Crow is known to be one of the most intelligent beings. Crow speaks his truth without dismay. Crow is a warrior of justice and teacher to many. They are watchful protectors and provide spiritual strength.

Use these five stones to connect to Crow’s energy:

  • Blue Calcite - recuperation, clearing
  • Black Onyx - self mastery, strength
  • Golden Labradorite - wisdom, intellect
  • Nuummite - magick, protection
  • Lapis Lazuli - mystic knowledge, third eye
Alphabetically arranged list of popular precious and semiprecious stones by their magickal intentions.

Anaphrodisiac (Opposite of Aphrodisiac): Onyx

Aphrodisiac: Pearl

Animals: Boulder matrix opal (to access one’s animal guides), cat’s eye (for all spellwork relating to cats), cylindrite, faustite, ganophyllite, horneblende (for communicating with the physical and spiritual animal worlds), stibnite (a totem stone for the wolf), and tiger’s eye.

Astral Projection/Astral Travel: Agate (Brazilian), alexandrite, ametrine, angelite, apophyllite, astrophyllite, azulicite, benitoite, calcite, caledonite, celestite, florencite, geode, iolite, jasper, kyanite, lepidocrocite, lepidolite, linarite, lodestone, milarite, mohawkite, obsidian (blue or electric-blue sheen), petalite, quartz crystal (espesially double terminated and quartz penetrated by black tourmaline crystals), ramsdellite, richterite, rutile, sapphire (blue), spinel (dark blue), tellurium, tephroite, tunnellite (to strengthen the silver cord), and turquoise.

Banishing Evil Spirits: Diamond, emerald, jasper, and jet.

Bravery: Agate (tawny), amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, bloodstone, carnelian, diamond, garnet, lapis lazuli, sard, sardonyx, tiger’s eye, tourmaline (red), and turquoise.

Clairvoyance: See Psychic Powers.

Divination: Azurite, emerald, flint, hematite, jet, lamprophyllite, mica, moonstone, mosandrite, obsidian, opal, palermoite (stimulates the ability for palmistry), sapphire, and tiger’s eye.

Dreams: Amethyst, augelite, azurite, beta quartz, Chinese writing rock, dickite, garnet, jade, jasper (red), kyanite, lapis lazuli, manganosite, moonstone, opal, peridot, quartz crystal, rhonite, ruby, sapphire (green), and tourmaline (blue). See also Prophetic Dreams

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First - Part Two

A/N: This contains sexual actions, just so you are aware. Feedback is always lovely. 

Word count: 2,545

“Here we are” you said, letting Shawn pass through your front door.

He looked around curiously as he entered the hall and you followed him behind.

“You like it?” you asked, he nodded back at you.

“You live here alone?” he asked almost stunned. You laughed slightly as his cute little reaction.

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anonymous asked:

Do tend to be more vocal during sex/orgasm or are you quiet the whole time? Just curious 🤔

Back when I was first coming up as a Dom I was also studying religion and philosophy. Matter of fact, I have a minor in religious study. 

One of the things that came out of all that was looking into the ways of transcendental meditation, the tantra, and other various forms of spiritual pleasures mixed in with the physical. 

So… whats a man to do? but lock himself inside of an empty room for 4 days and stare at the walls while crawling into the deep crevices of his mind and his soul. 

What emerged from that experience was something so incredibly fascinating that its hard to understand for many.

When I engage in intimacy… its not just a touch and go, kiss and lick and sweat it out kind of thing. Its a full body, emotional, physical and spiritual experience. One in which I become completely immersed not only with my entire body but also with my soul.

A soul that seeks to fully devour and consume what its after.. and translates such through my hands.. my mouth.. my hips… my muscles.. my everything. Words spew like a fountain… grunts.. and moans… deep laughs and growls.. all surface to create an environment within the environment that not only captures the physicality of the experience, but the mind and the emotions as well.

A deep spiritual animal comes out… prowling for satisfaction. It hungers to taste and feel… to examine… to touch.. grab.. pinch.. grope… it seeks to completely become enveloped in the soul of which is receiving its pleasure, and intertwine itself as though it were merging into one flesh. 

The animal takes over and soon reality seems to fade and depart from the scene. What was once simple kissing… light touching.. becomes a complete immersion of ecstasy and absolute bliss. 

I talk… a lot. I tell you every single thing that I am going to do, am doing, and I also make sure you know how much you love it. I growl and grunt… and hum… and make you know how much I love it. I take my time, I do it right… and my main goal is making sure that you walk away from the experience forever changed. My hands dont stop until every inch of you has been touched.. my mouth doesnt stop until youve told me you cant give any more.. and then I make you give again. And when i take over with my waist… my hands, mouth, words, sounds, and entire body dont stop.

And when I am ready.. my entire being is expressed into my release and it becomes uncontrollable. Like a wild beast finally let out of its cage…. 

Hours go by… and your left laying there wondering what just happened, and how. Because it usually becomes one of the most intense highs you’ve ever had. Its a full body experience… its an amazing experience. 

I take intimacy incredibly serious.

and its always more for her… than it is for me.