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Could you write an imagine where Loki turns Y/N's Boyfriend, T'Challa into an actual Black Panther. Y/N doesn't know so when she sees the black panther staring at her and walking closer to her she freaks out and maybe runs away from it thinking that it will attack her. But then Avengers explain what happened.

Ms. Y/N, Sir has requested your presence in the lab

You glance up at the ceiling, a habit you picked up from Steve and Bucky, “Any reason why?”

I am not at liberty to disclose; however, it involves King T’Challa

“Shit. Tell them I’m on my way”

The door to the lab is open by the time you get down there, and you practically sprint inside.

“Tony, what’s wrong?” You glance around the lab, “Where’s T’Challa?”

Tony chuckles, scratching the back of his head, “That’s actually the problem …”

There’s a soft sound behind you. You whip around, coming face to face with the largest black panther you’ve ever seen. Letting out a high-pitched shriek you scramble backwards, slamming straight into Tony’s work bench. “WHY … WHAT … HOW … TONY!!”

Tony groans, “I told you to stay hidden until I told her what happened! Now look what you did!”

The big cat hisses at Tony, but when it, he, turns back to you he lets out a soft, sad sound. “Tony, you have 10 seconds to explain why there is a panther in your lab, why you called me down, and where the hell my boyfriend is, before I completely lose my shit”

“Y/N, I really do have an explanation, I promise. The panther is … T’Challa”

Your eyes zero in on the panther, who lets out a soft chuffing sound, before walking closer. Slowly you slide off the table, and T’Challa hesitantly approaches you, “Babe? Is that you in there?”

Suddenly you have a lap full of purring cat, rubbing his face against yours. You look up at Tony, eyes wide. “Loki did it. We were out, responding to a call when Loki showed up. He seemed to take a particular interest in T’Challa, and decided to turn him into his namesake.”

You gently rub behind T’Challa’s ears, “How long will the spell last?”

“We don’t know for sure, but Thor said that Loki’s transfiguration spells usually last about a week”

“You’re gonna be a panther for a week” T’Challa snorts and lays his head in your lap, “Has anyone called Shuri? She needs to know about this”

“I was hoping you’d call her?”

T’Challa lets out a huff, nuzzling into your neck, “Fine. I’ll call Shuri, it’ll have to be a video-chat, or she probably won’t believe me”

JARVIS pulls up a holographic screen, already calling Shuri. She answers at the second ring, “Y/N. It is a pleasure to hear from you. I had intended to call you tonight, I have not heard from my brother in 24 hours. Do you know where he is?”

You chuckle, “That’s actually what I was calling you about. T’Challa was … turned into a panther, and will probably be this way for about a week” you rush. T’Challa sits beside you, in full view of Shuri.

“Brother?” He lets out a soft chuffing sound, “What happened to you?”

“Loki hit him with a spell at their last battle, tuning into his animal name sake.”

Shuri puts her head in her hands, “Damnit, brother, only you would get yourself turned into a panther”

“Thor said that the spell should wear off on a week, but until then he won’t be able to make any decisions regarding Wakanda.”

“Of course. You will keep me updated on any progress with the spell?”

You nod, “Definitely, we’ll call let you know if anything changes”

Shuri gives you a small smile, “Thank you, Y/N. However, I must go now, I need to inform the council what happened to their king”

T’Challa hums, low in his throat, “Goodbye, Shuri”

Having your boyfriend turned into a large, protective cat has its ups and downs. For one thing, you get all the cuddles you could possibly want, on the downside, he refuses to let anyone else near you.

“Y/N! Come spar with me”

You groan, burying your face deeper into T’Challa’s fur, “Do I have to?”

“Yes, you’ve skipped out on training because of T’Challa’s … problem. I can’t have you getting rusty”


Gently nudging T’Challa off of you, you and Steve head down to the gym. “I’m thinking we can spar, and then go for a run”


You and Steve quickly stretch and take your positions on the sparing match, T’Challa resting on the side.


Steve lunges forward, trying to use his size to overwhelm you. Fortunately, you had training with the Dora Milaje, and knew how to take down a man over three times your size. The sparing goes on for a while, everything is fine, until Steve actually lands a hit.

“Shit!” The punch lands right in your ribs, and suddenly Steve isn’t anywhere near you.

Steve’s pinned under T’Challa’s bulk, his teeth bared and poised over Steve’s throat, “T’Challa! No!”

You lunge forward, grabbing onto your boyfriend’s scruff before he rips the Captain’s throat out. Thankfully, T’Challa does get off of Steve, but he makes sure to keep you behind him. Steve sits up cautiously, “He’s heavier than he looks”

“Yeah he is. I, um, I think it would be best if we called it a day, Captain” T’Challa lets out another rumble, and uses his head to nudge you toward the elevator, “Alright! Alright! I’m going, babe. Calm down. I get it, no sparring when you’re not human.”

Eventually, the two of you end up in your apartment, T’Challa laying gently on top of you, making it so you can’t move.

“Did it bother you that I was sparring, or that I was hit?”

He gently nudges your side, where you can feel a burse already forming.

“I’m sorry I worried you” T’Challa huffs, nuzzling against you. “Let’s take a nap, kitty cat. I’m tired”

T’Challa settles on you more firmly, making sure that you are warm and comfortable. You can’t help but feel safe whenever your boyfriend is around, no matter which form he’s in.

You wake up decidedly more comfortable than when you fell asleep.  Curling up on your side, you sniggle deeper into your blanket.

Shooting up, you look around your bedroom frantically, because you distinctly remember falling asleep on the couch with T’Challa. “T’Challa? Babe?”

The bathroom door opens and out steps your, now very human, boyfriend, “Hello, darling”

Eyes wide, you scramble out of bed and fling yourself into T’Challa’s arms. “I missed you”

His arms wrap tightly around you, “I was always with you”

You sniffle, tears blurring your vision, “I know you were, but you couldn’t hold me when you were a panther.”

“Do not cry, beloved, I am here now. Come, lay with me, I have missed having you in my arms”

“We need to call, Shuri”

T’Challa chuckles, “I will call my sister later. For now, all I want to do is lay in bed with you”

“Of course, I’d never say no to you”

You can T’Challa end up lying in bed for the rest of the afternoon. Curled up together, and comfortable, finally happy to be back in each other’s arms.

Jason: I’m not going to tell him

Dick: Well, me neither! She wasn’t even supposed to be out with us

Damian *quietly scratching behind your ears*: I will not be taking the blame for this, Grayson. I was not the one to give in to her pleading.

Dick: She used the puppy dog eyes! I can’t resist those!

Tim: Maybe we can get Alfred to tell B

Bruce: Tell me what?

Animal transformation au where transformation curses run rampant in the NHL, but only tend to last a week;

Conor turns into a miniature floof like one of his dogs, and spends a week happily perched in matt’s arms, and sleeping in a puppy pile on his side of the bed with their actual fur babies. He is a very dignified floof. Murrs is a very accommodating boyfriend

(Sid: why is conor up on your shelf?

Murrs: he likes feeling tall)

Olli turns into a sea otter. He likes to hold Justin’s hand and taking baths together. Putting him on the ice is the funniest fucking thing and no one can stop laughing as geno skates him around the rink at the end of his stick.

Chucky spends a week as a baby bear, all roly-poly and playful and he keeps getting himself into trouble by climbing into things he shouldn’t, because they smell interesting. Gally gets the shit scared out of him when he opens his equipment bag at the rink to find a napping bear cub.

Jamie becomes a steer. It’s like Tyler’s tweets are coming back to haunt him. He’s a surprisingly gentle bull, who just happily hangs with the labs in Tyler’s back yard like a bodyguard and chews cud. He and Marshall are total nap buds. The only down side are his massive fucking horns that keep almost accidentally goring everyone.

The Flyers refuse to explain why a legit lion refuses to leave the bench during games, just saying ‘Claude would want him here’. The Briere kids instagrams are full of hilarious pics and videos of the lion acting like a giant housecat.

A really fucking ugly goat spends the week eating most of the Caps jerseys, and trying to sit in Backy’s lap. Papa is not amused.
To fill it up with something - caughtinanocean
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A fateful encounter with Dr. Strange leaves the Winter Soldier transformed, and Bucky Barnes reunites with Steve Rogers in a most unexpected way.

“Steve brings the puppy inside, into the apartment that doesn’t quite feel like home no matter how much he’s been trying. He isn’t used to being alone. Before the war, he always had Bucky, and his mother until her death. During the war, Bucky was there, too—and the rest of the Howlers, of course—but Bucky always meant home. (And well, maybe Steve’s already got a name for the puppy in mind).“

You think you don’t need puppy-Bucky in your life, but you would be wrong my friends!

Cat!Clint fic

A while ago, I asked for ridiculous tropey prompts on the WinterHawk Discord server. Someone - I can’t remember who - requested the pair of them turned into cats. This is… not quite that fic. But Clint as a cat. Utterly pointless, tropey fluffy nonsense get-together fic.

The cat has a fawn coat, with white across its belly and it’s right on top of the door.

There is no logical way a cat that size should have been able to climb up that door. There are no cupboards in the vicinity, no obvious climbing or jumping off points.

“If he eats a bird, is that cannibalism?” Stark asks idly. Bucky takes a second to analyse the question and then blinks because that really didn’t make any sense, even for Stark. Apparently he’s walked into something. All of the Avengers are crowded round the doorway the cat is sitting on. It glares down at them, and they stare up at it. Steve looks perplexed and worried, his face screwed up to the side, like the cat is a personal problem for him. Wilson and Stark look amused, Wanda is clearly trying to look comforting and safe, reaching out to coax the cat down. But it’s Natasha who catches Bucky’s eye. She looks concerned. Not like Steve does, because she never shows anything that much, even surrounded by friends, but if you know how to read her…

That’s odd, and a little worrying.

Bucky opens his mouth to speak and that’s when the cat catches sight of him.

They stare at each other for a moment, then the cat makes a weird chirping sound and leaps.

There is the sound of a collective intake of breath as it bounds off the door. Its paws hit Steve’s shoulder and it bounds again, leaping to the floor with a grace that is ruined as soon as its feet hit the tiled surface.

Its eyes widen in alarm as its feet slide every which way, hurtling towards Bucky’s feet.

After a few seconds of flailing, it finally gets itself under control again and twitches one ear, before walking more sedately up to Bucky, as though nothing had just happened.

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