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almisse  asked:

Hello! I'm a beginner witch ( leafmealoe-ne ) and I was wondering what role do bones play in Wicca, or any interesting relations. Thank you!

Bones are usually used in ritual and in spells, though some witches simply collect them because they like them. Different bones have different properties. For example, feet (hooves, paws, etc) are used for luck and invoking.

Thousands of years ago, people did not have many tools, so they used animal parts. Bones could be cut into knifes, sewing needles, farm tools, and so on, and animals were thanked for the sacrifice of their lives and bodies and honoured by the reuse of them.

Wearing parts of an animal, especially their bones, is thought to bring you a deeper connection with that type of animal.

Please make sure that if you use bones they are collected humanely and that you clean them well. 

the animal crossing fandom is so good and pure?? like so much of it is people helping other people by doing things like making tutorials and trading and doing giveaways, and also its people sharing creations and complimenting other peoples stuff and???? its just so nice i love it