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esmeraldablazingsky  asked:

okay but how many pets do you have?? Idk if this is right but I've seen so many animals on your blog... snakes, cat(s?), peafowl???? mice????

The short answer is A LOT.

The long answer is a lot! I live on an old farm house with a bit over 8 acres, and we’re building large bird pens for the outdoor birds as we go. I have ten peafowl outside (three boys and seven girls). There is also Joslin, my turkey, and around 20 laying hens and another 20 mixed-reason chickens (a marans breeding trio, a hackles breeding quartet, and some babies from last year’s hatching season, and a couple that are just neat pets).

Indoors, I have Beep the peahen, two cats (Lenore and Aislynn), five snakes (two boas, two pythons, and a corn snake), and a few breeding tanks of fancy mice.

Overall, nothing here takes much work on a daily basis- the birds all have large feeders and waterers, so I normally walk through their pens and watch them for a little bit after work to make sure no one is hurt or missing or sick, and then fill their food and water containers every few days. Indoors, Sark feeds the cats and scoops their litter, and the mice have large water bottles and food containers so they also only need to be fed/watered every few days. So, they just get checked on for the same as the chickens. I poke my nose in on the snakes daily as well, to health check/change their waters and make sure they haven’t messed in their enclosures, and they get fed anywhere from every week (for the baby corn) to every 30-60 days (for my big boa lady).

Beep is the one who is the most intensive work. She’s got her own feeder with normal bird chow, but she also eats fresh foods with us every day, and gets fresh foods in a bowl or pinned around her room for enrichment while I am at work. When I get home, after I do my normal chores, she gets 2-3 hours of time hanging out with me. Some nights we watch tv (she does watch, often), some nights I write while she sleeps on my legs. Some nights she ignores me in favor of wandering around pulling things of shelves and bothering the cats and watching the mice run around.

ASIDE from my normal menagerie, I do often receive animals from folks who need to rehome them for various reasons (they are moving, or they were not prepared to take care of an animal, or whatever), and often have rescues passing through while a more permanent home is found for them. Even the occasional wildlife rescue makes it through my hands, as people know they can come to me with animals and that they will be handled appropriately to their needs. Sometimes this includes fixing and releasing, sometimes this includes bringing them to vets or rescue centers that can take them.

More often, it’s pets. Over the last 10 years or so, I’ve unofficially fostered a lot of animals, birds, and snakes, and rabbits, and rodents, and even a dog once. Usually it’s a case like Marius, who was a stray cat at a hunter’s house, eating his gut piles one winter, and I was told he planned to shoot the cat, so I came to pick him up as a barn cat, and a week later a friend met him and fell in love and he is not an utterly spoiled house cat. Marius would have been welcome to stay here forever- in fact, any pet animal I take in would always have a forever home here if they needed one (which is also why what I take in is limited to what I am able to permanently keep and properly care for appropriately and permanently), but a lot of times someone meets them here, and if they want to take them in instead, I let them. This finds the animals a forever home, and frees up a space here to take the next emergency in. And there always is one on the horizon, it seems, which is unfortunate.

Fortunately, I’m often able to help!


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