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anonymous asked:

Could you possibly list some examples of disorganized thought / speech?

theres thought disorder TD and theres formal thought disorder FTD but dont understand how theyre different except for that formal thought disorder is about form

“this bliss its a miss, the mice diss, they kiss” this is clang association which is a flight of ideas, clanging is where words connect but only through sounds and not meaning

“your dress is frilly! my wedding dress was frilly, my wedding had flowers, i have a garden with roses and lilies and frogs. the rainforest has hundreds of frogs, i found a toad once” this is flight of ideas, the ideas connected somehow but are separate too, these ideas can connect between subjects or by rhyming and word plays, like clang association, or environmental stimuli like the sounds of animals

“your bed is comfy” “comfy, comfy, comfy, comfy” person is copying what another person sayed, this can happen with noises too like beeps or wolves howling. this is echolalia

“whats your room like? cluttered. with what? clothes. what else? blankets and pillows. can you walk around them? yes. do you ever step on them? yes.” this is alogia or poverty of speech, where someone replies small or not at all

blocking is when a train of thought is suddenly lost, so sentences could end before theyre finished

“outside the camera is running, though it’s numbers begin could someone take out our cake, it’s driven to the doorstep” incoherence or word salad. theyre each words but do not relate and are unintelligible

“i accidentally hit my ubiolow“ this is neologisms where a person makes up words, sometimes it’s a mix of two words 

phonemic paraphasia, semantic paraphasia

stilted speech is when someone speaks in a flowery, over-polite, legalistic, outdated, formal, quaint, or distant way and is inappropriate for the setting,  “the attorney comported himself indecorously”

someone asks a question “hmmm it’s a yes but only because it’s safe. if it werent safe id pick this. and this is too dangerous almost so maybe i wouldnt. maybe id pick this instead. last time someone asked me this i wasnt ready for it wasnt ready at all. last time someone asked me my car broke down. we went and got it at that store. it’s in this state not this one you havent heard of it. i went there because..” this is tangentiality, going on and on irrelavently or obliquely and never returning back to the point

circumstantiality is like tangentiality where someone cant focus on a topic, but people who talk circumstantiality return back to their point

word approximations is when someone uses old and unused words in new ways or when someone puts together two words to call something by what it does, like calling gloves “handsocks” or “handshoes”

“hows your lunch? good. whats in your sandwich? good. would you like some of mine? good.” this is perseveration, someone repeats their answer over and over or has a persistent repetition of words or ideas

loss of goal is not following a thought to a natural conclusion “how do we start the lawnmower?” “we dont have too many puppies, so i think the tv needs to be replaced”

“do you think this problem is hard?“  "of course, my pencil broke dont you see?” this is illogicality where conclusions are reached that dont follow logically   

self-reference is repeatedly and inappropriately referring back to self “whats the time?” “it’s 7 oclock. thats my problem”

“youre.. um you…… um i think uh… that you are  umm… have….. ” evasive interaction is trying to express feelings or thoughts about someone else in an evasive or diluted way 

pressure of speech is rapid speech where a simple questions could be answered with minutes of a reply and has no pauses, a person with pressure of speech may speak even though no one is listening

“this is where we eat, this is where we cook, and our fridge… oh the floor is clean how it get this clean” this is distractable speech and happens because of stimuli

derailment is like distractable speech because the person will change what theyre talking about but it’s because of internal stimulus instead of external 

finded soe of these examples online and some of them may be incomplete but this is what i found or already knwon so there may be some mistakes -  mod purom ps sorry for responding later than say id would