The Department of Impossible Cuteness thinks you’ve all got cute fingers, but still wants to make sure you know they could be even cuter. A little concentrated kawaii goes a long way and these handmade Animal Cling Rings by Japanese artist Jiro Miura are each so awsomely adorable that they’re guaranteed to not only brighten your day, but also the day of anyone who comes within at least a 5 feet of your decorated digits.

Miura is a self-taught artist who painstakingly carves and paints each ring to look like a perfectly detailed miniature version of the animal that’s wrapping its feet/toes/feathers/flippers/paws/claws/tail around your finger. Some of them rest their heads and haunches on your other fingers too:

Miura sells his rings under the brand name Count Blue along with a range of other handmade accessories such as earrings, pins, pendants, and cellphone charms. Click here to view his entire product line.

You can also follow Jiro Miura right here on Tumblr at countblue.

[via Design You Trust and Design Taxi]