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Okay, we know the anti-fairies are the opposite personality of the original fairies, right? Then Kags would be like really expressive? Suga is mean and cruel?, Oikawa hates himself and it's pretty humble? Akaashi is loud af? I want answers

YES EXACTLY well I’ll tell you what I think but its kinda spotty

Kageyama is the excited one!! He’s cheery but he also has some talent for destructive magic probably.  Oikawa is the lone wolf and gets along with no one and keeps to himself, except kags is the only one who actually approaches him bc kags doesnt care lol

Suga would prob be the cruelest of the bunch yep.  I think Moniwa would be the leader of the group and rules with an iron fist??  Koganegawa is tired one he’s almost always sleeping

And then Kenma and Akaashi! The double 5s!! I think they’d be almost punkish and animalish, strike first questions later sorta impulsive type?  

(Also keep in mind they’re supposed to be locked away for most the year so probably fun jail shenanigans lmao)

And that’s about what I have so far… feel free to tell me what you guys think, this is kinda hard since haikyuu charas are pretty complex and can’t break down so easily into an exact opposite like fairly oddparents….


So today is shaping up to be an amusing day… I have an executive meeting later today, so I’m all dressed up: corset (orchardcorset‘s CS-426), tight black pencil skirt, faux-wrapped animalish print blouse, and black sueded heels with an ankle strap. I’m definitely looking and feeling pretty good.

I stepped out to pick up lunch and a couple fun things happened. First, there were a bunch of police officers in the restaurant when I walked in. They all stopped to check me out, making little to no effort to be discrete about it (don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning this kind of behavior, but I can’t deny that it feels really good to turn heads). When I left the restaurant, there were landscapers outside and, as I approached, the lead guy whistled to his crew to shut off their blowers and waved me past with a big smile. As I got to my car and was backing out, some of the police officers were returning to their car and just about broke their necks watching me drive past them with big friendly smiles on their faces. When I got back to the office, there were some folks hanging out in the lobby that I didn’t recognize and a couple of the guys became so preoccupied with smiling at me as I walked by that they practically forgot they were talking to other people.

Clearly, I’m doing something right today! :) Happy Wednesday!

Kaydee <3