A Cocktail of Emotion (Part 1)

Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader (first person POV, ‘I’ pronoun)

Genre : Soulmate!AU

Warning : in this chapter, Peter Parker is not going to make an appearance yet

Word Count : 1569

A/N : You guys need to read @buckyslion ‘s and @tomhollands ‘s soulmate series (Strings of Fate and Pulse, respectively to each author) dude I was overwhelmed with the feeling and this story is inspired by their series. I love their writings so much and I had always been a Soulmate!AU junkie and I can’t believe I’m writing this. I hope you guys enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoy writing it, tags are still open so dm me if you want to be tagged, don’t forget to read my other stories I have 2 series lining up and frankly I want to make this story a series too. Comments are totally welcomed, your feedbacks helps me become better and my motivation runs on it lol.

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My great grandmother used to tell me stories about soulmates.

How we meet them.

At what age do we get to find out who our soulmate is.

How it felt to connect with our soulmate.

And also how devastating it is if we lose our soulmate.

There was one a particular story I love about a certain soulmate, though it was sad, the story proved how significant a soulmate is to their other halves.

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talk cecilos headcanons to me

they are best friends who are also husbands and i love that, they are a powerful couple.

if either of them are at the store alone and they see something that reminds them of their husband they pick it up and buy it. this has come to the point where cecil has 6 different cute animal keychains, 18 new pairs of weird socks, a stuffed animal pig that snorts, and much more. Carlos has an equal amount of cute keychains, so many pun shirts, 27 pairs of fun socks (cecil borrows some, shared sock collection) and a cartoon heart plushie, that resembles a real heart.

carlos, when sick, doesn’t stop for anything unless he actually collapses, cecil when he is like this picks him up and tosses him onto their bed and tells him to rest, he sits by carlos playing with his hair until he falls asleep and then cecil runs off to make food or quickly run through his show.

both of them have fidget toys, cecil has a silent one he takes to work because people had a few complaints about the constant clicking noise he made when carlos gave him a fidget cube.

they send eachother links while at work of videos they think the other will like. when they are both at home they run over to show the picture or video. so the following happened of “CECIL THERE IS AN EMERGENCY” “WHAT IS IT CARLOS??” “look how cute this dog looks wearing a hat” “oh, that is precious” “the emergency was you hadn’t seen him”

the morning after they got married cecil woke up first and lovingly looked at carlos and gently woke him up with a “Carlos” “yes?” “you’re my husband” and the two of them having the biggest sleepy smiles on their faces.

they lay on the couch together and cecil likes to mindlessly brain carlos’ hair, carlos likes it too but this once left him with over ten braids across his head.

anytime cecil gets stressed or sad, or has a bad day while at work carlos is always there at home for him, arms open, he’s made cecil’s favorite meal, has his favorite movie ready to go, and if cecil just wants silence and to just hold carlos’ hand without the movie, carlos is there to just sit and help him feel real and ground him.
Cecil does this for Carlos too.

when they met again in the desert other world it was like those where the long distance couple meets at the airport, but they literally smashed together and fell into the sand, they were covered in sand because it was on a little hill where they made contact and just sorta, rolled down it.

and so much more,,

My missing car keys

About two months ago I lost my car keys. That’s not a big deal, really, as my car key and the key fob we’re the only things of consequence on the keychain (which is one of those TY animals). I lost the key when I had gotten home one night and put the key on my bathroom counter. The next morning it was gone, just gone. I spent a whole day looking for my keys before giving up and programming the back up key fob.Fast forward to yesterday. The temperature has been dropping as it’s winter in the states, so I pulled my winter coat put from the backseat of my car where it has been living for about four months. I wore it as I drove to the store and when I got out and went to slip my keys into the pocket, my hand hit something warm and soft. They stuffed animal keychain.The last time I wore this coat before losing my keys was literally months prior since it’s been crazy hot. Also, when I took my back up keys to program (as my jenky car only let’s me have one remote programmed at a time), I had to sit through my alarm going off until the key fob was programmed. My car isn’t fancy, the only way to lock the doors is either with the keys or pressing the key fob, meaning I had to have had the damn things with me outside of the car before they somehow ended up in the pocket of my coat locked inside the car.It’s been bothering me. Any ideas on how my keys teleported into the pocket of a coat I hadn’t used, in the backseat of a locked and alarmed vehicle?

Cutting Through The Matrix


Reversible Isabelle Charm~

Isabelle wears her summer outfit on one side and wears her winter outfit on the other.

★Comes attached to a 1.25 inch (3.25 cm) sturdy metal ring. (Cell phone straps are also available)

★Artwork is printed in between two pieces of acrylic so you never have to worry about the artwork scratching off!

Size: Approximately 2 inches (5 cm) tall


Hey there everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything at all. When I went to working full-time hours again, I just didn’t find the time to really work on art, or hop on any more than one or two sites a day for a brief look. I apologize for the inactivity. But here I am, back again, with something to share!

I have been working on drawing some characters to turn that art into keychains.
But these keychains aren’t just keychains–They have a use!

They’re actually fully-functional custom Amiibo keychains!
They’re portable, they’re waterproof, they’re glossy, they’re handmade, and they’re just fun!
This is my first launch of these things, and you can expect to see more!
Right now, I have the full Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo Sanrio RV card series available. That’s 6 keychains, (the full set) for $25. For an extra $3, you can get them holographic!

The listing is live on Etsy:

Thank you so much for your time! There’s certainly more to come!

BAP!boyfriend - Zelo

Yongguk | Himchan | Daehyun | Youngjae | Jongup

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•Straight up puppy love
•Goofy selfies and videos together
•His lockscreen is one of these selcas where you’re making stupid faces together
•His phone’s background is a picture of you and Mochi napping together
•He low key loves getting teased by his hyungs - he thinks of it as them taking notice of his relationship with you
•Skateboarding lessons
•Top of the head kisses - because that’s the easiest place for his tall ass to reach
•Lazy Harry Potter marathons with popcorn and mud masks. He doesn’t give two cruds about manly
•Definitely cries over sad movies
•Uber excitement over any and all firsts you share
•Loves loves loves holding your hand
•Spontaneous dance offs - whether you can dance or not
•Big proud baby when he introduces you to the other members
•Totally that little shit that likes to smear ice cream on your nose or flour on your cheek when you’re cooking because apparently he thinks this is cute
•Cheesier than fondu
•A-okay with you borrowing his clothes - there’s hardly anything cuter than the way you practically drown in his hoodies
•Super shy about skinship but he’s also a total sucker for it
•Blushes over just about any compliment
•Tonnes of cute awkward moments because he’s so dern shy about everything
•Totally tries to play up his ‘sexy’ with you which equally cute
•Dance practices together - even if you’re just sitting and watches, he loves having you at the studio
•You’re the first person that gets to hear little raps that he writes because you’re opinion is just about as important (if not more so) as Bang’s
•Bang gets to hear all about your relationship from all over Zelo’s favorite things to all of his worries. It’s not that Zelo means to be too open about your relationship, but it’s all new to him and he looks up to Yongguk so much that he feels like there is no better person to get advice and comfort from
•Random dances in public
•Get your passport ready because he’ll want to take you abroad from time to time when fates allow - by fates I mean your schedules and his company…
•Disagreements weigh very heavily on him and he’ll do anything to resolve them quickly. Most often this means he’ll drop his argument and give in to whatever you have to say
•Random texts to make sure you’re well rested, well fed, and just in general well
•Couple’s Instagram account
•Daily snapchats with unnecessary filters - these quite often include other members
•Spontaneous shopping trips. Sometimes including Jongup
•Being awake and incredibly hyper together at odd hours of the morning
•Attempts at cooking together only to make huge messes from little food fight outbreaks - Pretty sure y’all end up getting banned from entering the kitchen together if unsupervised after repeated offenses 
•He’s totally okay with shopping sprees together and holding all your bags as you walk around the mall
•Also super cool with window shopping and trying on the weirdest outfits you can find just to get a laugh from one another
•Matching necklaces - a sweet, subtle link to one another
•Weird nicknames for one another
•Inside jokes for days
•Totally down for helping you dye your hair
•Park dates with Mochi
•Eventually you end being Mochi’s mum. If you’re cool with it, you end up with this little guy while Zelo’s away on tour
•Want your own puppy? Zelo’s super game for getting Mochi a brother or sister
•Spontaneous back hugs just to be cute
•Loves picking you up when he hugs you just to hear your squeal every time - not to mention the biggest bear hugs ever
•Giant teddy bear for you when he’s away. His lady cannot be lonely!
•He literally lives for cuddling
•When sleeping together, you are literally wrapped up in his long limbs… It’s like being snuggled by an octopus
•Coordinating ugly sweaters for Christmas
•Partners in crime when it comes to messing with his hyungs
•Perfect balance between friends and lovers
•A whole dresser of just socks
•He would find some weird cheap-ish gift to get you from every place he visits on tour - keychain, stuffed animal, snow globe, t-shirt… whatever it is, it becomes a little tradition
Overall~ A relationship with Zelo would be pretty dern pure.  This doesn’t mean y’all won’t end up experimenting, but there’s a lot of new things for him to experience, so it’ll be a slow progression.  When he finds someone that he’s willing to give his attention to beside his career, this person is going to get some very special treatment because they are extremely special to him.  He’s a complete sweetheart and absolutely loves spoiling the crud out of his girl because earning her smile is one of his very favorite things.  It’s extremely touching to him to have his very own #1 supporter and he will make sure you are aware of how much he appreciates you.  Once he’s completely comfortable with you, you also become his #1 confidant.  If he’s having a hard time or unsure about something, you will be the very first person he goes to.  He also really loves involving you in things with the group.  Not only because he likes having you around and lowkey showing you off, but he also thinks of you as part of himself and wants you to be a part of every aspect of his life.  At the same time, he will do his best to shelter you from his fame and the negative consequences that can come from being in a relationship with him.  As much as he wants to be able to get up in front of the biggest crowd and let everyone know how in love with you he is, he worries constantly about your wellbeing and whether he’s good enough for you or if being together is the best thing for you.  Your happiness is his absolute #1 priority.


some of the stuff i’ll have at otakon! i plan on having lots more, but these are just a view things. rose buttons, kirby keychains, animal crossing stickers, a strawberry pin (that i haven’t ordered yet lol), a large 707 postcard…

i plan on having more small postcards, bee buttons, at least one large print… i’ll update as i get more! 

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Hi so who even is darko....? I've been playing for 3 years and either I've forgotten along the way or he was never explained. He's not a dark rider, he's just there with his unexplained powers, bad receding mohawk and hidden stuffed animal keychain.. Like. What is his relevance.

his role is to exist so that we can make fun of him

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Once, Yondu's s/o sewed him a tiny stuffed animal-keychain item as a girl since she couldn't get her hands on a professionally-made trinket in time for their anniversary. It doesn't sit on Yondu's control console because he keeps it on his person everywhere he goes. Especially if his s/o can't join him for a mission for whatever reason.


Some pendants and pendant keychains!

Hey y’all! Today we’re also showing off our pendants and pendant keychains. All of course on sale. These are either $10.00USD each OR Any 2 necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and pendant keychains for $15.00USD!!! Shipping not included. 

We have quite the variety with these. We have cats, dogs, horses, sharks, and birds! Now we have a very limited supply here. What you see in the pictures is all we have left. Now onto the pictures! 

All of these are roughly 1inch. 

These are our 1inch circles. 

The circles are 1.5 inches, and our only large oval is 30mm x 40mm.

These are what we refer to as our fancy pendants. (Cause we’re lame) and the oval glass is 22mm x 30mm

Last but not least our pendant keychains! They’re 1inch. Okay so keep in mind this is all we have, so first come, first served. 

If interested please message! Also we have a few simple chains left in our inventory so if you’re interested in getting a chain with your pendant please include that in your message!! Adding a chain to your order will only cost you an extra $2.00USD.  

For @iammeaday who prompted me with Bellamy finds himself mildly obsessed with the blonde girl that always falls asleep reading in the library he works at.

we’re some kind of royalty (you and me)

Every Tuesday and Thursday, like clockwork, he watches her.

Not in a creepy way, of course. It’s just kind of hard to miss her, blonde hair wild and unruly, wrapped up in a messy knot on the top of her head. Always in yoga pants and a BU hoodie or sweatshirt, sometimes hanging off one shoulder while she chews on a pencil or drinks from an oversized coffee tumbler.

She’s gorgeous, in a word.

The funny thing is, it’s not even her looks that cause him to stare. It’s the fact that every Tuesday and Thursday, like clockwork, she falls asleep at her table. Right in the middle of the library he works at, stacks of textbooks surrounding her. She just drops her head right there on her open notebook and sleeps.

He thinks she’s premed, judging by her textbooks, and if it were anyone else he’d promptly wake them up (nicely of course, he’s not an asshole) and let them know that the library is not a motel. But there’s something about her that stops him every time he thinks about doing it.

For one thing, she’s younger than him, probably a sophomore, and she’s obviously taking a heavy course load. He remembers his first couple of years here, how stressful it was and he’s a history major, which isn’t easy but it’s certainly never tired him out so much that he had to catch naps in public places.

Unable to help himself, he starts to look forward to those days that he knows she’s going to come in.

One Thursday, when he’s behind the desk and checking books back into the system and completely in the zone, he hears a little throat clearing noise that makes his eyes shoot up.

“Sorry,” she says with a smile. “I don’t mean to bother you but can you check and see if this book is here?”

He nods a little harder than he means to and his glasses fall slightly down his nose. He reddens a little when she chuckles. “You didn’t bother me,” he says, looking down at the paper she slides forward instead of at her.

“I’m Clarke,” she tells him as he types in the long ass title of the book she’s looking for.

“Bellamy,” he says as the screen loads. “So you’re premed, I’m guessing?”

Clarke laughs and nods over towards the giant stack of books at her usual table. “How’d you guess?”

“Just observant, I suppose.” He winks at her before telling her where she can find the book she’s missing. She thanks him and takes off in its direction, her grey heather sweatshirt hitting just above her ass and he has to force himself to not watch her walk away.

She can’t be much older than his sister and the thought of someone his age checking his sister out makes him want to put a fist through a wall so he’s not going to be that creepy upperclassmen that checks out the younger girls.

Clarke gives him a brilliant smile, all pretty pink lips and straight white teeth, when she walks back to her table with the 700 page textbook in her hands.

He tries really hard not to grin back like an idiot but he’s almost positive he fails.

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