Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris) are social birds, flocking in large communities. Males dominate the community, chasing each other to settle disputes. After breeding, the male spends a lot of time and energy defending the female so she may forage. Thus, the male will lose weight while the female is gaining it. Sometimes females will lay their eggs in another nest to be incubated. This is fairly common in guineafowl as they don’t begin the incubation period until after they lay their last egg. Incubation lasts 25 to 29 days. Baby guineafowl, called keets, are able to leave the nest immediately after being born. As you can see in the photo, their coloration keeps them pretty well camouflaged from predators.

EPCOT overhaul

Okay, most Disney fans have heard the rumors floating around about EPCOT and what its future looks like (haha, get it?). I’ve heard a lot of things that are contrasting, so lets take a look. (WARNING: its really long)

Ellen’s Energy Adventure Replacement

Ok, this ones tough. One one hand, we know for a fact that Disney has filed permits to reroute the canal behind the attraction:

Clearly, this is not a small area. Some have speculated that a ride similar to the TRON Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai will be in this area. I think this would be really cool, as the ride vehicle is unique and not like anything at WDW. 

Others have guessed that a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster will occupy this area. I really, really, really hope not. First of all, they just put one in Disneyland in California. Secondly, it doesn’t fit EPCOT’s theme at all, other than the fact that it has vaguely futuristic characteristics. 

What really EPCOT needs, more than anything, is another original ride. Something like Soarin’ or Horizons that is entirely unique and new, not just another ride based on a movie that nobody will remember in 20 years. 

Retheming the entrance to EPCOT 

Rumors have been flying that the Disney company is planning to take out Leave a Legacy and the garden in front of Spaceship Earth. I really don’t think this is true by any measure, but if the imagineers are going 100% on this supposed overhaul, then I could see it happening. I’m not entirely sure what they would replace it with, maybe just a new garden, or a few fountains? There isn’t a whole lot of leverage for this rumor beacuse the entrance to EPCOT is so influentual to the whole theme.

New Countries in the World Showcase

So far, the biggest contenders are Spain, Brazil, Isreal, Puerto Rico, and Africa (even though Africa is entirely too diverse to accurately make a WS pavillion on). Unlike a lot of people, I can actually see a few new countries being added. There’s clearly enough space (picture below, orange), and it would definately bring in crowds and spike attendance. One thing that does concern me is that if they add in Spain and Puerto Rico, there will be three Spanish speaking countries. I know there’s already three English speaking countries, but I feel like we should bring in a lesser known/smaller country (like they did with Morocco and Norway). Also, what if Puerto Rico becomes a state? 

New Rides In France and Mexico?

According to some, the Ratatouille ride from Disneyland Paris will have a twin in France. The ride would operate on a new trackless ride system and bring guest into the world of Remi and his friends. I don’t think this would be a great idea, since the movie is already 10 years old and most kids wouldn’t have seen the movie. It just seems like it’ll be a bit of a flop, even if the technology is great. Below is a picture of the ride in France.

In Mexico, Disney is likely to gut the Gran Fiesta Tour (formerly El Rio de Tiempo) and replace it with a boat ride that coincides an upcoming movie, Coco. Again, I’m not seeing a whole lot of hype for this movie (or maybe I’m just not looking in the right places), and if they take the plunge and throw in a ride from a potentially disasterous movie, then they’ll be stuck with it for at least a few years. 

Journey Into Imagination Retheming?

I have heard that Disney is considering turning JII into an Inside Out themed ride. I really hope this goes through. Unlike GOTG, I really think that Inside Out embodies the idea of EPCOT, especially if they incorporate some kind of new tech into the ride. VR, maybe? They could also make it so each of the five sensory rooms corresponds to an emotion. 

Innoventions, Electric Umbrella, and Mouse Gears

There isn’t a whole lot of info out there on this one, except that Disney has plans to entirely rebuild Innovations. I’m super happy for this because most of Future World is on its last leg, and this will hopefully give it the boost it needs. Along with this, the Electric Umbrella is rumored to be expanded and refurbished and Mouse Gears (Disney’s largest gift shop) is said to be replaced with a new gift shop.

New Marine Life Institute Theme for The Seas With Nemo and Friends

This is one of the more minor updates that will supposedly be coming to EPCOT. It is said that the outer wall and entrance to the building and aquarium will simply be getting a new Finding Dory look and that the inside will stay largely the same. Here’s a look at Disneyland Tokyo and how theirs looks:

That’s all I have for now! As always, this is entirely speculation and none of it could ever come true. PLEASE MESSAGE ME WITH RUMORS YOU WANT ME TO DO!!! I will go much more in depth than this one (there were just so many). Have a magical day!


Pandora by Lenise Zika
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Disney exceeded all my expectations on this new land! It’s a sensory wonder of color, lights, mysterious sounds, strange, quirky things we’ve never seen. Flight of Passage ride is my all time favorite!


Enjoy these baby animals!

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dating + j - a playlist for dating josh cody 

listen here

imagine dating J and…

‘stealing’ his hoodies and flannels, though he doesn’t really mind because it turns him on to see you walking around in his clothes

spoiling him with attention, home cooked food and back rubs

smoking him out for the first time  

driving too fast and kissing too long at red lights

J dragging you into the water, determined to teach you how to surf. it’s a complete disaster, but neither of you can stop laughing long enough to care

being slightly surprised at how dominant he likes to get in bed, sometimes even a little rough. even more surprised at how much you love it. maybe because he knows how to do more than take. he knows how to take care of you too, how to give you what you need until you’re a melty little mess desperate to give him anything he wants

getting cornered by the police and pressed for information about the Cody family but refusing to say a word

letting him use your laptop and printer for schoolwork since he doesn’t have one at home and hates using the school library

watching him in awe sometimes. just so astounded by him and proud of him, never sure where he finds such steady, grounded strength day after day no matter what comes hurtling at him. 

reading in bed together

J waking up early and making waffles for breakfast, topped with ice cream

waking up when he sneaks in through your window late at night, neither of you saying a word as you pull him close and wrap yourself around him. knowing you have to be up early but not minding the interruption to your sleep, just happy he knows to come find you when he needs somewhere to hide

helping him babysit Lena when no one else is around; secretly enjoying just staying in and playing house with him 

noticing that, despite other girls romanticizing the strong, silent hoodrat boy they think they see and most guys just thinking he’s cool because he can hold his own and doesn’t talk too much, J has a strong intellectual and creative side. you try your best to encourage that, to ask his opinion and show him that his brain turns you on as much as his body

dragging him to art shows and blues festivals

getting maybe a little overly defensive of him sometimes, but unable to help it when the only people in his life are always using him and/or manipulating him when he’s never asked anyone for anything and all he’s ever wanted is just to be safe and loved

feeling your chest fill with pride as he grows more and more into himself the longer he lives with Smurf and adapts to their lifestyle

The Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris) is a native to Southern Africa. Traditionally hunted for sport, Guineafowl can now be found the world over as domesticated farm animals. Predominantly ground scavengers, they feed on insects and seeds. Though they are capable of flight, the distance is typically short and used as a means of escape from danger or to enter a tree for nighttime roosting. Adapted to almost any kind of environment, their preferred habitats are grasslands and agricultural properties. Many farmers keep them because, unlike chickens, they don’t scratch at the soil to find insects and they help to reduce tick populations, decreasing the risk of Lyme disease in other farm animals. Species Status: Least Concern


Great Gray Wolf | British Columbia (BC) by anoopbrar
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Those Eyes!

A mother hyena nurses her little one outside the family den.  In the final stages of pregnancy, female hyenas deliver a heavy dose of a male sex hormone, called androgen, to their pups. This hormone, associated with higher levels of aggression, helps give her pups a leg up in a highly competitive society of carnivores. It’s also responsible for the female elongated clitoris/birth canal (see last post), which can make reproduction difficult. With higher androgen levels, males mount at a younger age, giving them more practice with the hyena’s awkward genitals. It also means the female hyena has to give birth through what is the equivalent of a penis. The 1-inch diameter pups have to squeeze through often stretches and tears, which can prove to be especially fatal in first time mothers.


Let me know what you think…It’s time to show the comedic side of me! I don’t post many “personal pics or videos” of myself and friends on here but had to share this video with you! It’s to funny not to! I giggle every time I watch it!! Thank you @dwightmitchellherdrich for doing the video and music score!! It’s perfect!! _______________________________________________________- #raccoon #raccoonproblems #raccoons #raccooneyes #raccoonlove #dinosaurs #dinosaur #dinosaurparty #attack #raccoonattack #animalsofinstagram #animalkingdom #animal #animals #animallover #animallove #oldorchardbeach #oldorchardbeachmaine #oob #scarborough #scarboroughmaine #hungry #like4like #likeforlike #video #videos #videoclip #funny #stewartsmithphotography (at Scarborough, Maine)

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The End Of The Line by Disney Photo Tour


The Tree of Life by Kevin-Davis-Photography
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Awaken Summer kicked off last night and we ended up closing the park out. Something I don’t think I’ve ever done at Animal Kingdom. It’s always exicting to experience new things at Disney and the new offerings at Animal Kingdom that began last night are what will be the start of a fun summer season!