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Scottie Animated Horror Short
My submission for the Annabelle Creation film contest. It most likely won't count, but I really wanted to make this short anyway.

WHEW! I finally completed my submission for the #MyAnnabelleCreation contest.

It’ll probably be disqualified immediately, but hey, they never said we COULDN’T submit animations.

Giselle lends her creature voice and human characters in this short ^0^ I love her so much.

Not too shabby for two & a half weeks of work. 


So I stumbled on this little CGI movie that must have flown under the radar. and all I really gotta ask is who made the choice to depict big-foot as a conventionally attractive dad type.

People are gonna want to fuck big-foot. are you happy now?.

UPDATE: The Original video was removed from youtube for reasons unknown.
Now updated with alternate link