animals are my only friends

  • a movie studio someday: [makes a movie with a gay protag]
  • news articles: Movies Inc's new animated summer blockbuster marks the first gay lead protagonist in a mainstream feature-length animated film! LGBT community happy about this!!
  • youse goblins: um?? "first gay cartoon?" are we forgetting craig ferguson's viking in how to train your dragon who had a single line implying he might be gay and was played for laughs?? what about this same-sex couple in the background of finding dory for .04 seconds?? what about spongebob who I headcanon as gay?? what about the animated short my friend made in college that only five people have seen?? I guess keep pretending this is a big deal... this erasure smh.

I love writing 2k+ rants about my deep emotional turmoil where in the beginning I’m writing with hope of posting and finding people with similar problems but the second I am done I’m overcome with a deep fear that my feelings, no matter how justifiable, will be criticized and all my friends will turn against me so I’ll be alone again, so instead of posting I throw it into drafts. And I do all of that for 3 hours straight instead of sleeping.

Why Am I Not Writing?

Fam, three things. 

First, finals are over, so school’s done for this smuck! 

Two, my family and I have been playing a lot of Pathfinder, which is basically D&D. It is so cool. In one campaign, I get to be the Dungeon Master! Who’s your god now? :3

Three, my friend and I are actually in the process of making our own ‘anime.’ Technically, it isn’t considered ‘anime’ since we live in the US, but whatever. It kinda sucks, because we only have one animator, my friend, and one script writer, me. But, thanks to a site called ‘CastingCallClub,’ there’s gonna be more than one or two voices in there! Uh, we have no money though.

That’s why there’s only one animator. We can’t pay anybody. ;-;

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a - age: nah

b - biggest fear: Hallucinating, the TF2 Sniper, messing up with social interactions, vomiting (either me vomiting or someone else, it doesn’t matter)

c - current time: 21:53

d - drink you last had: water

e - every day starts with: struggling out of bed and maybe remembering a dream or two

f - favorite song: anything I like

g - ghosts, are they real: you’re asking the wrong person

h - hometown: Stockholm

i - in love with: sand and my friends

j - jealous of: animators

k - killed someone: only lots of characters in vidya games

l - last time you cried: almost yesterday. I was very emotional about GREYs and some Ahgmahdonians

m - middle name: nah

n - number of siblings: 0

o - one wish: that mom hadn’t left so soon

p - person you last called/texted: my pa

q - questions you’re always asked: “How do you draw so good”

r - reasons to smile: Ebba, pleasant OC scenarios, Hein, funny memes, petrichor, muffins, the Sinsquad, fallout new vegas lines, etc

s - song last sang: I sing a lot so I don’t remember

t - time you woke up: I dunno probably like 11:10 or something

u - underwear color: if you wanna

v - vacation destination: here is good enough

w - worst habit: eating my own fingers

x - x-rays you’ve had: probably none

y - your favorite food: anything as long as I like it

z - zodiac sign: taurus

anonymous asked:

AHH THE ASKBOX IS OPEN THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Do you guys know of any fics based off of shoujo mangas, animes, even k-dramas? Preferably Romantic Comedy??? Thank you guys in advance, and I wish you all the best ♥♥

i personally have negative knowledge on mangas/animes. (i only watch when my friends insist orz) so i’m sorry in advance?? ;A;

and some anime/manga related? how to explain even

and some kdrama-like fics

Enjoy! - Admin Rose


dean o'gorman + air new zealand 2012-2014

aka 3 years, 3 videos, 3 hairstyles

aka the camera could handle his hotness less and less over the years so pushed farther and farther away

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Abandoned in the Earth and founded by the son of demon, that’s what some say he hails from…

Mother wasn’t from this realm, she’s not a Briton but a Ruthenian from the southern regions East of here and far away, and my father, well she had told me that he was a Celt, but me I was born here and grew up with only my foreign mother and because she was of foreign lands unheard of by most we were exiled practically and lived in the woods my only friends animals who had an unusual loyalty to me.

But one day she told me, my mother, that she was going to the next village to get some things, only a week had passed and no mother, a fortnight later I knew she wasn’t coming back, I wept for nights upon nights, my sheets and pillow drenched as if I were a mermaid under water and not a girl on land.

Was she killed? she must have been for she never returned and I knew my mother she wouldn’t just leave me.

Well one day in the woods I was collecting roses for my water, ready to boil them and all but I was attacked by a brown bear, the beast had clawed me and I was surprised as well as feeling underline betrayal for animals even snakes never sought to harm me, but this bear his eyes almost human with mal-intent lurking in the dark pools had raked his knive-like claws down my back, the pain was so unbearable I had blacked out and when I woke up I was not lying in a bed of glass in my own blood, I was on a bed and bandaged, the room was warm and the pain…it just wasn’t there.

That’s when I met him, a man with the eyes of an old man and the  skin of a young one, handsome too with a sharp jaw and thick lips, his eyes like green crystals and from his appearance I could tell one of his parentage was Moorish, and even though he was a stranger there was a look in his eyes that had no deviant nature and he had not..taken advantage of me, there was no blood between my thighs, my body was just bandaged.

“You are healed but the scar will remain I’m afraid.” His voice was like a velvet and the accent strange.

I said nothing for when I changed my sight I could not take my eyes off of my surroundings…the room was…there were walking broomsticks holding buckets, parchment writing itself, cauldrons bubbling my eyes widened with excitement and curiosity. “You’re a witch!”

The man only laughed and it was calm as he rose from the bed. “In a way…”

I bit on my lower lip, my eyes following him. “I should thank you, you saved my life after all…shouldn’t I learn the name of my savior?”

A smirk appeared on his lips. “You call me a witch and a savior, how queer…and pray tell, what should you gain by having such knowledge of my identity?”

“A friend.” I could use one, I was alone now…if I died no one would know or care and that frightened me, I hadn’t even thought of that until the attack.

“Oh yes, you’re alone now aren’t you? Now that your mother is gone.”

He is a witch, can he read my mind as well? “Can you read my thoughts?” I asked him with nervousness trembling within me and he shook his head before opening a book, I hardly see those I’ve never met anyone who could read.

“Don’t throw me away!” It was abrupt but I had nowhere to go but my mother’s cottage and I didn’t want to return there, just more tears awaiting and loneliness. “I could clean, fetch you things from villages, be an assisstant…”

And that’s what I became although I believe he agreed out of pity, but I soon became so curious and enthralled by his doings and craft, she had learned a lot about the man that calls himself Merlin, he is a thousand years old and was borned to a Moorish princess and an incubus which explains his magical heritage, a heritage that does not reveal his age, but he is movt humble despite his beginnings living in an enchanted cottage in a glen, he told me he is an advisor to the king but denied any title of Lord or sir, and it made me admire him and I too wanted to learn magic.

After months of begging I had finally convinced him and when a year had passed the training began, but magic and potions were not at the beginning, he had taught me how to read how to write, skills I had not had before, he had taught me Latin and beside the Anglo language I had already spoke my mothers Ruthenian, but now Latin and Greek and Arabict too, he told me knowledge is a sorcery more powerful than curses and spells and potions.

He never takes me anywhere, I tend to his homage and study what he gives me, I learn plants and life, herbs and what they can do, but never leave, oh how I want to go beyond the forest I had never left, and finally my master decided to reward me, we are to go to court I was going to meet the man my master had taken beneath his wing the legendary boy king that is now a man and the best leader Britain has ever had King Arthur and his wife the fair Guinevere who is said to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

I wanted to look my best so I had bathed in milk, washed my hair with rosewater, rubbed lavender oil onto my skin and I had worn my best travelling cloak on top of my clothes the red velvet one presented to me by Merlin. Camelot…a kingdom most beautiful I heard, and we will be there in a day…

When I was younger I’d put a balloon inside my shirt and pretend that I’m pregnant. I would pick up a santan and sip it’s nectare. I would talk to all my stuffed animals as if they’re my only friend. I would buy a piece of wafer stick and act like I’m smoking. I used to think that the moon follows me whenever I went outside for a walk. I used to sleep on the sofa cos I know someone will carry me to bed. Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to mature. What were we thinking?