animals as persons

basics of living with a cat:

  • whAT are yOU eATING [often followed by chase scene]
  • what are you looking at. what do you see. is it a bug or a demon
  • keep your litter in the box??? ? rude???
  • i don’t even let you in the bedroom but my clothes are still covered in hair
  • you don’t like [whatever food I have]!!!!
  • you can’t eat [whatever good I have]!!!! THIS WILL KILL YOU
  • exactly how many toys have you lost under the couch or behind the cabinets?
  • i bought you this five dollar catnip toy and all you want is the toilet paper roll with the paper still on it from the bathroom

More of the gorgeous animals at the Detroit Zoo. All the bears and primates were hiding, so a return trip will be needed one day. Today, friends and I are taking it easy and setting up a new D&D campaign. Thank you, to everyone stickin’ through with me in this drought of fitness posts. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll probably join you all for a run once the week has begun!

Twilight Princess highlights:
  • cats following you around castle town 
  • like some sorta adorable cat gang can u believe
  • louise
  • being able to talk to the cats 
  • kicking the ball and watching all the kitties chase after it!!!!
  • picking them up in links arms!!!!
  • the cat mini game in the hidden village
  • just the fact alone that theres a village filled with cats 
  • and the western style music bye
  • Louise!!!!! 
  • just that cats were included in general thanks nintendo