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This is probably the most important book I’ve ever read. It’s what opened my eyes and helped me make the choice to become vegan, and I think everyone needs to read it. It’s so, so important to know what food your putting in your body and how it got to your plate. I highly encourage everyone to give this book a try.

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What did you think of the women's marches across the globe yesterday? I have been very inspired by your work advocating for animal rights and your energy has inspired me to advocate for women's rights in the US. I marched in Washington D.C., and at one point, a pro-life protester yelled at me, "abortion is murder". I turned around and said, "do you eat animals?" And the man was awestruck, as if it never occurred to them that if a life is a life, an animals life is significant as well.

Haha this is amazing! You are amazing ❤❤


“When you eat too much food and then instantly regret it”

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Picture by Yellowstone Wolf Project

495M of the Mollie’s pack stands over his bison prey. When he ws collared he weighed 143 pounds, making him one of the largest wolves to be radio collared in YNP. 

Here is a picture of 495M and volunteer Erin Albers to show just how big he was!