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¡Feliz Dìa de los Muertos!

We remember friends and loved ones who have passed and celebrate them for the existence and influence they’ve had in our lives. We gather together to honor them and share stories as we laugh, cry , and even get mad remembering that thing they did that you hated. Haha. We pray their spirits are well!

In second year, Kuroo had to change school and he went to Fukurodani.


She’s the most perfect pound puppy, the most best delightful doggo in the whole world

  • a movie studio someday: [makes a movie with a gay protag]
  • news articles: Movies Inc's new animated summer blockbuster marks the first gay lead protagonist in a mainstream feature-length animated film! LGBT community happy about this!!
  • youse goblins: um?? "first gay cartoon?" are we forgetting craig ferguson's viking in how to train your dragon who had a single line implying he might be gay and was played for laughs?? what about this same-sex couple in the background of finding dory for .04 seconds?? what about spongebob who I headcanon as gay?? what about the animated short my friend made in college that only five people have seen?? I guess keep pretending this is a big deal... this erasure smh.

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What would happen if all your fallout OCs got locked in a room together

greyson: we’re gonna halfta kill someone ta’ eat, theres no food innere

shiloh: that is unreasonable, my friend, we are not animals!… and it has only been ten minutes

assmcgee: what the FUck im not eating anyone!!!

greyson: listen, i’s gonna happen eventually-

guy: *shoots greyson*

everyone: *yeLLS*

So this happened today...

Friend: When can you get back to coloring frames??

Me: Er fairly soon… Why???

Friend: I found out today we’ll be able to show off our work for the series at the college!!

Me: Oh that is fantastic!!

Friend: Yeah!! I also want to premiere the official trailer so we can show everyone what we have.

Me: Sounds good!! I should be able to get some coloring done. When is this all taking place???

Friend: 12 days from now!!

Me: ………………………

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Bonfire, fog

(i read this and my mind went; ‘remember that old song from James Morrisson? So I went to put on ‘Bonfire Hearts’ when it suddenly struck me; I Need U from BTS also has bonfire and fog. So here goes; a mini playlist inspired by your ask _O_)

bonfire - describe your dream house.
A small, homely, and warm cottage that’s got my horse stabled fairly close by. I’m not so sure if I want to have my horse at home, but ‘close’ is important to me. 
I don’t like big or clean houses; I’m a hoarder who loves to put things to my own hand. I’m also 100% sure the colour blood-red will be a continuous theme throughout my house. That, and gold. 

fog - how well do you think you’d do in a zombie apocalypse scenario?
oh, honey. Would it be pretentious to say that I think I’d truly stand a chance?
I’m level-headed; I can work under stressful circumstances and still be able to make important decisions. I can both work in groups as individually and I am not the type of person to cause friction in a group.

I’m not affected by blood or gore and not overly afraid to kill, especially not when it’s done to ‘lifeless’ creatures (same goes for acts of mercy). To top that, I’ve got rudimentary weapon experience; I’ve wielded an axe, a knife, and, well, pitch forks (also sabres but let’s skip that one). My physique is fiiiinnneeeee, I want to be fit and so I work fairly hard to stay strong and healthy, which would always work in my favour.

Plus I’ve got lotsa friends in the military so I guess I’ll just crash in some fortified fortress? I got this, man. And if all machinery breaks down, at least I still know how to ride a horse, right?

ask me autumn asks~?

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I want to know something. When I was younger, I only got crushes on characters from animated shows. Then my friend told me that I had to have any normal crush, which I haven't. They said it was because I spent most of my time studying, not having time for "normal sexual interactions" and that in childhood I was always at home. Do you think those things made me asexual? Or was I born as one? Anyways, great blog! Thank you so much for it!

You were probably born asexual and maybe your preference for animated characters was some sort of alloromantic rejection of sexuality that you still subliminally picked up even as a child. That’s just a weird and wild guess, though - lots of people of all orientations have crushes on animated characters. 

People who always stay at home still can feel sexual attraction. Rather, part of the reason you were always studying may have had something to do with the fact that you already weren’t really interested in sex and/or thinking of specific people in a sexual way. That stay-at-home situation could possibly heighten anxiety around meeting other people or around sex, or lessen the social pressure to have sex, but I really don’t think that could make you asexual.

- Ino

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AHH THE ASKBOX IS OPEN THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Do you guys know of any fics based off of shoujo mangas, animes, even k-dramas? Preferably Romantic Comedy??? Thank you guys in advance, and I wish you all the best ♥♥

i personally have negative knowledge on mangas/animes. (i only watch when my friends insist orz) so i’m sorry in advance?? ;A;

and some anime/manga related? how to explain even

and some kdrama-like fics

Enjoy! - Admin Rose