It’s a baby giraffe

We see a baby giraffe standing alone, very casual and relaxed and as we turn the corner we see the mum peering straight at us. I am a massive giraffe lover so could stare at them all day everyday. I find them so quirky with so much character. I was sad when I learned that 70% of baby giraffes are killed before they are a year old because they seem so harmless and elegant that it’s hard to understand anything would want to hurt it. Of course the animal kingdom does not care how sweet their prey is.


Check out Moses the adorable otter who has formed some extraordinary bonds with hyenas and lions. #otter #animallove

This breaks my heart… Have you heard the story of the sperm whales? And no I don’t mean Moby Dick. Over the last few days 17 sperm whales have washed up in Germany, Holland and the UK. Why they’ve washed up, scientists aren’t sure, but rumours of starvation, death by sonar and other awfully slow and painful methods of dying are included among the speculations. What we do know however, is that during an autopsy a 12 metre fishing net was found inside one individual. We do know that three of the whales were graffitied whilst lying on the beach. We do know that people posed for disturbing selfies with these magnificent creatures. We do know that we have not respected these creatures.
Putting the cause of death aside, whether we were responsible for this tragedy or not, we have not shown respect to these whales. We have defaced them, exploited them, used them for our happy snaps and gossip. We have raped their bodies, stealing skin and teeth.
This photo speaks a thousand words to me. It shows these mighty creatures, vulnerable and exposed in death, surrounded by tiny humans. This photo is reminiscent of ants to a corpse, not of one intelligent species mourning the loss of another.
My favourite quote from Moby Dick sums up my feelings towards this image, “ignorance is the parent of fear”. We ignore the damage we are doing. We ignore the pain of other creatures. We ignore these issues because we are scared. Scared that we cannot fix the damage we have caused and are continuing to do to this planet. So we turn a blind eye, we take a selfie to remember the moment, and we smile in it to try and distance ourselves from what we are really doing. Open your eyes. Look at what we have become as a species. Help be part of the change. | Beautiful Words & Regram from: @melindasaurus @modelsofcompassion #vegansofinstagram #vegan #AnimalLove #wakeup #savethewhales #saveourseas (at New York, New York)



This evening my mom and I discovered a tiny little hedgehog on the ground. HE wasn’t so shy I started to pet his tiny feet first and then his belly after he smelled my hand. He was alone and still very young. I wanted to keep him safe but before my mom and I wanted to get a little box to put him in there my neighbour appeared and asked from the far if we were looking and petting a hedghog (she was about to walk her dogs). When we told her that we found that little young hedgehog she said that she already found two and was caring for them. Their mother was killed by a car as it seems and I already noticed that the tiny one was making noises towards me as I pet him. He was screaming for his mother. The women said that she will take him to his other siblings who she already removed from fleas and ticks. Later she came with the other two hedgehogs and took the one we found in a warm blanket. She thanked us for beeing so attentively and promised us to show them to us from time to time to see how they grow up. She already called special hedgehog expert to ask what she shall do and he explained that they are way to young to survive on their own.
So today we reunited the rest of the family (maybe we will even find some more since there are usually 6 to 10 hedgehog children. I hope they will all grow up safely. Always help an animal if you can.
I will also post a video were I pet the small one.

I couldn’t help but share this one too.. My bulldog Drogo kept slowly moving toward me while I was taking pictures and totally photobombed 😊❤️😊 #wood #woodwear #woodwearbyandrea #drogo #bulldog #dog #rescue #animals #animallove #photobomb #ganesha #ganesh #fun #unique #cute #beunique #beuniquelyyou #earrings #spiritual #zen #spirituality #newbeginnings #knowledge #elephant

Here are some companies that DON’T test on animals. Make sure you buy brands that don’t test on animals since they are tortured and killed in the name of ‘science’. @officialpeta @officialpeta2 #tlnh #teachlovenothate #teachloveforanimals #peta #animalrights #love #animallove #compassion #companies #science #cosmetics #vegan #govegan #health