Some hyenas and an African wild dog I sketched yesterday–trying to get back into the swing of art after working on less-drawing/more-typography stuff. That top one kind of sums up how I feel about sketching right now. ;P


I’m running away from Manchester for a bit so here’re some stuff from the make-shift work station on my friend’s living room.
1. Mrs Starling looking lovingly at her dear un-hatched children. They’re due to see the world in a few days. Unfortunately, their father, Mr Starling, won’t be able to see them as he was called away on urgent business.
2. Costume studies for my current university project, one that I’m much eager to embark on drawing.


Research has shown that these Marmosets can learn by watching how-to videos.

They installed a TV and played a video of other marmosets manipulating a box in order to take out a treat, with most of those who watched the video learning to do it themselves.

(Via Nature)

magicalgay  asked:

Hey, I'm kinda having a crisis... a friend just told me her roommates recently got a dog and are feeding it a vegan diet. I told her she needs to let them know that they can't make their dog vegan but she wants to come to them with resources explaining that. Can you help? When I googled it I only found vegan blogs and the like

Pass onto them this article. I wrote it in conjunction with someone who studies animal nutrition, and the citations are well-known and accepted nutrition texts.