animals can talk

✨Positive vibes✨

The election sucks so here’s some things to remember:

-Music still exists

-Dogs will always be there for you

-Cat sneezes. Just. Cat sneezes.

-The sun will say hello and the stars will still say goodnight

-You can still purchase binders, packers, silicone breast, etc. regardless if Trump is president or not

-Winter is coming


-On Cesar 911, there was a big tough German Shepherd who was afraid of water and now loves it

-Too Cute is a show, watch it

-Pillow pets are a thing, buy one

-Trees are great and still here so go hug one


-animal videos


-Tea can calm you

-Talking and being around people you love can destress your breasts

-cows have best friends

-my 5 foot tall, 50 something year old drama teacher did the whip at a pep rally last year and dabbed in class (it was great)


-dogs dream about pleasing us because it makes them happy

-baby hedgehogs are called “hoglets”

Hope that was enough happy jazz to at least make you feel happy for a second🌌

;;OOC - ( Anyways - I finished that small ref for my take on Merformers Blitzwing. Open in new tab for better view! )

Ever notice how much all those Disney princesses talk to themselves? They talk to animals who can’t talk back. Plus their every emotion is expressed out loud. They’re very big on self-narration too. Basically they’re nuts.

I had a bit of extra time so I decided to do up a Slack Wyrm in colour. What do ya reckon? Better than the usual grey wash? I’m not sure which works better. Also trying decide what format to make the comics in - like this one in a neat little rectangle shape, or big flowing ones you have to scroll down to read each frame. 

The real question is - what does this woman want with the wyrm anyway?

Beauty and the Beast pt. 2

Newt Scamander x Reader

Y/F/N: your father’s name


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Y/F/N ducks quickly to avoid the low-hanging branch smacking his forehead and smiles to himself. They’ll go nuts over this new invention, he thinks, glancing over his shoulder to the wood chopper he’s carting behind him. He lets go of Phillipe’s reins for a second, pulling a map out of the saddle bag to consult, but when he glances back up, the path that was ahead of them just a minute ago is gone. “Phillipe, what happened?” he questions, glancing wildly around him for any semblance of the dirt paved trail, but the horse simply neighs. Y/F/N grins at the absurdity of his question – after all, animals can’t talk.

He slows Phillipe down to a trot, checking out the dense forest all around them and listening to the steady beats of the horse’s hooves. It’s soothing, really, the absolute silence and the natural fresh air, and Y/F/N finds himself enjoying the experience even though he’s lost. But suddenly a howl rips through the air, mingling with the sounds of Phillipe’s startled neighs. Y/F/N rubs Phillipe’s back, trying to calm him down, and listens carefully to the sounds of the forest around him once more, ears straining for another sound. It happens quickly – the jet black fur of the wolf streaking around the trees, baring its teeth at Y/F/N and Phillipe.

At first, he thinks it’s okay – after all, it’s only one wolf. But his hopes are immediately dashed by the rustling sound coming below him. Turning his head in an attempt to see everything, his eyes widen in fear as he sees them – the pack of wolves, growling and snarling, long jagged teeth fully on display. “Run,” he whispers, and everything stands still for a moment. “Go, Phillipe, go!” With a snap of the reins and a click of his heels against Phillipe, the horse takes off, galloping straight through the pack, leaving them slightly surprised. They recover quickly, turning on their heels and chasing after them. Y/F/N pays no mind to the branches whipping against his face and the blackness pressing down on them, focusing on the howls and menacing sounds emanating from right behind him, seemingly getting closer all the while.

Sunlight. Suddenly, it hits Y/F/N in the face, so bright that he falters slightly. The wolves shrink back from the clearing, snarling, and back away into the forest, unwilling to follow their pray into an open space. Y/F/N lets out a huge breath, a laugh bubbling up because of his relief, but it dies in his throat when he sees what’s behind him. “Oh my god…” He cranes his neck to look at the top of the castle, taking in the large turrets and grand stone walls. He quickly jumps off Phillipe and, giving him a quick pat on the neck, slowly walks towards the front door of the ginormous palace. He reaches out as if in a trance and grabs the knocker, finding it cold to the touch. The temperature snaps him out of his hypnotic state and for the first time since seeing the castle he hesitates. Making up his mind in a split second, he brings it down to the door three times.

He waits, not really expecting anybody to answer… after all, the many windows of the castle are dark, making it seem completely abandoned. But the door swings open. Y/F/N looks around confusedly for a moment, not seeing anybody standing in front of him that could’ve possibly opened the door, but he hears a tiny cough from below him. When he looks down, he does a double take. “Wha – but it’s – a candlestick?” he stammers, incredulous at the sight. “Actually, I’m a niffler,” the little candlestick says, then steps a side and with a flourish of its golden hands, ushers Y/F/N into the castle. A niffler?

As he stumbles into the castle, he looks around in awe. The grandiose staircase, the fancy archways, the antique furniture… but it’s obvious that the space hasn’t really been lived in. A layer of dust catches his eye, and all around the house, there are spots of mud that look like… animal tracks. Y/F/N finds himself in the kitchen, surrounded by what could be a gleaming and expensive room fit for a king, but is instead far worse off than his own due to its messy state. He diverts his attention to the candlestick who’s hopping up on the counter, seemingly calling out to its brethren.

“Jacob! Tina! Queenie!” The kitchen seems to come to life. The large grandfather clock, the teapot, and the little teacup next to it grin at Y/F/N and hop onto the counter to stand next to the candelabra. “Who – what – I just –” Y/F/N’s stammers make the teacup giggle and it jumps forward. “Aw, you poor thing. Look at ‘m, Tina, he’s so confused. I wish I coulda’ made him a strudel. My strudels are world famous, ya know.” That last statement seems to be directed at Y/F/N, and he nods faintly, making the furniture chuckle. The grandfather clock opens its mouth to speak, and Y/F/N is still processing the fact that it even has a mouth, when the loud pounding of footsteps sounds from right outside the door.

All the furniture turns to face it and, following their lead, so does Y/F/N. He doesn’t really know what to expect… another clock? A table? A bed? But whatever was running through his mind, nothing compares to the reality. It’s a beast. His mouth flops open as the creature enters the room, looking at him inquisitively. “Who’s this?” he questions rather politely, and the furniture clamor to answer. Y/F/N doesn’t register the response, though, as his heart starts beating wildly in fear.

“Honey, you’re bleeding!” the small teacup suddenly says, and Y/F/N snaps his attention to her. He raises his hand to his face and feels the myriad of cuts littering his skin. You must stay here so we can help you!” The beast starts towards him, concern in his eyes, but Y/F/N backs away, trying to keep distance between him and the creature. “N-no, I’m fine, I’d rather go,” he says, then turns and tries to dash towards the door, but the grandfather clock – Jacob? – blocks his path and clangs loudly, making him clutch his ears and wince. The beast takes his shoulder and Y/F/N’s eyes widen at the sight of claws protruding from his fingernails. “Let’s get you comfortable,” he says, rather kindly, and begins pulling him towards the door. Y/F/N starts struggling wildly, desperate to get out of its clutches, but promptly faints – from the excitement or the blood loss, he doesn’t know. But the next thing he sees is a white ceiling and a large bed. Getting up, he runs for the door, only to find it locked from the outside. Trapped.

Remus Lupin Imagine: “Squirrel”

Can I request an imagine where the Hufflepuff reader has the power to speak with animals and she has a major connection with them, she is very nice and friendly and practically everyone likes her, but one day she sees some boys being cruel with the animals in the forest and she actually shows a fierce instinctive side to her. Remus sees everything and is absolutely amazed, he also comforts her when she is left alone and cute stuff happens. 🌹🌸🌻🌺Lots of love! Love your work🌺🌻🌸🌹

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 Notes: hufflepuff reader

You were walking by the forest next to Hogwarts. You liked going there to talk to animals: does, birds, mouses, foxes… It was a special and secret gift you had. Today though, a group of students were capturing and hurting a squirrel for fun. Fury burned inside you as you approached the boys.

“Hey! Leave the poor animal! It’s done nothing to you!” you screamed from the tops of your lungs.

“Oh, look! An innocent and naïve hufflepuff!” a boy said in an insulting way.

“We’re so scared” another one added in a sarcastic way, mocking you as the rest of the boys laughed cruelly.

You were having none of it though, so you took your wand and pointed it at them with determination in your y/e/c eyes.

“You should! I may be a hufflepuff, but I know a few spells which if I casted, you would want nobody to find out about it”

The fire in your eyes, the strong hold on your wand and the conviction in your voice disconcerted the boys, who reluctantly left the little squirrel alone and went away. You and the animal weren’t entirely alone though. A certain marauder was eavesdropping.

“Hey there! Are you OK?” you inquired.

The gryffindor saw as the little rodent nodded and seemed to thank you. His eyes widened and he fell down due to the shock. You heard a thud and turned your head, only to see your friend Remus Lupin hissing from the pain.

“Are you hurt?” you wondered as you helped him to compose himself again.

“Er-no, no”

He was staring at you with adoration on his face.

“Are you alright?”

He blinked and said: “Did you just talk to that squirrel?”

You blushed and nodded a little ashamed that he had seen it.

“Bloody hell! That was amazing! It is truly a gift!”

“Er- thanks, I suppose” you shyly said.

“Why didn’t I know about it? We’re friends”

“I like to keep it secret. The animals like it that way too” you confessed.

“Animals? As in more than one?”

You gave him a nod and explained: “I have a strong connection with animals and I’ve been able to talk to them since I can remember…”

“Merlin! You are remarkable!”

“You are exaggerating…”

“I’m not! By the way, I didn’t know you could be so fierce… You did the right thing, y/n. No one should hurt animals” he assured you.

“You saw that too?”

“Mhm…” he said as he nodded and crossed his arms, “And I liked that a lot…”

“You did?” you asked with insecurity.

“Sure. You are a fierce hufflepuff who can communicate with animals. What is there not to like?”

He winked at you when he finished, making your cheeks turn bright pink.

“What do you say, hufflepuff? Do you fancy going out with a gryffindor?”

“W-What?” you susurrated shocked by the question.

“I’m asking you out” he replied with a chuckle when he saw your confused face.

“Oh… Weren’t we friends?”

“Can’t friends become something more?” he countered back.

The squirrel climbed to your shoulder and whispered: “Y/n, you have to say yes!”

Remus raised an eyebrow and said: “I hope the squirrel isn’t talking trash about me because I really want to take you to Hogsmeade without Peter, James and Sirius lurking around”

You giggled and teased: “You’ll never know…”

There was a pause and you could see he was getting nervous for the lack of response. He looked adorable.


“Yes. I’ll go out with you”

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SO I’LL BE HONEST….. i don’t really care about like. the science behind quirks or genetics, or how quirks can ignore/manipulate the laws of physics whatever in MHA

i just don’t think it’s all that important to the story, and i don’t think Horikoshi put a lot of thought into it beyond ‘and then humans evolved superpowers. except some didn’t’

b/c this is a universe where people have tape dispensers in their elbows, engines in their legs, they can cancel out gravity with little pads on their hands, hair just fucking sticks straight up with no explanation, floating attack scarves, animals can walk and talk, Sentient Darkness, there is at least one literal walking skeleton in the background of some scenes so that’s a thing, etc

i just don’t think there’s any real point in looking at it all in finer detail, b/c it’s just there to give a framework to the story

the real important bits are the characters and how they interact and move the story forward with their actions. the science behind their powers isn’t as important as how the characters develop

can we talk about this new trend in music where the singers aren’t enunciating their words and you can’t tell what the fuck they’re saying but it sounds so good anyway and you’re just singing along doing your best to match the lyrics phonetically 

i’m lookin at you alt-j, milky chance, fuckin glass animals (who is the only band that i got the lyrics right to the entire time i thought i was stupid af for hearing ‘right my little pooh bear’ and ‘peanut butter vibes’ but nope those are actual lyrics to an actual song that comes on the radio)

I have hyper empathy toward animals. I always have, I used to pretend my stuffed toys were actually animated pets of mine and I would spend hours in my room taking care of them. I used to play vet too when I was young, I even had a white lab coat. Being so hyper empathetic towards animals is definitely what pushed be toward going to Veterinary school, even if I’m doing my courses online. All I want is to help animals and be around them as much as possible. I have 1 cat and a family dog that I love so much and can’t imagine life without and if my mom would let me, I’d have every pet imaginable. I’m the type of person who goes to a shelter and wants to adopt every animal there. I cry when I see SPCA commercials or hear stories about poor animals being abused. I’ve never been able to connect with humans, for obvious reasons, but I’ve always connected with animals. I can talk to my dog and/or cat for hours and I know they love me for me. And I love them for them. I love watching my pets and other animals doing just minimal things like twitching ears or even blinking. I have this deep connection to animals that I know being in Veterinary school is the right move for me because I can’t see myself doing anything else with my life.

A sleepy polar bear on a Spring day… [x]


TOM HIDDLESTON: ONE COOL CAT - Shortlist Magazine - Photographs by Charlie Gray

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