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CONDOMS.Unless the sufferer of milk allergies/intolerances is aware of all the names that
milk (or milk derivatives) can be disguised as
on a label then it is difficult to totally avoid.
Please note that product ingredients with a *
do not necessarily contain milk products.
This depends on the manufacturer or type of
product.ammonium caseinate
artificial butter flavour
butter solids/fat
calcium caseinate
caramel colour*
caramelel flavouring*
delactosed whey
demineralised whey
dried milk
dry milk solids
high protein flour*
hydrolysed casein
hydrolysed milk protein
lactalbumin phosphate
magnesium caseinate
milk derivative
milk fat
milk protein
milk solids
natural flavouring*
Opta (fat replacement)
potassium caseinate
rennet casein
Simplesse (fat replacement)
sodium caseinate
solids sour cream solids sour milk solids
whey whey protein concentrate
Flavourings with Lactic Acid may sometimes contain derivatives of milk. So if someone is
severely allergic to milk, what happens if it Touches their skin?If a certain product touches a sufferers skin,the reaction caused is likely to be an itchyrash, urticaria (nettle rash), sneezing,wheezing or shortness of breath.Occasionally, anaphylaxis has been reported
as a result of skin contact with an allergen.So what happens if the milk or it’s derivatives are an ingredient of a cosmetic,
toiletry or perfume that comes into contact
with the skin? Depending on how allergic the
sufferer is, they may get any of the reactions
described above. This is true for all food allergens, not just milk.Milk derivatives may be found in hair
conditioners, body creams, soaps and face
foundation creams. Casein, one of the main
proteins in milk, is often present in the
lubricant coating of condoms. Casein-Free
“Condomi” condoms are available from the Vegan Society
has had safe veganGot the facts on Milk?

07182013. Is Snapple vegan? I’m in a very slow transition into vegetarianism right now & my overall goal is to be vegan. I’m obsessed with Snapple. I don’t see anything that I think is an animal byproduct but I’m not sure if their company is cruelty-free. Looks like I’ve got some research to do 🙆 #snapple #issnapplevegan #vegan #crueltyfree #animalbyproducts