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I just need to confess that each time i saw best boy talk in an animated cutscene i started literally screaming

I don’t know if you are playing it with the japanese or the english voice cast but if you are playing it with the english one you are screaming over the smash bros narrator! (which I did too bUt I still think it’s funny that they were voiced by the same person )

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stan at home au stuff: STAN TAKE THEM TO THE ZOO AND THE AQUARIUM AND THE PARK AND DISNEYWORLD AND PREHISTORIC FOREST not a question just a general statement of things that i think about stan w two bebs


Stan takes the girls to the zoo all the time.  Angie works there, so they get a pretty sweet discount.  It’s an excuse to leave the house and spend some time with his wife/mother of his children.  Angie thinks that the zoo is an excellent idea; good intellectual stimulation.  Stan likes pointing out the animals he thinks look the weirdest or are the best.  It’s a win-win.

He takes the girls to the park almost every single morning, if the weather permits.  They’ve got that dog (named Apple bc Stan and Angie let their two toddlers name it), and the dog needs walks every day.  And the park is free and Stan can make snarky comments about randos he sees and get compliments on how cute his kids are and it’s just a good time for everyone.

Disneyworld is a trip Stan and Angie take the girls on the summer before they start Kindergarten.  It’s a lot of fun, even if Angie gets a bit overwhelmed and has to take a break for a bit.  Both Danny and Daisy are on child leashes.  They are hell children, they cannot be trusted.

I have no clue what a prehistoric forest is, but it reminds me of maybe a petrified wood forest?  And that is something Angie is very interested in taking her kids to.  Angie falls into the “take the kids to fun but educational places” mindset that my parents have.  Stan doesn’t always get a lot out of the trips to like, National Parks, but it’s worth being a bit bored to see how excited Angie is about explaining science to their kids.  And the girls, esp Daisy, lap it up.  They think it’s amazing.

Stan and his two babs exploring San Diego and becoming regulars at the park closest to their house and the zoo.  People in those places learn to recognize Mr. McGucket (but he always insists on being called “Stan”) and his two twin girls.  Some people think it’s amazing of Stan to be a stay-at-home dad, so involved in his children’s lives.  Other people think it’s a bit odd that they’re “Dr. and Mr. McGucket” and that the wife is the one with the job.  Stan doesn’t really talk to people who think that he should be working and Angie should be the stay-at-home parent.

Stan kinda likes the weirdos that he eventually gets to know, through repeated interactions at the park and zoo.  All the zookeepers esp know Angie’s husband and daughters, and the three of them get snuck free samples or behind the scenes tours and shit like that.  

When the girls were still v smol, Stan took them around in a little stroller, but when they get older, they walk, or ride on his shoulders.  Just.  Imagine that.  Dad!Stan, with his glasses and ponytail, carrying a toddler around on his shoulders, another toddler holding his hand, and all three of them looking at the polar bear exhibit.  What a lovely mental image.  

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Have you ever watched the anime Yuri on Ice ??? It's basically about aggressively gay figure skaters and it's beautiful

yes afters years and years of queerbaity animes it was one of the best things that happened in 2016


Sebastian Stan + walk

Did you know? When octopuses are caught in the act of moving rocks and destroying the hard work of their aquarists, they drop everything and slowly back away like nothing happened.