Made some more wedges as I was still hungry 😊 also got some bbq sauce and sweet chilli sauce 😊
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Going off on one on #twitter about #fightinganimaltesting (“@cclecombe”) 🐰If you’re trying to shop #crueltyfree PLEASE do your research and find out who’s pockets your lining when you buy cosmetics 💄 Even if the packet claims to be #crueltyfree, it may not be the chase further up the chain 👎🏻 Educate yourself and help stop the abuse of animals 🙅🏻

“They’re just animals...”

This is the “reason” lots of people give when trying to justify all the shit we do to animals for our benefit. It’s because we have it engraved in our brains that our lives are worth so much more than the lives of a non-human animal. It’s not really our fault, to be honest. It’s due to years and years of cultural reinforcement, by none other than humans themselves.

When vegans compare the current state of factory farming and animal agriculture to human slavery, lots of people tend to get offended. They will automatically jump on the defense and ask why you are comparing human slavery to animals. How DARE we compare the centuries of suffering of our fellow human beings to the suffering of animals?! VEGANS MUST LOVE ANIMALS MORE THAN HUMANS.

Have you ever asked yourself WHY you feel offended when we compare human beings to animals? It’s because of this inherent belief inside of us that says that we are BETTER than other animals. Not just better – but SO much better that our suffering and death is a great catastrophe and the suffering and death of billions of other animals is something to be joked about. We believe we are SO much better to the point where we can pretty much justify doing whatever the hell we want to other animals that we wouldn’t dare do to even the WORST of our kind. Let’s look at some of the worst human beings on the planet, for instance. Let’s look at serial killers as an example. Even the most evil of all the evil serial killers in the world probably would not get half the torture and abuse that we inflict upon factory farmed animals on a daily basis. Remember that these animals are innocent and haven’t done anything wrong to us. And yet, we torture, abuse and slaughter them in ridiculous numbers. And the scariest part is that we joke and laugh about it whilst shouting out the word “bacon” as if an animal didn’t have to suffer and die to produce it.  

So why exactly do we humans think we are so much better than other animals? Because we said so. Because we are human. I’m sure if elephants could speak, they would probably say that elephants are better than other animals. Same with cows, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats… you get the idea. The only reason why we BELIEVE we are better than other animals is because we are humans and you’ve only heard the human perspective. The other animals don’t get a vote.

“Because we’re human”

“They’re just animals”

Even if people may not actually say those exact words, that’s the overall message I get from what most people say when arguing against veganism. They try to justify things that they would never be able to justify if it happened to a human.

“She’s only a woman”

“Because he’s black”

“They’re just animals”

All the above phrases have one thing in common. They are all forms of discrimination used to justify oppressing a different group of individuals, diminishing their rights as if they matter less.

Vegans are not asking for animals to be treated like humans. Obviously, we are different than other animals just like women are different from men and Asians are different than Caucasians. Every single one of us is different than everyone else. But for once, can we please focus on what we have in common, rather than our differences? We are all sentient beings with the desire to live, to be loved, to be happy and to be free. Is this really too much for anyone to ask for?