Veganism is viewed as an extreme way of life

But it only takes the slightest bit of objectivity to see the absurdity of this assertion

In this photograph, an innocent lamb watches as her companions are bled out, moments before her own throat is sliced

Veganism is simply seeing this horrific situation and saying “this is not right.”-

Most people would recoil in horror were they given a knife and told to slice the throat of a lamb standing before them

Yet most people believe veganism to be an extreme ideology. In reality, veganism is in line with the very values the majority of humanity purports to have

But the distance of the slaughterhouses allows us to maintain our self-image of the good, decent people—animal lovers even!—while we pay others to slice the throats of children

See what’s REALLY extreme in the eye-opening speech linked in my 👆🏽bio today. Afterwards go to

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Hi followers. I hope you don’t mind that I share this - it’s a cause that’s very close to my heart. I volunteer for SAFE Team (Saving Animals from Euthanasia Team). They are a volunteer based, no kill, non profit charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of animals who are abandoned, unwanted, abused, feral or facing euthanasia in Alberta.

SAFE Team has an opportunity to win $100,000 from the Aviva Community Fund to build their own shelter in Edmonton. Right now they depend on foster homes for their rescued animals. With a shelter, they can save many more animals in need. You can help them - all you have to do is vote for their project on the Aviva site.

Please visit the link below to vote:

For more information on SAFE Team:

Thank you for your support and please share!


Help!  My sweet little dog Snack is paralyzed from the waist down! The vet has told us we need $5000 in order to have his surgery done. As you can see in the photos… he has to drag his legs around. It’s so heartbreaking. 

Any kind souls out there that would be willing to donate or buy some art prints to help out poor little Snack would be of such great help.  Every little bit counts! 

To donate to this little guy, please check out this URL


These male chicks are deemed “useless” by the egg industry because they can’t lay eggs. So they are loaded into crates then violently tossed and left to die. They will either be dumped into a grinder or thrown into a trash bag and left to suffocate to death. The reason this happens is because of the supply and demand from humans wanting eggs. Take a moment to think how it would feel if you were killed just because you weren’t born the right gender. It’s repulsive and inhumane… “Free range eggs” is also a fabricated phrase, it just means that the chickens aren’t in individual cages, but they’re still all crammed into a big barn stepping on eachother with some dead on the floor and full of bacteria or disease. Backyard hens shouldn’t be used either as they are not giving their eggs to us, they are hers as she can eat the eggs herself for nutrients. Besides, there’s no reason for humans to be eating an unfertilized reproductive cycle, (aka chicken period), because that’s what eggs are. Help stop this cruelty, stop eating eggs, eat plants.
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Title - My Soul Animal

Art by - @raraluvsu97-blog

Medium - Marker and Ink

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