not read the manga yet and I feel s1 was a little lacking in ship fuel)

LMAO this is the best ask I’ve ever gotten oh my god I’m laughing - don’t worry anon, I don’t actively ship any crack ships in bnha and all the ones that haven’t happened yet start happening during the sports fest (reason #1 why it’s one of my favorite arcs), you’re not too far away from seeing The Goods™ 👍👍👍

Anon said:  I got a pretty bad concussion in a fight earlier this week so I’ve been barred from class and generally cooped up but plus side is I’m now completely caught up on the BNHA manga! Now I’ll get to experience your art in real time! Love your work!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I’m so happy to hear that, I hope you really enjoyed it, anon!!!!! Sorry about the concussion though, I hope it isn’t giving you problems and that you’ll get better asap!! 💕💕

Anon said:  IWA’S ARMS HOLY R I P P E D B O Y

He’s canon jacked after all!!!!! God I’m so weak for Iwaizumi I feel everyone in Seijou a lot

Anon said: Ahh hi it’s polykid, I haven’t sent an ask in ages oh boy,,, I was just wondering if you have any poly ships in voltron??? The way you draw them is super cute I love ahh

WELP as I said as far as Lance’s happy I’ll ship anything, but as far as polyships go my faves are with Ketih and Hunk AND the garrison trio !!! Both ships are so damn good tbh~ and thank you!!!!! *O*

Anon said:  I kind of ship Sun Eater and Red Riot. What the actual fuck.

TBH I DON’T BLAME YOU I guess you might say I somewhat ship it too? But I’m general super weak for senpai/kouhai kind of relationships and Kirishima acting as Jiki’s personal motivator was just so pure???? It’s giving me all the sibilings feels TBH a bit like Deku and Mirio I’m very very glad for this new relationship please horikoshi let amajiki be fine

Anon said:  So… that colorpage for BHNA though…. LOOK AT MY SHY SON. IM DED

I KNOW RIGHT OH MY GOD HE’S SO GOOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH please horikoshi seriously let him be fineee

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hi! may i ask what your favorite colors are? also ur fav animals ?

hi! for a good 4 years whenever anyone would ask what my fav color was i’d say rainbow cause i thought i was being cute and rebellious gay and also giving all the colors time 2 shine in my heart,, but i’ve been pink for a while and before that purple except my best friend was just telling me about how she feels really connected with green now and im like ilysb i wanna be green too.. so those and yellow’s my guy too 

it’s really hard to choose a favorite animal but i’ll say ive never been one of those people whose wildly obsessed with some random animal in the wild,, i’m lame but i favor animals i’ve actually been able to interact with, so domestic pets. i’d have to say its between rabbits and cats because those are the two closest relationships ive had with any animal


 KH Secret Santa gift for @tinyshoopuf!!

Drew Sora with a hypothetical Wolf Link summon; hope you enjoy! ;v;

“What a small world.”

Strictly Professional

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A/N: YES I KNOW ITS BEEN EONS BUT IM FINALLY UPDATING!!! I’m sorry if this is kinda boring but it will get interesting soon, I hope:) The other fic should be uploaded soon, but I have lots to think about for that one. This fic is 100% mine and written by me! No I do not own JDM, sadly. Also, let me know if you want to be tagged! Enjoy! 

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan AU X Reader

Warnings: None that I know of (please let me know if there are) 

Word Count: 1,416 

Tags: @a-queen-and-her-throne 

Chapter Two: 

The bell rang, signaling the end of the first day. You stood at the door and instructed the kids to form a quiet single file line. After they all were lined up, you all walked to the cafeteria so that the kids could sit and wait for their parents. Another teacher took everyone who had to ride the bus outside so that you could stay and make sure that all of your kids get picked up. You weren’t as scared and dreadful of talking to the parents this time, since the morning of the first day is usually when it’s the most hectic. Most parents didn’t even talk to you when they picked up their child, since most of the time they were both eager to go home. But fortunately, Amelia had really become fond of you, and didn’t mind talking to you about how much she loved school already. Even though you didn’t like to choose favorites, Amelia was definitely one of them. She was always so kind and well-mannered, and loved to play well with others. And her happy spirit seemed to spread to whoever she was talking to at the moment. “Ms. Y/L/N, you’re the best teacher ever!”, Amelia said to you. You laughed at her and said, “I’m your first teacher, Amelia! And I’m your only teacher this year, you can’t say that yet!”. “I know but you’re still the best!”. She had the best and funniest ways of lifting your spirits. “Oh look, my dad’s here!”, she said before running to him. Your eyes followed and met with his in an intense stare. Why did he have to be so gorgeous? You smiled at them as he picked her up and spun her around in a tight hug. You could tell she was telling him about her first day by the way her face lit up and how excited she was. 

Once he set her down, he pointed to one of her friends and she ran to them, and then he started walking towards you. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod. “Hey Y/N! So, how was your second first day?”, he said, close enough to you that you could see every detail of his perfect face. “Hello Jeffrey! It actually went pretty well, everyone today seemed to love school so far”. “Well I’m sure that having you as a teacher helped lift their spirits”, he said with a sparkling wink. Is this man trying to make you faint? “So, how was Amelia today? I hope she was on her best behavior, sometimes she gets a little too hyper and it can be difficult to calm her down”. “Oh don’t worry, she was fine. Actually, she was more than fine. She is one of my best students. She is the most well-behaved and kind child I have ever seen. And she is certainly the happiest!”, Jeffrey broke into the brightest smile at your words. “Thank you so much, you have no idea what hearing that means to me. Being a single dad is tough and you’ve just reassured me that I’m doing everything right, so thank you!”, he smiled at you and held your hands again. Good grief, how could someone’s hands be so soft and rough at the same time. You started to think of possibilities of his hands going elsewhere before you scolded yourself to be professional. “Stop worrying Jeffrey, you’ve raised a wonderful daughter”. He smiled and stared down at you with his intense eyes, creating a little bit of tension between you two. You weren’t even sure exactly what kind of tension it was. Just then, Amelia ran up to you both, breaking the spell as she said, “Hey daddy, Anna left and gave me this flower she drew, see it?”. “Oh wow, that’s a very pretty flower! Did you thank her for it?”. “Of course I did!”, she laughed at Jeffrey, as if it was even a question. “Can we go home now? I want to eat my soup!”. Jeffrey laughed back at her and said, “Yes we can go, say goodbye to Ms. Y/L/N first though”. She ran up to you and hugged you tight and said, “Goodbye Ms.Y/L/N, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”. You hugged her back and told her, “And I can’t wait to see you either!”. Jeffrey smiled at the two of you in a hug, “Aw, look at my two favorite girls”. You blushed at his statement and Amelia pulled away to say, “As long as I’m your most favorite, right daddy?”. “Mmm, I don’t know, Ms.Y/L/N might have you beat”, he teased at Amelia. You and Jeffrey both laughed as she just stood there and pouted. “Oh come on Amelia, you know you’ll always be my favorite girl”. She smiled and ran into Jeffrey’s arms, making him laugh and almost fall over. “Well, we’ll see you tomorrow Y/N!”, he said while picking up Amelia. “Goodbye guys, have a good day!”, you waved at Amelia as she waved to you, Jeffrey winking at you before he left. Good God, how were you supposed to survive an entire year with him? 

After cleaning the classroom and talking to Mrs.Sanchez for a while, you couldn’t wait to finally get home and relax. Once you got home, you put on your most comfortable pajamas, poured yourself a glass of wine, and lay on the couch to catch up on some TV shows you loved to watch. You heard your phone ring and picked it up to see it was your best friend, Lilly. “Hey Lilly, what’s up?”. “So, how was the first day?”, she questioned, seeming to be a little too excited. “Well hello to you too! And it was pretty good, I didn’t have a mental breakdown or anything, so it was definitely better than last year”. “Good! And how are the kids? None of them are too bratty, are they?”. It amazed you how much Lilly just absolutely loved children. “No Lilly, the children are just fine. Most of them are the sweetest little things ever! Especially this one little girl I have, she’s just so happy all the time that it makes me happy!”. “Well I’m glad you’re having fun, we picked up three more cats today, which means three times more sneezing for me. Why did I even want to work in an animal shelter?”. “Because you love animals and have a big heart. Come on, you’re around animals all day. How is your job not the best?”. “Why don’t you come down here and clean up the kennels yourself?”, she let out laugh, “No, I’m only joking. I do love working here. Especially since this hot guy just started working here, he really makes it even better!”. “Hmm, I don’t think your boyfriend would enjoy hearing that very much”, you teased. “I only said he was hot, I didn’t say I would date him! And what about you? Have you seen any hot dads yet?”. Instantly, you could feel the heat in your body rush to your cheeks. She hadn’t even said his name, yet his face wouldn’t leave your mind. You didn’t want to tell her and give her the satisfaction though. “No, I haven’t seen any”, but once the sentence left you, you could tell that she wouldn’t buy it. “Y/N, are you lying to me? You know I can see, or hear, right through you, right?”. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”. “You are! Oh my God, you must have a huge crush on him then. Please take a picture of him and send it to me! Wait, tell me his name so I can look him up”. “No! I am not taking a picture of him or giving you his name!”. “Fine, then I guess I’ll have to come to your school and find him myself!”. “Alright, just remember that there will be tons of children here”. “Oh, that’s right. My evil plan has failed. Oh Dave just bought some Chinese food home, I gotta go. Bye Y/N!”. “Bye!”, you laughed, she sure loved herself some Chinese food. After going through some of your TV shows, you looked at the time and realized it was 11:00pm. You turned the TV off and headed to the kitchen to eat a quick dinner. Once you finished eating, you went straight to your bedroom where you could finally drift off into a nice, peaceful sleep.




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I'd love to hear about your Feuilly/Bahorel headcanons Rebecca :3

Elise, somehow I always though this day would come. This is a very broad and vague request so here are the ones that come to me off the top of my head.

  • Bahorel braids Feuilly’s hair sometimes when they are having spa nights.
  • Spa nights are totally a thing and were initiated by Bahorel to make sure Feuilly actually relaxes on his nights off. They usually include facials, lotions, painting each others toenails, and trading off on massages while watching Legally Blonde.
  • On the off chance that Feuilly has a weekend off, they will pack a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon lounging in the sunshine, Feuilly with a book and Bahorel usually just naps.
  • Feuilly bringing vague painted signs to Bahorel’s boxing matches like “HIT HIM” or “JUST DO IT” with Shia LaBeouf’s face on it. 
  • Bahorel regularly punching people when they make comments about his gay relationship while Feuilly just rolls his eyes and sweet talks the police into letting Bahorel go. 
  • Feuilly painting elaborate landscapes on Bahorel’s vast landscape of a body and Bahorel returning the favor with graffiti tags and penis’
  • Bahorel sarcastically yelling “THAT’S MY BOY” whenever Feuilly does something moderately successful. 
  • Bahorel telling Feuilly to hold his flower when he gets into bar fights. Even if he has no flower.
  • Feuilly making Bahorel order them fancy girly drinks all the time because it’s hilarious to see everyone at the bar’s reaction. 
  • Bahorel bringing in stray pets all the time and Feuilly is always tripping over random animals, but doesn’t have the heart to kick them out because he knows what it’s like to be alone in the world but now he has found his home, and hopes these animals will soon too. 
  • Bahorel who hates mushrooms and picks them off and puts them on Feuilly’s plate. 
  • Feuilly being obsessed with super hipster bands and Bahorel constantly trying to sneak Nicki Minaj on to his ipod so he can laugh his ass off at Feuilly’s reaction.

I was going through stuff and found the other heartless gif I’d made!  I never posted it.  I had a ton of fun with these.  

Mental Note: Always make keys!  I straight-aheaded both heartless animations and then wasted a bunch of time re-sizing it all.


So I forgot to mention that I got myself some marimos yesterday!

I’m so happy, they’re honestly some of the cutest things ever (besides cats obviously)

I need help naming them though, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

I feel like random animals tend to just naturally gravitate towards Feuilly like he’s their mom, and every couple of weeks he comes home from work with yet another random cat on his heels

and then one day Feuilly opens his door and a stray Bahorel is just kind of sitting there covered in like four cats and a couple of dogs and for some reason a duck

and Feuilly just stares for a good five minutes before turning around and just. Leaving.



The studio that worked on Princess and the Frog, on Tangled, on Wreck-It Ralph, on Frozen (bear with me), and Big Hero 6. Is now working with Square Enix on Kingdom Hearts 3. The people who gave us those stories that so many people loved and love and means so much to so many helping with Kingdom Hearts 3.

And do you guys realize

How much

Disney must care about Kingdom Hearts 3

To let Disney fucking Animated Studios work on it? To take the time that could be spent on making more movies (and you know there are plenty out there that they’re working on) to instead help make the worlds we’ve come to know and love even greater?

I don’t know about you all but that’s really fucking exciting.

The most exciting thing I’ve heard all day.

i got a cat and named him simba and he literally fell in love with his name twin,  they treat my bed like pride rock and my kitten wants to take his new bff everywhere now

if you’re a hedgehog!kaner fan, you should go read altri-ucelli’s new k/t fic - find out what it means to me !