Sea turtles nesting, Nicaragua


Fort adventures! Bonus kitty snaps:


Name: Max (Maximilian)

Gender: Agender (They/Them)

Species: Cat

- Purple with darker purple markings, paw pads and eyebrows
- Pale pink insides of ears
- Opal colored eyes

Personality: Lazy

Birthday: September 4

Town: Crysalli

Coffee preference: Kilimanjaro, regular amount of milk, three spoonfuls of sugar

Friends (fan made and canon characters):
-Jasper the deer
-Elly the wolf
-Alacri the fox
-Julian the unicorn
-Pashmina the goat
-Chelsea the deer
-Wendy the sheep
-Isabelle the dog
-Lottie the otter
-Celeste the owl
-and many more!

-Tanya the cat (mother)
-Gregory (Greg) the cat (father)
-Kaitlyn (Katie/Kat) the cat (1st Sister)
-Nikki (Nicole) the cat (2nd sister)
-Lily the kitten (3rd sister)

Styles: Casual and Pastel Goth (in game the style would swap randomly from day to day)

Hey everyone I am going to be doing an Animal Crossing New Leaf give away!

I just started getting back into Animal Crossing and I’ve decided to do a give away.
I’ll be choosing two winners on March 15th 2017!
The first winner would receive 100 millions bells one rare wallpaper and two gold pieces funiture!

The second winner would receive 50 million Bells and two random gold pieces of furniture!

The rules: must be following me can reblog or like as many times as possible must have your Tumblr message box opened must have a 3ds and a copy of animal crossing new leaf

Good luck everyone!


This clip is amazing.

Last week we dived at a magical place on the Cape Horn archipelago. Because there had been virtually no underwater surveys on this remote area, we picked our diving spots haphazardly. Last week we couldn’t have been luckier. We came upon a giant aggregation of the fake king crab Paralomis granulosa. They were in the ground, on top of each other, climbing on the kelp, parachuting from the canopy… like a scene taken off a sci-fi movie.


Waking up and realising you’re in this reality again.


Seeing all these Vine compilations got me jealous, so here are all of the vines that I had in my drafts and then downloaded.

…they may have something in common…and hopefully that will make anybody who’s upset feel better. =3


20 orphaned African elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (@dswt) just outside Nairobi, Kenya