Wedding Name Combos SO Bad They May Have To Call The Whole Thing Off
We all have that friend with the funny name. Now imagine if the fiancé of this friend would have an equally hilarious name: the results are the most hilarious fails of wedding name combos ever! source #1 Wang – Holder: Anna Wang and Brad Holder had a marriage and the result is the “Wang holder”. I'm...

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Bull Elephant and breeding herd, Amboseli 2016
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Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes Mustafa Efe, Imam at the Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque in the historical Üsküdar district of Istanbul, Turkey. In addition to his religious and community leadership work, Efe is a devoted animal lover with a great big heart. Last year he began welcoming the city’s numerous stray cats and their kittens into his mosque. Efe refers to his feline visitors as “guests” and wants them to find safety and warmth within the walls of his historic mosque, particularly during the cold winter months.

One mama cat was observed bringing her newborn kittens into the mosque one by one. She carried them in her mouth up the stairs and over to the safety of the mosque’s pulpit, where she proceeded to groom and feed them:

On Facebook Imam Efe wrote, “The kitty has found the heart of compassion and mercy.” Meanwhile other feline guests are known to sit in on Imam Efe’s sermons alongside human congregation members.

[via My Modern Metropolis, BuzzFeed, and Bored Panda]


Drone captures a whale opening its mouth to feed. That is a big mouth.


When your jam comes on in a store

I was telling my boyfriend about this and I decided that I had to make a post to introduce tumblr to Pedals the bear.

Pedals is a very special black bear because he always walks on his two hind legs and doesn’t like to use his front paws (bipedal, hence Pedals). A few years ago people started seeing him in and around my town and for a while no one was sure what the heck he was. Some people claimed that he was a man in a bear suit until people started capturing footage of him doing his thing. He became a local celebrity and NJ news networks started covering his appearances. 

People started worrying that he might be injured or a lost performing animal that wouldn’t be able to survive in the wilderness, so they called for an investigation from the local wildlife service to see if he needed to be taken into captivity. After monitoring him though, it became clear that Pedals taught himself how to do this due to an injury to his front paws when he was young, and continued to walk out of habit. He’s perfectly healthy and able to forage and be social with no problem, so he’s still free and wandering around my town. He has fans who follow his appearances and seeing him is a great surprise :]


Meet Jonathan the Giant Tortoise, estimated to be 184 years old, he’s the world’s oldest known living land animal and, until just a few days ago, he may also have been the dirtiest. It seems the supreme elder Seychelles giant tortoise had never had a bath.

Jonathan lives on the island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. He lives at Plantation House, also the official residence of the Governor. Here you can see a photo of Jonathan on Saint Helena in 1902 beside a photo taken just last year:

We should all look so good at nearly two centuries old! Jonathan has lost his vision to cataracts and can no longer smell, but otherwise he’s doing well and is cared for by island veterinarian Dr. Joe Hollins. And now, also thanks to Dr. Hollins, Jonathan has just had his very first bath. The geriatric tortoise’s shell received a gentle, but thorough washing in preparation for a Royal Visit in May.

Consider how much has happened around the world over the last two centuries and then watch this video to see how 200 years of grime were washed away:

[via mental_floss, LiveScience, The Telegraph, and Bored Panda]


Humpback whale breaching from below and above the water

When people say shit like "omg this cow think it's a dog!" or "look at this video of pigs acting like a dog"


They are acting like their own species. You are just pretending their behavior is special (and similar to that of your valued companion animal) because god forbid you realize that omg, the animals you fucking eat have personalities and enjoy their lives.

So I dunno. If you think those videos and stories are cute maybe you should stop eating/supporting the exploitation of the subjects of those videos.