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[Animation MV] Yu86: A Girl with Balloons and A Boy with an Anchor

I’m Sorry for late uploud animation video. There has been a lot of personal work.

Anyway this is new animation about “A Girl with Balloons and A Boy with an Anchor”.

This story is one of “The(A) Painter’s Canvas(어느 화가의 캔버스)”. “The(A) Painter’s Canvas(어느 화가의 캔버스)” is story gathered my own creative fairy tales.

[“The(A) Painter’s Canvas(어느 화가의 캔버스)”]
[comic about “The(A) Painter’s Canvas(어느 화가의 캔버스)” episode 1]

You can read “A Girl with Balloons and A Boy with an Anchor” in Korean here.
[episode 1] [episode 2] [episode 3]

But in short (in Eng):

There are a girl who is too heavy to stand on the ground and a boy who is too light to stand on the ground.

The girl’s parents tied the balloons around the waist of the girl.
And boy’s  parents tied the Anchor around the waist of the boy.

These make them looks weird and make people kept them away from the girl and the boy.
And this make them sad.

One day they untied themselves loose from their waists.

Thank you for watching!!!