I’ve started a post on this a few times since Sunday and think I can finally write a bit without keyboard smashing.  I have had a very bad weekend which made me extremely angry and killed a lot of enthusiasm I had for 2017 plans.  I’m still angry.  

The short:  I found geckos I sold two months ago on a table at Repticon, and the girl was on that table gravid. 

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Animal Neglect Rant (Long Post Sorry)

Growing up as the daughter of a vet, I was around animals, and animal owners, a lot. And I’ve heard a lot of excuses made for giving an animal sub par care and I’ll tell you that unless you took this animal in unannounced as an emergency and are actively looking for a suitable home, none them hold water.

But the one I just never get over is the “I don’t have the time/space/money for this animal’s proper care.”

Don’t buy or take in an animal you can’t care for. There’s just no excuses here, don’t buy an animal if you don’t have the time/space/money for it.

If you’re unsure about your animal’s needed care, research it! Buying blind then retroactively complaining about not having enough time/space/money for that animal is not a valid excuse. It just means you didn’t do your research which doesn’t bode well for you as an animal keeper.

I don’t care if it’s a tiny betta fish or a giant Clydesdale, you need to give your animal proper care. Period.

you know what’d be nice?

if artists and animators and creators of all kinds of media would collectively stop depicting people keeping aquatic creatures in bowls.

i guarantee you that like at least half the reason people keep their fish in unfiltered bowls irl is because of this pervasive image of the goldfish bowl in fiction. the sheer ubiquity of this image normalizes cruel conditions for fish and other aquatic animals, who invariably need filtration, space, and temperature regulation that a bowl can’t provide.

i see it literally everywhere, even in fanworks i otherwise enjoy, and it makes me so upset to see this kind of implicit encouragement of animal neglect.

so please, anyone who sees this, please don’t draw your fish in bowls. our aquatic friends deserve better from us.

Reptiblr, please take the time to look at this-

One of my coworkers has Dermestid beetles (flesh eating beetles used in taxidermy), and someone brought him a snake because he wanted its skeleton…

The problem is that the snake was alive

This is a male coastal carpet python who is perfectly healthy, but is maybe 30 inches long at 3 years old. He has been consistently neglected and underfed for years by someone who bought him as a hatchling and quickly lost interest. 

I am not setting up a fundraiser of any kind, and I don’t need anything to take care of him for now. But, I am completely out of space at my house with six snakes of my own.

So please, if you live in Missouri and can provide a great loving home for this guy please message me

and even if you aren’t interested, please take the time to reblog because this little guy deserves so much better than the life he’s had. 

For the record: if your bearded dragon looks like this, you do not have a healthy bearded dragon. And for reference, their “underweight” beardies are in this album, along with more pics of Mimzy, who’s so obese the weight of her chins pull the corners of her lip open. This person also breeds roaches and their feeder site says “They are unique, loving, and depend on us to feed them the best that we can.” 

and yet they have a bearded dragon who’s so fat her beard drags on the ground

(also, two vets =/= “dozens” of vets.)



Stay AWAY from Pet Extreme in Livermore, CA. This is the state of their tanks EVERY DAY. Employees add new fish to tanks that have sick and dead fish in them. The tanks are NEVER cleaned. Fish are kept in cramped, disgusting tanks. This is unquestionably cruel and inhumane. There is no reason for these conditions. This is blatant, needless neglect. These tanks would only take a few minutes to clean/remove the DEAD ANIMALS rotting inside. There are actual skeletons, having been there so long that the flesh has fallen away.

Employees don’t know even the basics of aquarium care and claim bettas can live in bowls, >1 gallon tanks, etc. Bettas need 2.5 gallons+ and NO FISH SHOULD EVER BE KEPT IN A BOWL. They also claim that fish will only grow to the size of their aquariums. This is NOT TRUE as you can see with the Red Oscar in an undersized tank.

I will have to make a separate post on the condition of their birds. Their birds are visibly unwell and at least one person was sold a bird that had a massive, visible tumor and died shortly after purchase. The cages are also far overstocked. I purchased a cockatiel here several years ago, getting him the day the birds arrived in the store. There were 10+ young birds in a cage that I wouldn’t recommend keeping more than 2 in.

I have contacted the company about this and not only have they never responded, but conditions worsen every time I’ve checked. This is NOT a massive corporation with hundreds of stores; this company is small and only operates a handful of stores in the Bay Area. Clearly, whoever is in charge just simply doesn’t care.

Don’t support this business with your patronage. Don’t buy animals or pet supplies from them. Don’t give them the money to continue this practice. I know it’s tempting to “rescue” animals from here: don’t. It only gives them money and incentive to stock more animals and continue to abuse and neglect them.

My house sitter neglected my pets and house

So I’ve been visiting with my family a few states away for the past few weeks and I got back home yesterday. We had one of my husband’s friends house sit (our first choice house sitter wasn’t available). I expected the place to look a little bad but I was not expecting what I came home to last night after three days of driving home…

The first thing that pissed me off was the piles and piles of McDonald’s bags, cups, and boxes piled on both of my couches, my counters, and floor. Then there was the other various microwable packages stacked on top of the other crap. It took two large black trash bags to clean up.

If the regular trash wasn’t enough then the pile of cat food cans that was spread across my kitchen counters and sink really annoyed me. And then there was the litter box that hadn’t been thrown out (we have cardboard litter boxes that get delivered to our door every month). I’m pregnant and could smell it from across the house where he had left it sitting. I couldn’t even go inside until my husband took it out.

But that’s sadly not the worst of it all, and I wasn’t even really pissed off until I realized he really hadn’t even been taking care of our animals. My cats food was moldy. Fucking moldy. My cat is very picky about his food and this guy had bought a completely different (and crappy) brand of wet cat food. My cat refused to eat most of it and it ended up molding. I’m not talking about an unnoticeable amount of mold. It was visible when I looked at it. Cat food is not meant to be green and fuzzy!!!!!!! My poor baby started meowing for food as soon as we got home. I also have hermit crabs that require fresh food every day and lots of humidity and heat. Their substrate was obviously dry as absolute Hell and the food was definitely sitting in there since we left (he hadn’t even bought them any food). My poor little crabs also were pretty cold and they barely had any water.

I legit don’t really care what you do with my house while you house sit for me. Throw a party, have sex on the couch, whatever. Just take care of my goddamn animals and clean the fuck up after yourself. I shouldn’t have to come home after a long trip, already in pain because of pregnancy, and clean up your nasty fucking shit.


Pegleg had her first meal! To get some fluid in her I have fed her repashy’s grub pie. (To those who don’t know, it’s like crested gecko food, but for leopard geckos and other insectivores! I added a high moisture ratio so she could be fed with a dripper.)
She took it like a champ. Afterwards she also hunted a few dusted crickets. She really loves the humid box! She’s in it all day! She’s a calm and happy gecko despite her quirks. Also likes to hang around on top of hides instead of inside them.

While watching her hunt I have also noticed that she can’t use either of her front legs properly. The shoulder blade on her other leg is positioned VERY strangely and it seems to make it hard for her to lift the entire leg. She also has a bad calcium shortage.

I’ll be scheduling a vet visit very soon :) first she needs to settle down some more.

Stop sharing those videos of bathing rabbits via submersion in water!

Before someone else shares a rabbit in a bath/pool video or tags me in one of those posts again just know rabbits should never be bathed by being submerged in water. Those videos of a rabbit relaxing in a sink, splashing in a tub or swimming in a pool all promote dangerous misinformation. Knowledgeable rabbit owners would consider this animal abuse. I’ll explain why.

Rabbits are meticulous groomers and clean themselves nearly all of the time. In proper, clean living conditions a rabbit should almost never be dirty thus never requiring a bath. The only reason a rabbit would need any help is if it’s sick, old or immobile and even then only requires a spot clean with a bowl of water and a cloth. To add to that rabbits aren’t like dogs and are ill equipped to regulate their body temperatures. A rabbit’s coat dries so incredibly slowly the risk of hypothermia is high. Since rabbits are prey animals they can go into shock when they are scared. Anyone knowledgeable with bunnies knows that shock can kill a rabbit. Furthermore a rabbit that breathes in water, gets water in its ears, etc will get a cold, get an infection, develop head tilt or harm itself - all of which can be debilitating, disabling or fatal to domesticated rabbits. Not to mention drowning is always a risk when bathing rabbits.

The videos seem cute at first, I definitely get that, but shouldn’t be shared without a disclaimer of animal misinformation if not animal harm/neglect/abuse.



I’m actually really upset today. This morning my friend went to petsmart and saw this.

“Okay so I saw him when he was still breathing and I asked for someone to come to the reptile section. I waited 10 minutes. No one showed up so I asked a manager and he said he would get someone to help me.

I kept checking on the beardie and at this point he blinked and closed his eyes and stopped breathing. It took another 10 minutes before someone came over and she touched him and he was dead.

I asked if they had any other sick beardies in the back and they said they had one that wouldn’t eat. I told them I could rehabilitate that one or foster it until it is healthy and they said I would have to wait until it is up for adoption. She said she will take my number and let me know when any reptiles are up for adoption. ”

I asked her to get pictures of the one in the back and they won’t let her see him. This is fucking disgusting, they don’t get this way over night. How do you not look at this animal and think “hmmm, maybe something is wrong?” How the hell do you not do anything?

Yeah, maybe he is sick but you don’t let a sick lizard just sit in the display case with the other ones and die??? I can’t imagine how long it would have sat there had my friend not pointed it out? Honestly if it went that long without anyone noticing it was sick then I can’t imagine they would notice if it was dead

Miya’s running at full power again and is excited to... OMG LOOK AT ALL THESE HALF FINISHED DRAFTS AND UNANSWERED ATF MEME REQUESTS!!! Dear god, what have I done!?😨

Needless to say, I’m going to make “Are They Flat” character development memes a priority over the three day weekend here and on my @miyamagi shounen ghetto Magi blog. I kid, I kid Magi fandom member followers. You know I love you all. .😚😚 😚 

 I can’t help but make a few jokes about Magi every now and then between Ohtaka’s handling of the final art and chuckling at the fandom’s ship fueled Flame War of the Week. I bust your chops because I love you and there are oh so many things going on that I have to find a way to laugh about so I don’t cry. 


 There’s a lot of analytical writing and housekeeping I wanted to do last week but I was just too foggy headed to fire off more than a few rambles and some comment/reblog responses.

I know better than to say “this is the day I’m finally going to finish [insert project here] because it, always, always, ALWAYS. Jinxes it.

I’m going to be more active. New content will be posted more consistently. There will be essays written in response to requests. I will respond to reblogs, comments and memes. I will post some “getting to know you” memes in the hopes of getting to know new followers better. I will try keep things interesting and varied enough to not bore or scare people away I will be doing stuff. I am going to do some housekeeping, including updating archives, moving older magi content to @miyamagi, and other things that will streamline this site.

I will not get more specific than that, because I’m already tempting fate by stating the goals above as it is.

In spite of the backlog I already have, I would love to do more and have more conversations via ask box. I’m going to post meme suggestions momentarily, but I hope that the content on the blog itself will be enough to get a few more people around here to



Meet Dipper.
An elderly couple came in to the pet store I work at today with this poor soul. They had found Dipper in their yard.
He was incredibly dehydrated and gulped down water the second it was offered. His spine protrudes and stretches his scales.
His muscles are so atrophied he doesn’t even have head boobs.
Despite this he is still fairly responsive to touch. I think Dipper has a will to live. It will be a test to see if his body is still up for the challenge.
I offered to take Dipper home. The enclosure I had on hand is a touch on the small side and I’m using a cardboard box for a hide. If he makes it through the next few days we’ll move on from there.
What really kills me is just how emaciated he is. I live somewhere with long, hard winters. Even if this kid got out this spring, there had to have been previous neglect for him to be so bad off. This isn’t a hatchling by any means either.
I’ll keep you guys posted.
I know it’s hasty of me to name him when he might not even make it through the night. But I suppose it’s my way of saying that I’ve got hope and faith in them. And that they’re in better hands now.