animals do shakespeare

Shakespeare Aesthetics - Nick Bottom (as requested by @nick-bottom)

I see their knavery:

                   this is to make an ass of me

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( inspired by a conversation with fiftysevenacademics) I hope some other crazy shakesbird out there will enjoy this. For me, life is too short not to have an all Corvid Hamlet fancast. Please stay tuned for Owlthello. (All pics are by my dad, as usual)

Hamlet-American Crow (upper right corner)

Gertrude- Blue Jay (upper left corner)

Polonius-Yellow billed Magpie (center right)

Ghost of Hamlet Sr.-Common Raven (center left)

Claudius- Fish Crow (middle, second down)

Ophelia- Western Jay (middle, center)

Laertes-Steller’s Jay (middle, top)

Horatio-Gray Jay (bottom right corner)

Rosencrantz &Guildenstern-Green Jays (middle, bottom two)

Fortinbras - Clark’s nutcracker (bottom left corner)