Malaysian Cat Gecko (Aeluroscalabotes felinus) -

True to its name, they are native to Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Singapore.  Aeluroscalabotes is the only genus in its family, and this gecko is the only species in that genus.  The term cat gecko comes from the habit of curling its tail at rest and wrapping it around itself as it sleeps.  

Unlike most geckos, it does not have the adhesive feet pads.  Instead, it climbs trees using small claws and its prehensile tail.  It is thought to be one of the more primitive species of gecko.  Its small build likens it to some fossilized gecko ancestors. 

Their coloration can vary from yellow to red, and their eyes can be black, silver and sometimes a dark green.  They are nocturnal and not picky eaters.  In certain regions, they are protected from poaching for pet trade, but in other areas, populations are unknown. 

Photos: (top) (bottom left) (bottom right)

Today’s special snowflake gender of the day is: Deergender!

PSA: you can only use this gender if you are Bambi or are kin with Bambi, otherwise it’s cultural appropriation UWU


Gonatodes (Gonatodes daudini)-

Gonatodes is a genus of dwarf geckos that include many different species. Almost every species has a dramatic and unique color variation (in the males mostly). They mostly live in the forests of South America although some have adapted to live in cities and have been taken as pets.

They eat almost any bug that they can swallow.  Some species of Gonatodes are becoming critically endangered due to deforestation.

Most of the species have pointed noses and are rather narrow in body size.  However Gonatodes Daudini, shown here is the only one with large  scales, bright orange irises and the 3 eye shaped patterns displayed by the males. 

Photos: Strategy Forum INC on Flickr 

  • nick:hey can I say something
  • judy:let me guess will this just be another pun
  • nick:no...I just want to say thank you. Thank you for making me smile every single day and cheering me up whenever I felt low. Thank you for making me feel loved and buying me stuff I didn't even know I wanted. You're a very special bunny to me and I couldn't imagine being with anyone else other than you. I've never met anyone more determined than you and you've inspired me to become the animal I am today. I love you Judy, don't ever forget that.
  • judy:Nick...oh my, I don't even know what to sa-
  • nick:also you've got a major case of B.O
  • judy:i knew you would find a way to ruin this

Suddenly super happy to see his nephew taste pavement.  So much so that he multitasked a Hot-Headed sim animation plus that goofy smile.  xD

And then not so happy.

This is becoming pathological.  xD

You deserved that shit.  :D

I stand by it.  lol

Anyway I’m going to bed now.  Here’s your recap post for tonight!


Aardwolf (Proteles Christata) - 

Despite its name, the aardwolf is a member of the hyena family.  It is smaller than its Hyaenidae cousins and it does not hunt large prey.  Instead, it has a modified, long sticky tongue that it uses to eat insects and termites.  Occasionally, it will scavenge for carrion.  Because of its diet, sometimes their teeth wear or fall out.

They are nocturnal and live in burrows.  They are social and pairs will both work to raise cubs.  However during foraging, they will typically separate and feed alone.  

Since they cannot run very quickly, they rely on their foul smelling spray, and their mohawk like manes that can be raised to seem more threatening. 

This guy showed up at my work covered in fleas. Got him some food and flea medicine. He’s better and super friendly! He was picked up by a no kill animal shelter today and is on his way to find a forever home. I am going to miss his handsome face!


A single egg for preserving.  xD  Because a canning station totally makes sense at Egyptian base camp.  >_>;

Mr. Wolff.

… if you could NOT.

I’ve never seen a sim so interested in a damn turtle in my life.  xD


Eggs that look suspiciously like jam.  (゚⊿゚)

I’m going to go to bed now.  xD  Here is your recap post for tonight.



He got so freaked out it was ADORABLE.

I mean he’s freaked out because he’s scared but, he didn’t have to pointedly come all the way around to this horrible scene to put his stupid plate on the floor.

MY PERFECT DEER SIM.  He’s too cute for this.

Too fragile.  Too soft and non-threatening.  BY DESIGN.  xD  … I actually have a hard time making fragile male sims.  ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

It’s here I got this bent idea he was checking Artyom out despite being besties with somewhat opposing gender preference.  xD

You already have his brother, dude, YOU DON’T NEED THE WHOLE FAMILY.

This amuses me.

Don’t be so sour.  Have a ducky.  :D

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Today is Maia’s gotcha day!!! This pretty little thang has been with us for exactly two years now! 💖✨

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her!The first picture was taken the day we brought her home and the second picture is from today. I’m so thankful for my MaiMai🎀🐀