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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Daemon AU

Agent Phil Coulson and Danae

When people see Danae pacing by Phil’s side, they tend to relax immediately. It’s the people who don’t who worry him. People with dog daemons are usually ignored, pigeonholed as loyal, subservient and easily led. Danae bares her teeth in something that is half grin and half snarl every time she hears that description.

They’re loyal of course, but the only people they’ll serve are people who have damn well earned it.

People who don’t relax when they see Danae are usually harder people to manipulate and maneuver around. And when Phil and Danae are particularly unlucky, sometimes they recognize that Danae isn’t a small, yappy dog, but a terrier.

These people are usually the ones that it’s hardest to work around, and while they both appreciate people understanding Danae’s form, it gets in the way an awful lot more than it helps.

anonymous asked:

Hello it's the anon from before who wanted to wear the coffee dragons as a hat and feed them sweets. I just wanted to say that i now love the little fellas even more now that i found out that they are representing aro ace. They are the best! I'm in platonic love with them! If you ever make plushies or stickers of them I'll buy. *gives dragons a tiramisu and their own fancy coffee maker.* You three should be mascots.

Thank you very much! I will be making some stickers (and maybe other things) of these guys available in my store at some point – I’ll make an announcement on here when that happens :)

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Daemon AU

Clint Barton [Hawkeye] and Hakima

People tend to expect a raptor all too often when dealing with Clint, and he doesn’t understand it. Hakima laughs about it and climbs higher.

The thing about expecting a bird for Clint’s daemon is that he’s far too down-to-earth. He might enjoy heights and his eyesight might be rather more than human, but he’s not one of those people who like to fly. Hakima is clever and dexterous, and together the two of them are formidable. When they’re in form there’s no pocket they can’t pick, no height they can’t climb.

Being off form doesn’t happen often. Injuries interfere sometimes, but they’re a sniper team. Getting the shit beat out of them is never  the plan. Sometimes though, their issues get the better of them. Hakima is the more cheerful, but even she has her bad days. On those occasions its usually Severim who coaxes her back into good humor with tales of Natasha’s years in the ballet academy, or with fairy tales he’s learned in a dozen countries.